Monday, April 30, 2012

OB Appointment

Everything still looking good.  

Weight was 151, blood pressure was awsome, both babies are head down right now!  My OB asked if I was having any contractions and I said "no".  She seemed shocked by that, her words were "Really?  Wow"  

At 32 weeks she said they will run out of room to change position so whatever position they are in at that time will most likely determine how we deliver.   She said in 3 weeks we can start discussing if I will need a c-section or not.   Stay right where you are girls!!!   Both heads down is perfect!   Even if Emily were to go breech and Mandy stayed head down we would still do a normal delivery.   Emily is smaller than Mandy so that has to stay that way and we would deliver Mandy and then do a breech extraction on Emily.  This is where my doctor reaches in, grabs the feet and pulls her out.  Sounds pleasent right?    They only do breech extraction on twins and not singeltons because with twins the first baby would "pave the way" for the second baby so the doctor is really just pulling the second baby out.  

So good appointment and very uneventful.   Thats a good thing!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Its seeing this kind of thing which blows my mind.  I can't beleive we are going to have 2 babies!!!    Wow.   Pushing this around is crazy....I practiced in the house :o)  

Before I know it life is going to be crazy busy.  But a good crazy.  I can't wait to see my 2 other daughters!   (its crazy saying that!)

I can't wait to meet you Emily and Mandy but stay put for at least 4 more weeks, you girls are doing great!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Suprise Shower!

I had a surprise baby shower today.  There were a few times I thought something may be up but then something would be said that would throw me off.   My shower was held at the YMCA in one of their rooms.  We were walking down the hall way and I noticed a baby shower sign on one of the doors and I knew.....and the tears started to come.    Matt put his arm on my back and directed me towards the room, I tried not to go in at first because I was starting to cry, but I was pushed in.  The tears just came and I could have really made a scene but I held it gosh those hormones!!  

Why did I cry?    I think it just meant so much that even though this is not my first baby that my family and friends planned this big shower for me.  I also think that after all we went through to get pregnant again, seeing everyone there to celebrate these 2 new lifes really got to me.  I never thought I would have another baby, much less 2 and here we were.  

My friend Stacey did an amazing job helping plan my shower.  There was good food, a special kids table set up for all the little girls that came.....Adelyn, Cassie, Morgan, Camille, and Ellina.  There was a YMCA employee in the room with us who helped the girls at the table eat and helped them make crowns.   That was a really nice touch and helped keep the occupied.

We played a few games and then opened the gifts.   The YMCA employee helped get rid of all the wrapping paper and wrote down on each card  who gave what.   We got so many nice gifts.  I had to take pictures of some of them when we got home.

The balloons

Part of a special twin package from my aunt and uncle.  One onsie says TW and the other says IN.  Put them together to spell TWIN :O)   So cute.

Swaddles from my Grandma - I read great things on this miracle blanket

Love the twin specific clothing!


Outfits from my play group friends

My Mom made this scrap book page

Our double stroller from my parents!

2 of these car seats from Matts Mom

This rocking horse was part of a twin package but Cassie had to try it out

Cassie also got some presents.  Our playgroup gave her a big sticker book, which I know she is going to LOVE.   A few other people got her some things as well.  How thoughtful is that to think of her. 

It was really a nice shower.   I now feel like we have most of everything we need for these girls. 

I am so blessed and thankful that I have such great family and amazing friends and so thankful for these 2 new lifes I am carrying.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

28 weeks pregnant with twins

Another big milestone!!     If the girls were to be born today their viability has skyrocketed.   Babies born at this stage of gestation have a 90% survival rate.

I'm feeling great, the only time I am uncomfortable is at the end of the day.  I'm tired and once I sit down its painful and hard to get back up to walk.  I look like a 90 your old woman who needs a cane.

I'm starting to do kick counts every day per my nurse but it can be hard to distinquish if I'm feeling both babies.    I always feel movement on my right side, if Emily is transverse and has her feet in the middle of my belly I can't tell if its her or Mandy kicking.   I'm supposed to feel 10 movements from each baby in an hour.   Last night after dinner I was able to feel each baby but like I said it can be hard to figure out who I am feeling.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Twins Room

The girls room is getting pulled together.    Emily is on the left and Mandy is on the right......just like how they are in the womb.  

We bought some decals for their names and put them up this past weekend.

The changing table is all ready along with the white noise machine.   Very important!!    I bought our first purchase of wipes and box of diapers this morning.   Its a box of 76.   I'm not sure how many diapers we will go thru in a will be interesting!

The girls cross

Their clothes are all washed, hung and put away.


I have began getting comments from strangers now.    I've had "You must be due any day!"  At church a woman said "Wow, when is that baby due?"   Same thing at the grocery store this morning.    I then tell them its twins and my due date. I think I look like I am due with a single baby but when people find out its twins I have been told I look great and that I am little for twins.   I think it must be the way I carry...all baby and all up front and when they hear twins they expect me to be huge. Like freak show huge.  At the grocery store after I finneshed talking to the woman who asked when I was due another woman was waiting for me as I walked in.  She had overheard us talking and told me she had twins last year.   She had them at 29 weeks!   Her water broke on her little boy and they tried bedrest but she went into labor within a few days.   Both of them are fine today.   On Sunday I found out a girl who was pregnant with twins at our local starbucks had her twins at 26 weeks!    Crazy!   I'm hoping these girls stay in at least for 4 more weeks which would be 32 weeks along.   When I think like that I can't beleive that it is a quite real possiblity they could be here in 4 weeks.  

Swim Suit shot 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

A Little Bride with the help of TP

Last week Cassie wanted to dress up like a bride.  We don't have any bridal dress up stuff so we made do with a head band and toilet paper.   I don't think it looks half bad!!

She grabbed her flowers to complete the look

Picture next to her new build a bear
Cassie is doing really good with her handwriting skills.  We still have to work on how she holds the marker but she can right more than 1/2 of the letters in the alphabet.   Last week she wrote the following words: Papa, Nana, Mom, Cassie and Cat.  

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Peri appointment

Had my big appointment this morning. My cervix is measuring at 4.6  which is really good.   Both babies are doing great.  

Mandy is at 2 lb and had a heart rate of 138 bpm
Emily is at 1 lb 13 oz and had a heart rate of 136 bpm.   3 oz behind her sister.

My placenta has totally moved!!  All restrictions are off so that is great news!
Both of the babies fluid levels look great.

I had come across a blog where a woman had lost her baby as a result of Vesa Previa.   So of course I googled this.   Scary stuff.  The baby can die within minutes and the mother can die as well.  I read your more prone to it if you have the following:

Placenta Previa

Hmmm.....3 out of 3.

I made it a point to talk to the ultrasound tech about this.  She said it was funny I mentioned it because she was going to check it out today without me asking.   Once she got started she made me a bit nervous.  She couldn't tell if a section of vascular area was maternal or fetal.   This was an internal ultrasound so she wanted to keep the wand where it was and pounded on the wall since the perinatologist was in the room next to us hoping she was get clued in to come on over.   Yea....made me a bit nervous.   The Peri came in and the tech told her she was trying to determine whos vascular material it was.   The Peri said she feels its maternal and not fetal because of the blood flow.  She said the uterus gets very vascular especially during a twin pregnancy and its not uncommon at all.    So I came right out and said "So you don't think its Vesa Previa?"  She said "No".   She feels very comfortable saying its maternal and they will just keep an eye on it the rest of my pregnancy because if a C-Section has to be done they want to make sure they don't cut into that area.  

We got another good profile shot of Emily.   Mandy....again....was not in a good position for a profile shot.

Emily - 27 weeks

Thankful that both babies are looking good!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

27 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

I feel like I had a growth spurt during week 26. I don't know if pictures show anything but I just feel bigger in a week.  

The doctors office called this morning and I passed my glucose test.....yea!!     My levels were 119.  From what I have read anything over 140 would require me to take the 3 hour test.  

My Iron was a tad bit low at 11.8 but not bad.  The nurse said my doctor wants me to start taking extra Iron just because I'm carrying twins so I started that this morning.

I also feel like the girls have grown more because there is a HUGE difference in their movment during this past week.   Their moments are so strong....sometimes painful and I can see their body parts push out.    They were not like this a week ago.  

This past week is also the week I noticed more discomfort than when I was pregnant with Cassie.  With Cass I had no discomfort at all but this week I have become aware of it.  Having 2 babies push and punch inside of me is insane.   At night I am so tired and it is a chore to get off the couch, I really have to take my time.   My back hurts by the end of the day.   Turing over in bed is a challenge.  But I'm loving it.  Being pregnant again,  carrying 2 babies is such a blessing, these weeks are flying by and before I know it these girls will be here.    

Monday, April 16, 2012

OB Appointment - 26 weeks along

Today was also my gestational diabetes test.   I have no problem drinking that stuff, it is just so sickingly sweet.   I really couldn't wait to drink water after that.   Bleck.  The doctors office will call me tomorrow with my results.   Hoping I pass....I am more prone to have gestational diabetes being pregnant with multiples.  I am also having my Iron tested.  My OB said I should expect to be told to start taking more Iron, that it is very common with  multiples so we will see what tomorrow brings.

My weight gain is great.   My blood pressure was good at 118/60.
I am measuring about 6 weeks ahead at 32 weeks.
During the ultrasound my OB saw both babies practice breathing.  She said it was amazing to see them both doing it this early and that is a sign they are really healthy babies.   She said she has watched full term babies for 30 min on ultrasound and not seen them take practice breaths and both my girls are doing it already at 26 weeks.

Mandy was also caught kicking Emily in the head.  Tight quarters in there!

Fever and Puke

Last Wednesday I knew something was up....or should have known.   At our playdate Cassie said she was sleepy and wanted to go home.  She went to bed by 6:00 that night. Hmmmm.....not normal.

On Thursday we had dinner plans to take Grandma out to PF Changes for her birthday.   Cassie ended up not wanting to eat lunch and asked to lay down. She fell asleep on the couch for 30 min and I'm sure would have slept longer if we didn't have to get going.   She did feel warm to me but I thought it was because she was laying all snuggled on the couch.   She was happy in the car and at the mall when we stopped.  Once dinner hit she was saying how sleepy she was and just leaned into my arms.    I ended up getting her into the car to rest and waited for Matt to pay the bill.   Poor girl.  At home I took her temp and it was 102.5, I gave her Advil and put her to bed.  

The next morning she still had a fever so I gave her another dose of Advil.   I could tell when her fever went down because within the hour she was running around, playing like her normal self.   However, that night the fever kicked in again and she was dosed with meds and in bed early again.  

On Saturday she woke up fine and didn't have a fever all, still don't know what caused the fever....if it would have continued on Saturday we would have taken her to Urgent Care.

On Sunday all was still ok.  We went to Sunday School and then to our friend Adelyn's 3rd Birthday party.  Cassie was having a great time, running around playing.   She ended up falling on the concrete and skinned up both her knees.   She kept complaining about them, so I took her to the bathroom with me.    While in the bathroom she started to out of complete now where.   I quickly moved her to the toilet where she proceeded to vomit.   This was not just a gag and small vomit but pretty projectile. She puked 4-5 times.  

In my head I was freaking out,
1) That she had the stomach flu
 2)  That I had just comtaminated everyone in the house...including our friends family and children from out East who were staying with them for a week
3) That I was going to get the stomach flu while pregnant with twins.  It hurts me to sneeze and cough....I don't want to puke.

After she stopped my first plan of action was to get her out of the house without puking anywhere.  I picked her up, hightailed it out and frantically shouted for Matt to follow me.   I said "We have to go home, she is sick"  I got her out to the car without any more vomiting episodes.   I kept asking how she felt and she said fine.

Our friends said we could stay, that maybe it was just the running around but I kept thinking back to her fever and thought better be safe than sorry...I didn't want anyone to get sick if it was the flu.   We were only at the party an hour when we had to go home.

Well...Cass was fine.   She got home and ate all the food that was sent home with us.  Played and acted like nothing had happened.   So...I don't know what caused the puke, maybe she got totally worked up about her knees and it just made her sick.  

Thank God it wasn't the stomach flu!!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

26 Weeks Pregnant

Growing and growing!!   I measured myself and I am now 42 inches around and this morning the scale told me I was 148 pounds.    

Feeling good, at night I am pretty sore and I am alot slower getting around if I have been on my feet all day but other than that no complaints.

The girls still seem really mellow in the womb.   They have their moments of moving around but don't go crazy.   If they do, it is usually at night if I wake them up because I have to change position.

Next week the doctor appointments pick up....yeah!!!  I always look foward to them.  I get to go twice a week, Mondays and Fridays. 

On the average twins are born between 35-36 weeks.    That means they could be here in 9 - 10 weeks!!  Thats crazy!!   Hope they don't come earlier than that, we had our NICU experience with Cassie....thank you.   If we can skip that part it would be great.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Breastfeeding Class

Last night we went to a class.   We couldn't breast feed Cassie because of her cleft palate so this is my second chance......times 2.   When I told the teacher we were having twins I heard the couples behind us say "Oh my gosh, I wonder when she is due"   One lady then tapped me on the shoulder to ask me.  

I will be 26 weeks and everyone else there was at least 32 weeks.   They all were due next month.  My true date is July 18 and I was bigger than all of them.    I just really stick out there.   

We all got fake babies to hold to demonstrate breast feeding techniques.   I got 2 babies.   Let me just say holding 2 babies, even fake ones, really was an eye opener.   Holding them in the football hold to practice breast feeding them at the same   Challenging.  I just pictured 2 hungry crying babies and me.   What a crazy ride this will be.   I am excited and yes....slightly terrified.  BUT......after everything we went though with Cassie as long as these babies are healthy it will be alot easier than what we went thru with her.

We are taking a Multiples class that starts this weekend.  All the women who teach it had multiples.  I am looking foward to getting questions answered and meeting other Moms expecting twins.  

Easter this year vs Easter last year

Alot can change in 1 year.  

Last year we had just found out Monkey Papa had liver cancer.   Last Easter we all went to church then my parents house.  I have pictures of Monkey Papa with Cassie and Grandma.  This year, no Monkey Papa.   This year we went to church.  Grandma came but no Monkey Papa.  I know it was hard on her.   I had to teach Sunday School but I was told she cried alot.   I don't blame her....I would be a puddle.    We then went to my parents house again.   I'm sure it brought back memories to Grandma and I can't imagine how hard it was for her.  

Egg Hunt

Outside Egg hunt at Nana and Papas

We still had a nice Easter.  Its funny in Sunday school when you ask the kids what Easter is about they all start talking about candy and the Easter Bunny.   The teachers then talk about Jesus rising but the kids were so excited and jabbering about the Easter Bunny in was hard to get a word in.  They are 3 so its understandable.  

She just put on a concert for us

Cass, Daddy, Mommy

Grandma, Cass and Nana

Great-Grandparents with Cass
Another big difference from last year is we are expecting 2 newborns.   Last Easter we hadn't even started IVF and now I am 6 months pregnant with twins.  NEXT Easter I will have 10 month old twins!!!   

She ran over and gave me a big hug out of the blue

Ready for church
A year can change alot!  This year we have both sad changes and happy changes.