Saturday, July 31, 2010


Last night Matts Mom watched Cassie and we went out for a date night. We went to an Irish Pub for dinner....very good. The plan after that was to head to the martini bar but we were both so stuffed we couldn't drink one....however somehow we found room for ice cream from Culvers.

Today felt like I never got a break....
This morning we went out to breakfast and Target. Matt put Cassie down for a nap and I went grocery shopping. I brought back Subway for lunch; when I got home Cassie was still sleeping and I quickly put all the cold/frozen items away and we scarfed down our food. Cassie woke up and we were off again. We went to the park, then his parents house and then out to dinner. I have to be honest and say I didn't want to go out to dinner. Its just not easy to take her out to eat. She did pretty good but I never feel like I can sit back, eat and relax. I have to hurry up and eat before she starts getting fussy. She doesn't want to sit in a highchair forever and be bored. Plus she is so distracted she doesn't really eat. She drew for a while, ate a very small amount of food and then was out of her highchair playing next to me. She just wanted me all day, no one else. No one else could even hold her hand...if they tried she cried. She seemed very whiny today and I was worn out by the time we got home. Matt gave her a bath and put her to bed while I took a nice warm bath. During my bath she stood outside the door crying, knocking on the door and yelling "momma!" Can't wait to see that sweet face and hear her sweet voice calling "up!" in the morning!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Battle of the Wills

Earlier this week Cassie woke up around 2 am crying. I rocked her and gave her a drink then put her back in her crib. Seconds later she was calling for me I picked her up and held her in the chair. I thought she may have had a nightmare or wasn't feeling good. However after 2 hours of this Mommy came to realize she was being played. I stopped picking her up from her crib and told her she needed to lay down. The fake crying began....the girl is a good actress but I can tell when its not real. I'll just say Mommy won the battle.

Bedtime also consists of every stuffed animal she has needing to be in the crib with her. Tonight I gave her the normal animals and she looked at me and very seriously said "Min Mouse" and "La-La-La" (from the Elmo song) It was so dang cute I let her run her little butt into the livingroom to get them.

The other day Cassie saw the TP roll was empty and took it apon herself to fix it.

Yep...she took TP from the other bathroom and pulled it to the empty roll in the other bathroom and tried winding it up. Ahhh...yes.

We had a playdate with our friends Haley and Ella on Wednesday. The girls are 3 days apart. They are moving and we will miss them!!

Pics from this morning in her pjs and bedhead:

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Jam Packed Fun Weekend

Friday Matt took a vacation day, we planned on going to the Waukesha County Fair but it had rained so bad the day before we changed plans and went to the zoo instead. We have gone so many times this year that there is no need for a map....I know the zoo like the back of my hand!
Cass loves to help push her stroller...its rarely used for sitting anymore

Family Pic


Saturday we tried out the Betty Brinn Museum in Milwaukee. We had a coupon for Cassie to get in free from the reading program she is in at the library.

The art museum behind us is to be in The 3rd Transformer movie they are working on

Downtown Milwaukee

Daddy got yelled at for doing this by a worker....oops!! Can't take him anywhere!

Crawling thru a tunnel

Down a slide!

In a tree

Playing with a bee (a favorite of hers!)

Grocery shopping with Daddy

Picking Vegetables

Another favorite ramp

Playing drums

Today we went to the Waukesha County Fair. We all had a great time. Matt and I got roasted corn on the cob with loads of butter and salt and of course a funnel cake!! Cassie loved all the animals....sheep were a favorite. The pigs kinda freaked her out when one stuck its snout out and oinked at her. We played some games and won 2 stuffed animals for her. She was mesmerized by the caroseal and other spiny rides. I already told her I would never be able to go on the spiny rides with her unless she wants me sick. Some guy asked if Cassie was for sale and that he would buy her. I know he was joking but it was still strange. Another guy was walking around with 3 cameras around his neck taking pictures for the fair and asked if he could take Cassies picture. She had on her sunglasses and was holding her new prizes we had won...maybe her picture will be posted!!

Daddy trying to see how many pullups he could do

Watching the Sea lion show

A break in the tent

Checking out the cows

Checking out the sheep

She had a great day at the fair!

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Yesterday morning Cassie and I went to the zoo. We stayed for about 2 hours and she crashed on the way home. I was able to transfer her out of her car seat and into her crib without a problem. In the afternoon we went to the beach. It was a LONG day. In the morning we usually just hang out and run errands while in the afternoon we go out and do something. Being I did two big things yesterday was a bit much.

She loves the goats!

She tries to force the food in their mouths...they love it!

Watching the peacocks

Watching the bear

One of her favorites - the fish

Standing in the cool mist with the big kids

Cassie the cow!! We visit her every time

Another favorite of Cassies is the cows

Today it rained...and rained....and rained. In the morning I had to think of things to keep us from going crazy. I made a tent out of blankets and brought her pink cozy couple inside to play with. The time passed pretty quickly. She took a 2 1/2 hour nap and we had a playdate with our friends.

I better never see this move at age 16!

Filling her tank with gas

Last night Cassie was up from 11:30 - 1:30. I don't know what the problem was, she was tired but couldn't seem to get back to sleep. I would rock her and she would let me know she wanted to go back to bed. I laid her down and crawled back into my own bed....seconds later she would cry and call for me.

We are talking about taking Cassie on a plane trip. I can not tell you how much anxiety that gives me. She is a busy toddler and for her to sit in a confined space and be cooped up with strangers is not a good mix in my book. Maybe she will surprise me and do great but I am preparing for the worst.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

IVF #2

We are talking about doing IVF at the end of this year/beginning of next year. We are looking at going to Frodert Hospital since our original fertility doctor passed away. Frodert has some very good deals. Their pay as you go program is $12,000 which includes ICSI, freezing of embryos and everything in between (meds are not included).

They have another program called IVF Attain. Deal is you pay $26,000 (meds not included). For this price you get 6 attempts at IVF. 3 fresh and 3 frozen and if you do not walk away with a baby they reimburse you 70% of your money! So I believe if you were to get pregnant and miscarry you get another attempt...I need to verify this but that is what I understood from reading the info.

Now we have to make our first consult and decide which program we want to go with. The Attain program is nice because you pretty much have a guarantee. However we got pregnant our first time so if that were to happen again we would actually be paying $14,000 more than if we paid as you go. We are thinking about using the pay as you go instead because even if we didn't get preggo until the second time we would be saving money....however then you don't have that guarantee. Lots to discuss!

Monday, July 19, 2010

My great deal!

Friday I stopped at a garage sale and found a great deal!!

Want to know how much I paid for it?............... $3!!! Yep!!
It wasn't even for sale and I saw it in their backyard and just asked how their grandkids liked it. He then asked me if I wanted to buy it so I asked how much. He grabbed his wife and she said $10 which is still a great deal. I said I would take it but had to run to the tyme machine because I only had $3 on me. They said they would take $3!! What a deal. They even put it in their pickup truck and brought it home for me.

Helping her Daddy clean up the patio.