Tuesday, August 31, 2010

odds and ends

Saturday we had a date night. Went to the mall and Matt bought me a ton of new things...it was pretty darn nice and then we went to dinner at PF Changs. Yummmm....the best chinese ever!!!!

Making her hair into a rats nest

The past few days I have been pet sitting our neighbors lab. We have gone on plenty of walks and Cassie has gotten to play on their swingset...bonus!!

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with Cassie for the first time!! I have gone with her before for a small amount of items but not for the big deal. When she was a newborn there were too many medical issues with her horrible reflux, not being able to eat by mouth and hauling around her feeding pump. After that she had such terrible stranger anxiety that it wasn't possible at all. With all of that in the past she did wonderful! I did 1/2 of my shopping yesterday and the other 1/2 today.

We also had our carpets cleaned yesterday....they WAY needed it so we stayed outside yesterday so they could dry.

On the IVF front we were supposed to have an appointment tomorrow but we are re-scheduling it for December. Matt has a trial coming up so he is pretty busy this week. We don't plan on starting the actual cycle till Jan anyways....we could have another October baby if it works the first time again!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Love this age

This age is just so much fun. I love seeing how she changes every day and what new words she says. The girl has FINALLY hit 21 pounds. Thats right...my almost 2 year old can still wear 12 month old clothes. She is a petite girl!! I was the same at her age....she actually weighs more than I did.

Hugs to her friend Adelyn

She is BIG into taking off her pants and diaper, she will then run around the house and yell "Naked". She will also pee on my carpet. She has gone in her potty 3 times but all the other bajillion times she has gone on my carpet. Good thing I have the stain remover I used when we were potty training our dog!

Last night I heard her making some noises and then all was quite. I went in to check on her before going to bed and there I saw a white naked butt glowing in the dark. She had taken off her pants and diaper. Thank goodness she hadn't peeded. I put on her diaper and of course she woke a bit but after a drink went back to sleep. This happened again at midnight. Looks like the girl is going to be wearing onsies to bed so she can't get out of them!! (Did I put her in one tonight...nope, I am a glutton for punishment)

We had a beautiful walk around the lake this morning with a stop at the playground. In the afternoon our friends Stacey and Adelyn came over for a playdate. It was a nice day.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Great website for Mommies

If you are big into organizing and having a plan check out this website.

It really helps break down what chores to do each day and reminds you of other cleaning tasks to do. I love it!!

There are also other helpful topics for you Mommies!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend fun

Saturday morning started out a little rough, Cassie had to poop but just couldn't so she was pretty uncomfortable. She wouldn't walk anywhere because it hurt so she just clung to my neck and curled up in a little ball and cried. I tried everything I remembered the doctor telling me to do when she used to be constipated as a baby. Put the head of a thermomater in her butt, massaged her belly, warm water bath and when that didn't work a suppository. FINALLY we had success and she felt 100% better. Matt couldn't watch me put anything up her so he had to leave the room. :o)

Saturday afternoon we headed to his Aunt and Uncles house to celebrate all 5 of his cousins birthdays. We played in Sarahs bedroom for awhile because she has some great girl toys including this kitchen.

At first Cass seemed a little overwhelmed by all the people there but she quickly warmed up. She loved all the kids that were around.

This is Elizabeth. She is 9 years old and was so sweet and so nice. She loved Cassie and was so wonderful with her...Cassie seemed taken with her as well.

Drink Break

Singing in the microphone

Daddy and Cass

Playing hoops with Daddy

Cassie and Mommy

Before we left we took a little walk and of course she fell and skinned her knee again. Her poor little knees. We didn't leave untill 7:30 which is her bedtime. She never fell asleep in the car but crashed once we got her pjs on and her in bed which was after 8:00. She had a pretty good day!!

Sunday I went to Church with Cassie by myself. It went pretty smoothly. During worship singing she took the pens in and out of the holders on the seats...whatever occupys her time and keeps her quiet works for me! However...she then dropped her pens and they rolled in seats near us so some other people had to pick them up and hand them back to me. Once singing was done I took her to the little chapel where they have a tv on that you can watch the service from. Everytime I have gone there its either empty or there are other Moms with their kids. This time there was a lady in there. At first I felt bad because Cassie was being pretty loud and talking alot so I know it was disuptive. She then started to jump on something she shouldn't have been so I stopped her and of course she screamed. I don't know why the lady was watching the sermon there in the first place and was not in the sactury....because the sactury was alot more quiet than being in the room with me and my terrible two toddler!!!
After Cassies nap we went to the Oconomowoc Art Fair. Her friend Adelyn came along. Afterwards we stopped for some chocolate milkshakes...yum!! We then just hung out in our backyard and got Chilis to Go for dinner. Love their chicken tacos!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Stalling Techniques

Cassie tried everything she could think of to stall taking a nap today. We ate lunch, brushed her teeth, read books and got ready for a nap. She then tried the following:

Technique #1 - She decided she needed Mickey Mouse, Elmo and her Monkey in bed with her as well as Pooh and Puppy. So we got everyone into bed.

Technique #2 - She needed Milk. Ok....got more milk
She laid down in bed and 5 min went by......

Technique #3 - I heard her yelling "help" from her room. In I walk and she has tried to undress herself. Her arms are out of the arm holes and her shirt is stuck around her torso. Ok...re-dress the girl.

Technique #4 - One last ditch effort of asking for milk...request DENIED.

She must have run out of ideas because she is now asleep.

I think we may have to get stock in Bactine and Band aids. While at garage sales this morning she fell down and scraped her knee AGAIN!! She cried and bled. Her poor knees have so many scrapes. I have now put the Bactine and Band aids in the diaper bag so I always have them with me.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teddy Grahams......

all over my kitchen floor

Some little girl took the box out of the cupboard and dumped them upside down!

So...Mommy gave her a bowl and told her to fill the bowl up with the Teddy Grahams and throw them away. This was to teach her to clean up her own mess and also give Mommy time to finnish making Lasagana. It worked for 15 min and then I had to help clean up.

Cassie is talking up a storm and every day she says new words. Yesterday she said "monkey" and "happy". I really am enjoying this age...its so much easier when she is able to tell me what she wants instead of getting frustrated because I have no clue what she is asking for.

Yesterday I walked out of the room and came back to this...

Monday, August 16, 2010

Looking for an allowance already!

This little girl is already asking Mommy for money....or going into my purse without asking and getting it for herself. She gets the wallet out of my purse, digs out the cash holds it in the air and shouts "Money"!!

Shouting "money"

Someone is starting to fight their nap (not horribly)but also the last couple of days this someone has taken off her diaper in her crib and thrown it on the floor then yelled "help".

Its been so hot and humid out but today was beautfiul. We finally turned off the air conditioner and opened the windows. This afternoon we walked around the lake with a friend and her daughter then stopped at a shop for an awsome chocolate milkshake. The best!! Cassie had a few bites of my shake but was more interested in playing with the toys they have there. We then headed home and played in the backyard for a bit.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Accident Prone

Cassie is having a word explosion! She has been saying even more new words since my last post. Milk, Book, Abby (Elmos friend) and Cookie have been added to her list.

We ran some errands this morning and headed home around 10. Cassie looked pretty sleepy in the car. Once inside she picked up Pooh and her Puppy, walked to her room and put them in her crib. She then looked at me and said "night-night" so into bed she went and off to sleep. That girl had to be tired because it was only 10:15 and she usually eats lunch and then naps at 11:30. She slept till noon so it was a long afternoon but we did plenty to occupy our time. Played outside, went to the library and to Walgreens. I did put her down to bed 30 min early as well. Below are pics from our day:

Water table fun

Putting her doggy down the slide

Cooking in her house

More Watertable

Cassie was very accident prone today!!!
I had to move her swingset to the patio because the mosquitos are so horrible here. Everytime she would walk in the grass to play with it they would be all over her. However being on the patio is not the best either....she fell out of the swing today and went face first on the concrete. She stopped her fall but she bit her lip and was bleeding and also skinned her knee. I cleaned her up and put a band-aid on her knee but she insisted the band-aid had to be on her un-injured arm instead.

Then...she dropped a bottle of mosquito repellant on her little toes and cried.

Then....before bed she was eating potato chips and dip and all of a sudden she was gagging. Not gagging like she was choking but like she was going to throw up. I ran my finger in her mouth to make sure there wasn't a chip that she was chocking on which there wasn't. She then gagged more and I thought she was going to loose her cookies all over me. Her poor little eyes were watering and I think the whole incident scared her...she was crying and saying "mama". I am wondering if she put a finger or chip to far back in her throat and set off her gag relex....I just don't know. After a drink of milk she went right back to that bag of Lays!