Thursday, November 21, 2013

24 Weeks

At my OB appointment I measured right on at 24 weeks, blood pressure good and heart rate in the 140s.  So far the old wives tale of heart rate for a boy has proven true for me.  All my girls were always way higher than this baby boy has been.  My girls were in the 160s and baby boy has consistently been in the 140s.

I feel movement every day, still not as strong as it was with the twins because of the placement of the placenta.  

I have terrible Sciatica nerve pain.  I had it with the twins but it is worse with this pregnancy.   There are times the girls are getting into something they should not be but I can't get on my feet from the floor because the pain is so I sit there with a grimace on my face and yell at them.   I am at their mercy.

13 more weeks till I'm full term!    Its going to go fast with the holidays here!