Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas in Pictures!

Christmas Night after all little girls were in bed

New Christmas Eve Pjs

Christmas Morning

Present Time



Mandy is really into watching everything

Checking out the stocking

My Girl


Love Mandys face here

Light Saber!!

First Sippy Cups

Light Saber war

Present opening done

Enjoying her new teether

Dressed for Christmas

GG and Emily

NaNa and Mandy

Picture Blooper - Cassie getting socked in the face by Mandy

More new PJS

Play time - see who is sitting?!!

Matching outfits for all 3 girls!!

Emily just staring at Cassie

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Doing big girl things!!

Things are happening....the twins are doing new things each new day!! 

Emily decided last week to eat solid foods.  Today my arm was actually getting tired going back and forth between them in their high chairs.  They are like little birds with their mouths wide open waiting for me to spoon it in.

Both girls tried sitting up in their swing this multiple times.   I put Mandy in and walked into the living room, when I came back she was practically hanging out of the thing trying to sit up.   Emily did the same thing.   How do they do these things on the same day?    

Emily pulling up to sit in her swing
The swing was taken down into the basement after more of that.  

This big girl is starting to sit by herself.

Look Ma!!! No one holding me!
Everyday she gets more stable, she still tends to tip foward and sideways alot but very she was sitting by herself for short periods of time. 

These sweet little girls will be 6 months old on Christmas Day!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

When I heard about the shooting in CT I immeditily thought of the parents.  I can not imagine what they are going thru.   Horrific.   If that was my child the thing that would haunt me is what my child went thru....and I was not there to protect them.  How scared were they?   Did they suffer?   What was going thru their minds.   That would kill me.   Seeing the pictures of these children is heart breaking.  The picture of that little Emily...those piercing blue eyes.  Wow.   Sweet babies.   I am constantly thinking of those parents and praying for them. Can not imagine their pain.

My littlest baby and my biggest baby

All my girls

Drooling like a puppy!

This little girls personality has really started to shine thru this past week and she finally started opening her mouth for solids.   Her sister has been going at it for a month.

This girl is going to be trouble

Yes, you girl......I have a feeling you are going to be a handful

My parents came over on Saturday night and we took this big girl to a show of Christmas lights

Playing Hide and Seek.  Counting for me to hide

Watching the trains at Country Christmas

Ready to eat
I am SO excited for Christmas!!!  Christmas celebration starts this weekend!!   Plus the girls will be 6 months old on Christmas Day.  

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We are ready for Christmas!   I am so excited for our Christmas celebrations to begin next weekend!   We are going to Matts side of the family twice.    I NEVER take the twins out anymore.   Its just getting to cold and they are really on a nice schedule so it makes it hard, especially if they are not in sync.   Plus I don't care to take them out in flu and cold season so we are really stuck inside the house.  Last week I didn't go anywhere....I was looking foward to going grocery shopping on Saturday!!

Next week  I have told everyone that we need to leave their house by 6pm because that is when the girls bedtime is.   I was asked if we could just bring pjs and have the girls sleep in their car seats, this will not work.  They are not newborns anymore and won't sleep anywhere I place them.  They want to be laid in their crib to sleep.  This is a good thing and I refuse to mess with a good thing.  I don't care if its 1 or 2 nights of messing with it.....I am the one getting up with 2 babies at night not anyone else, plus I want them to be happy, they will not be happy forced to stay up past their bedtime.   So leaving at 6:00 it is.  

The girls schedule is strict BUT it keeps everyone happy and makes things run very smoothly.   Their awake time is at the most 2 hours and they are then ready for a nap.  They are in bed between 6-6:30.  Mandy sleeps straight thru while Emily is up twice a night to eat.   Em is still a peanut....maybe 12 pounds so I know she needs to eat.   However, the past few days she has not been eating alot but at night taking 6 ounce bottles.   I feel like she is distracted during the day so she isn't taking the time to finnish her bottle.  If I could just get her to do this I think she would sleep thru the night or maybe just wake up once.  Other than that she is a good sleeper just like Mandy.  She finnishes her bottle and goes right back to bed.  Today she slept till 7:30 and Mandy 8:00.

Cassie may be the death of me on some days.   I am working hard to have patience and tell her how I expect her to act.  When she is naughty she is sent to her room and her favorite stuffed animal "puppy" is taken away.   She is a really great helper, she undresses the babies, helps change their diaper, she will take off their old one and wipe their butts and have clean diapers ready for me...she is a pro at this!

We have decided to go the helmet route for Mandy.   I still am not 100% on board but this is the plan. We are trying to get insurance to cover it first and then make our appointment. 

Cassie holding Emily
Adelyn, Mandy and Cassie holding hands

Mandy - see her ankles?

Band-Aids on both cankles.....I mean ankels

Being checked out by both girls - such a good sport!

Adleyn and Emily

The 4 girls