Monday, September 30, 2013

Picture dump!!! Sister love and Pumpkin Patch

Daddy and his girls

This is what they should NOT be doing.  No you think they listen?



1st trip to the pumpkin patch

Mandy loved the baby cow

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

16 weeks pregnant with baby #4 and other stories

16 weeks pregnant!     Went to my OB yesterday and weighed in at 128.    Gained 4 pounds in 4 weeks so right on target.   Babies heart rate was 142 bpm.    I thought I had felt baby move before but now I'm not so sure because I haven't felt anything since.    Big ultrasound is in 2 weeks!   Will it be baby girl #4?  (poor hubby) or a baby boy?     We shall see!!   Can't wait to find out!  I love finding out because I think it helps bond right away and we get to pick out names and prepare the room....can't believe were doing this again!!

Yesterday was a nightmare with the twins.  Actually all weekend was.  They were crying, screaming and whining all 3 days.   I was loosing my cool, going name it.   One fell off the couch, the other banged her head on the know, doing things you tell them not to do.   They dumped a box of rice on my kitchen floor and then I made the mistake of putting my soda on the table and turning my back.   Mandy grabbed my soda and was pouring it on the couch.   (BIG BREATH)   Mentally exhausting yesterday.   Thankfully they are much better today and back to their normal selves.   

We went to story time today and Emily gave me a near heart attack.    The main doors to story time were closed so the babies couldn't escape.   (There are 13 or so kids/babies there).  It was playtime and all of a sudden I didn't see Emily.   No where.    I looked behind the puppet stage where I see a door that is open and leads to a maze of other doors.   I didn't see her there, but the girl is fast.  There were also people going in and out of the main doors so then I was freaking out that someone let her out.    I hear Mandy crying because she is wondering where I went to I headed back to her and told the librarian I was missing a baby.   (nice right?)   Then someone pointed Emily out to me, she was behind my stroller in a corner of the room, I just couldn't see her because she was hidden. least I truly didn't loose my child and she was where she was supposed to be!!   Keeping track of two 14 month olds in a huge group of kids can be hard!  

Sunday, September 15, 2013

I now have 2 walkers, Emily started walking about 2 weeks ago.  It is fun to see all 3 girls running after each other in the house.   We play outside on the driveway a lot, especially in the afternoon with push toys.   I don't know what were going to do when it gets to cold to do this because this is my saving grace a lot of days!

We have started to go to baby story time at the library.  We went for the first time last week and I was not too sure about it.   They were wandering off in different directions but when the singing started they were enthralled and pretty much stayed by my side.    Emily did wander off a couple times, she was into watching the other kids and at one point wondered off and sat down next to another little boy.   I'm glad the stranger danger is going away...makes it easier to do this type of thing.   At story time there were 4 other sets of twins, I talked to one of the moms who's boy/girl twins were the same age as my girls, we exchanged emails and were going to plan a twin play date.
Mandy loves the couch....but does not follow the butt rule hence she is always taken off

Naughty Emily, super stubborn and big temper!!

Cassie has a gymnastics class on Wednesday mornings with a friend, she loves it.   While she is in class I take the girls downstairs to the younger kids gym.  Mandy and Emily love it, get tons of energy out and I get to chat with my friend.

I THINK I have felt some baby flutters here and there.  I'm 15 weeks, this is when I started feeling the twins move.  I go next Monday for my OB appointment.  I am in full maternity wear now.  No hiding the belly, it popped pretty fast.

Did I say we love to playoutside?  Its just a nice change of scenery and passes a good hour of time at least.

Sister Love
These 2 are pals