Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Playdates, pee mishaps and boo-boos

Tonight our friends Stacey and Adelyn came over since both of our hubbies were not going to be home for dinner. We had pizza and chicken nuggets, the girls played and then it was time to get prepared for bed. Both the girls and Mommys enjoyed it!! The girls played, we played hide and seek and then they watched Mikey Mouse Clubhouse.

Enthralled with Mickey

Moving in for Adelyns hand


And Cassie's outfit was picked out by herself. Mommy would never dare dress her like this in public. She picked out capris, a striped monkey shirt and then a pink Badger shortsleeve shirt to layer over it. Snazzy huh?

This morning we had storytime...the last one untill Janurary - boo!! During storytime Cassie looked at me and said "hurry hurry" so off we went to potty. I don't know what happened but once we sat on the potty and started to pee it went everywhere but in the potty. It seemed to spray off her legs, off the toilet...I don't know what happened - I just moved out of the aim of fire. The bathroom floor was soaked with pee as were her undies that I couldn't get out of the way. That was a mess and quite interesting.

When Cassie hurts herself or something "hurts" on her she asks for a band-aid. I will give her one, she will unwrap it and stick it to whatever is ailing her at the moment. This morning it was this......

In her words...."Butt hurts"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Little bit of this,little bit of that...

"Just look, no touch" is what Cassie says when she sees the tree. However....she still touches it. She takes off the bulbs and last night she was throwing them...naughty. Daddy yelled at her and after she didn't listen to what she was told she ended up in the corner.

Yesterday when we were out and about we bought Cassie some stocking stuffers...which included a snazzy new package of Hello Kitty underwear for my big girl.

She is doing amazing with using her potty. There are no accidents and she is even pulling off her own pants and undies and walking in the bathroom and going without my help. In a way its sad that there are no more diapers because I associate diapers with babies....she is getting so big! Quess we need to try for another baby soon!!

And to have another baby we need to start a cycle of IVF. {BIG SIGH} I want another baby and I want Cassie to have a sibling, its just crazy thinking about starting all that again. If we could get pregnant on our own...I'm sure we would have 3-4 kids by now. We had always talked about having 6 kids....ha, life had other plans for us. Who knows...we could always have twins on a next cycle. I wish it were easy for us but you have to make the best of the cards your dealt with. Its definitly not the end of the world. "just keep swimming, just keep swimming" That is in my head all the time...I watch Finding Nemo every day but Dori's advice is good! :o)

I am willing to put money on it that she is watching "Finding Nemo"

Cute, yet I think the mask is kinda scary looking.

Rough housing with Daddy

We have stayed indoors all day today. Either I have had Christmas music on or....can you quess? Yep... Finding Nemo.

Coming in for a big ole smooch!!

We have a pretty busy week planned.
Tomorrow - Grocery Shopping
Tuesday - Story Time and Cassie's class at the Y
Wednesday - Playdate hosted at my house
Thursday - Another Playdate
Friday - Shopping for something to wear to hubbies Christmas party!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

No more Diapers!!

Cassie is potty trained! I had tried a month ago and she did ok but started to not want anything to do with it so I stopped. I started last Thursday, made the switch to big girl undies and she hasn't looked back. She lets me know when she has to go by saying "hurry, hurry!" and running to her potty. When we are out and about I still put on big girl undies instead of pull-ups since they are so much like diapers and she has not had any accidents. She just lets me know when she needs to go. We went swimming in the pool Friday and we didn't wear any swimmer diapers. 10 min into the pool she told me "hurry, hurry" and off we went to the potty! Last night she woke up at 9:30 because she had to go pee and then 5:30. Her diaper was dry this morning! I wasn't expecting that because I know night time potty training is a whole different ball game. Now when were out and about its not as "easy". If she has to go we have to quickly find a bathroom. Today we were in the car and she said she had to go so we found a Walmart for a pit stop. I'm amazed at how well and how fast she took to using the big girl potty!!

Yesterday Cassie and I went to the pool to swim while Matt worked from home. We were in the deep end and I was throwing her up in the air as she giggled away. Then she leaned in, pressed her little lips to my cheek and kissed me.....awww melt my heart!
Grandpa and Grandma Rosek stopped over to visit later.

This morning we went out to Panera's for breakfast. Cassie ate a whole egg and some sausage, then we went to Target. We are starting a new tradition that every year Cassie gets to pick out an ornament for the Christmas tree. This year she chose....

Hello Kitty

Friday, November 26, 2010

Our Turkey Day

Thanksgiving Day morning we went to Papa and Nana's house for a couple of hours. My Mom made some goodies to eat and Papa gave Cass a box of animal crackers. She always has such a fun time over there. I sat in the living room with the fireplace going and it was just so nice. I am so blessed and thankful for what God has given me. To think back when I was a little girl celebrating holidays in that room and now here I am with my husband and little girl...it truly is a dream come true. As I sat there I thought back to last year which was still a pretty stressful time with her. She had just gotten over her cleft palate surgery and her "stranger danger" was in full force as a result of all the hospital visits....fast foward to yesterday. It was awsome to sit there with a soda and snacks and watch my little girl play with Nana and Papa. Again...so very thankful.

Nana and Cassie

Mommy and Cass

Papa and Cassie

Daddy tickling Cassie!

My sweet little family of 3

Papa and Cassie watching Tinkerbell....or tinkiebell as Cassie calls it

My Dad and I

The Hubs and I

Giving Athena a belly rub - I MISS this girl!

We came home for lunch and nap time. After her nap we all cuddled up on the couch with blankets and watched Monsters Inc. She really got into that movie. Its so much fun to sit down and watch these fun movies together. I made a turkey dinner for my little family of 3. Turkey (of course!!) mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole and apple pie. It was a nice relaxing day. We didn't hang out alot with others because Matt has a big trial coming up so he is spending alot of time preparing for that.


and some chips to go along with that dip! (I think she double dipped!)

A couple days ago I researched different crafts Cass and I could do. I only found 2 which I liked. The first one was her handprint and I made it into a turkey with a poem for the grandparents. The other craft was a turkey hat. She loved it!

She loved it so much she requested a turkey hat for her puppy...so I made a mini turkey hat! She thought that was the greatest thing in the world.

Monday, November 22, 2010

First Rose

from a boy....and it was her Daddy. He came home from deer hunting and brought her one. She was super excited.

See Mommy!!


Smells good!!

Mommy got one as well

Cassie is big into snow white also. We watch it all....the...time. Which is fine with me, I would rather have Disney movies on than Sponge Bob Square pants....ick.
When ever she sees the prince on Snow White she points and tells me "Daddy". Isn't that the sweetest thing!! The prince is her Daddy...awww.

When mad she now will threaten to "hit the wall" She will be crying and screaming/yelling this. Its kinda funny. Once in a while she has said "hit the wall....hit mommy" She is then told she can hit the wall but not mommy...ha ha!! She has hit the wall a couple of times but realizes it hurts...so she no longer carries out her threat. :o)

Sunday, November 21, 2010


Today is a lazy day. Its dark and rainy...blah. Cassie just went down for a nap, we stayed home all morning which is unusual for us. She enjoys it but it can make for a long day....at least for Mommy!

We watched some cartoons this morning, chased each other around the house, wrestled and...

Built Towers

and knocked them down

She has no pants on in these pictures because we are working on potty training...and she is doing amazing. In 4 days she has had only 1 accident which was yesterday. First thing this morning as I was laying in bed she yelled "hurry! hurry!" which means she needs to go to the potty. Once in awhile I ask her if she has to go but for the most part I let her do her thing and she will let me know when she needs to go. We have even gone out in public without pull-ups...just underwear which I was hesitant about but I didn't want there to be confusion since pull-ups feel alot like diapers. She did great. Right before her nap I put a pull-up on her and after it was on she told me she had to go, so off the pull-up came and she went in her potty. By jove I think she is getting it! Now poop is a different story but from what I have read pee usually comes first and then poop in the potty.

Watching cartoons. Every day we watch Finding Nemo or Snow White. As long as we do activities in the morning, are out and about I don't care that she watches TV in the afternoon. I watched TV as a kid and I turned out fine. Moderation is the key!

Earlier in the week her and I were taking pictures of ourselves.

Acting silly (I love this age)

Me and my girl

This is after a nap....watching cartoons with a snack and juice


Tomorrow we go to her ENT so he can check her ears. I know everything is fine because we had her tubes and hearing checked on Wednesday but I would like to keep current with her ENT doctor as well. I wonder when these tubes will fall out?? They have been in since she was 6 months old!! That is something I want to ask him.