Monday, October 13, 2014

Our busy weekend - pumpkin farm and birthday party

 We skipped naps and went to the pumpkin farm.   It went pretty well...with a couple of tantrums courtesy of Emily.
 We also had our first "friend" birthday party for Cassie.  

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

7 months old

7 months old already!!!   Still sweet as ever.  Happy. Mellow.  

Loves to eat

Still up for a bottle at night...we will wean him at 9 months

Last night kept woke this momma up at 3:00 am for playing....I was not in the mood to play :o)

He is working on getting on his knees while laying on his tummy...crawling may be in his future??

Just started to sit....the doctor said he has a lot more girth to support so it would take him longer than my girls, which it did.

Walking on the Wild side

.....skipping naps for the twins.

We decided to go to Lapham Peak for a fall hike.  After Alex woke from his nap at 11:00 we took off.  We have never intentionally skipped naps but in order for us to go on our fall hike we had to.  It went very well.....not to say we didn't have meltdowns because we did.   That is our life right now.   Continous tantrums and meltdowns.   Cassie was NEVER like this, we are SO ready for this stage to be over...its driving us crazzzzyyyyyy.

Best Friends

Watching the leaves fall

Along for the ride

All my kidlets

Double Trouble

We told them to scream

Come to find Alex does not like screaming

Early Famiy Birthday Party

My Parents were leaving for California so we had Cassies family birthday party about 4 weeks early.  The theme was Frozen....surprise, surprise.

Getting ready to open presents outside

This is what happened when we all sang happy birthday

It was a beautiful day...but a bit stressful for me.  The twins do not like all the people around....for some reason they don't care for the men on Matts side of the family.  They seem to get very overwhelmed, which means they are attached to me and I can not sit down to talk or enjoy the company.   Not that much fun.  I was finally able to sit down after 7:00 and relax and mingle.  The girls FINALLY started to relax after 4 hours.    

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Home School

It was decided when we had kids that we would Home School and I am loving it.   Cassie is a late birthday and would normally be starting Kindergarten this year but I have her working on 1st Grade curriculum.  She is an easy kid....loves learning and is very eager.   I am so grateful that we have the means to do this.   There are so many options out there, so many resources an my fingers.  I love that I am with her every day, that I witness her learning new things, witness her interest and joy.  If she is bored..which she has been...I have moved her on to more challenging things.  This year I enrolled her in the YMCA Home school Swim Classes, Home school art and gym, I LOVE it!!    There were 14 kids in her home school gym!!!    It was amazing. They were all about her age and she already has made a best friend with a really sweet girl.   I have talked to a bunch of the other home schooling Moms and everyone are Christians, it is just such a wonderful thing for Cassie and for me as well!!!  I loved talking with the other Moms!     After class we were outside and the kids were looking at some fish in a pond, I counted all of them and we had a group of 9 home schooled students just hanging out, enjoying the weather and watching the fish.  It was pretty darn neat :o)     

6 Months Old

 Half Way to 1 year old!!!    

This sweet baby is still happy and mellow as can be.   Goes to sleep between 7-8.  Gets up once for a bottle and will sleep till 5:30 or 6:00.  I don't mind getting up early, gives me time to have my coffee and read the Bible before the girls get up and the crazy starts.

He is eating stage 2 baby foods, sometimes will eat 2 tubs at a time.  Has tried Mum Mums....seems to like them.   Is rolling to get to places and has started babbling. 

Love my sweet boy!