Thursday, August 29, 2013

12 weeks pregnant

Monday I went to my OB for my prenatal appointment.  Everything looked great.   As I laid down so my doctor could check the babies heart beat I kept thinking there was going to be nothing there anymore.   It took a few seconds to find it of course which feels like min. but then there it was....that whoosh whoosh sound.  
161 BPM.   Perfect.   We even heard the baby kick and he/she kept moving away from the Doppler, my OB said baby was being very active.     She is calling this my spontaneous baby.   Wow....still in shock and still can't believe I am pregnant again.  Can't believe there is life growing inside of me again, especially since I don't feel pregnant.  No morning sickness...nothing.     This Sunday I will be in my 2nd Trimester already!!   

The girls are doing good.   I have become pretty confident in taking all 3 girls out on my own.   We go to the grocery store, parks, drives and yesterday I took them to the library.   Cassie of course is easy as pie....its the duo that are trouble.    Mandy was pretty good but Emily.....oh, I see a temper in that girl.   She has a temper and is stubborn.   She looks like a sweet angelic little girl.....looks are deceiving.   That's all I will say. 

I am SO ready for fall. It is my favorite season!  Open the windows, beautiful colors on the trees, make apple pies, walking in crisp leaves....I just love it.   Its been so hot here we have to keep the windows closed and air on.  I HATE the air conditioner!     I love windows open and being able to hear the outside noise.   It just helps with my sanity.  Sanity.....sometimes the girls (Mandy/Emily) make me loose it.   I think its when someone is constantly crying.    Someone trips....cries.  Someone takes a toy from the other....cries.   Cries, Cries, Cries.   That can wear on a person!!   Its definitely having two at the same time that makes it hard. 

Cassie is doing awesome in her school lessons, she is very good at math so far.   There are some letters in handwriting that we have to practice on but she does very well.  

Have to run....a child is calling me

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

What we have been up to

Just found some time to sit down and blog!   At the end of the night I am exhausted and the last thing I want to do is hop on the computer!  

So some updates.....

Mandy and Emily will be 14 months old in a few weeks!  They are both now converted to 1 nap a day. Around 13 months old they did the transition.

Mandy started walking at 13 months, the girl pretty much runs!   She is also starting to babble.   She "jumps" and will "twirl".  She is full of personality.  She will walk up and give the best hugs and kisses.


Emily took her first unassisted steps today!  She has been pushing around her push toys for awhile and is really good at that.   She is a pain in the butt when bed time rolls around.   She fights it.  At first I would stay in her room with my hand on her back, then I saw she started to rely on that which I don't want.   Next I would go into her room and tell her to lie down, which she would but the moment I walked out she would stand up and scream....this would go on for 40 min or so.   So now when its bedtime I lay her in bed, close the door and that is that.   She will scream/cry for sometimes 45 min before she will go to sleep.   The girl is stuborn.   Not only when it comes to bedtime but also when it comes to not playing with the Xbox, not playing with the name it, if it is something she is not supposed to do she will fight you on it.  

Emily finally likes the car and its not toture to ME to take them somewhere.  We have been going to a park in the morning and just today I took them all to the grocery store for the first time.  We have gone to the fair and the zoo as well.  It is just so  nice to get out and do normal things!!   Does a world of good to my sanity!!

I have started homeschooling Cassie already.  We were going to wait until September but I decided to get a jump start on things especially with the new baby coming.   Who knows how overloaded I will be in March!!  We are way ahead of her lessons now, instead of 1 math lesson a day we do 2 or 3 so its really putting us ahead of the game.   Its so easy for her right now as well so when we hit the harder stuff and we need to spend some extra time on it we will have tons of extra days!  She is finally starting to hold her pen right, I still see her do it wrong but she corrects herself when told and she is reading fantastic. 
First Trip to the Zoo

Tuckered out from the zoo trip

Visit from Aunt Sue (Monkey Papa's sister)

Enjoying Smores!

Grandma and Emily

Papa and Emily

At the zoo

On the pregnancy front I feel great.   Just tired and starving!!  I have to get up twice at night to go the bathroom already!   Someone asked how far along I was last week and I told them 10 weeks, their response was "And your showing that much already... are you sure its only 1?" abs are destroyed from the twins so there is nothing to hold anything in and yes....there is only 1! One set of twins is all I can handle...they about destroyed my sanity as it is!  In 2 weeks I go for my 12 week appointment and to hear the heartbeat!
10 weeks pregnant with our little surprise!!