Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodby 2011....Hello 2012

2011 was a pretty good year. Cassie turned 3 years old. I love this age....just like I loved 2 .  We took our second family trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  In April we decided to do another IVF cycle and were told we had a problem with blood antibodies, would be high risk and shouldn't become pregnant.  Turns out this doctor was wrong, we decided to find another clinic.  In Oct we find a new clinic and proceed with IVF, it works our first time again and we find out we're pregnant with twins!

The sad thing with 2011 is Matt's dad was diagnosed with Liver cancer and is fighting that.

The plans for tonight are feeding Cass her dinner and when she goes to bed we are making some yummy steaks, potatoes, veggies and watching movies  (The Help).  Hopefully I can keep my eyes open to watch the ball drop and welcome in 2012.

Here is to 2012. A big year for us.  Welcoming Twins in summer and Cassie becoming a big sister....could it get any better?

and my drink of choice tonight....


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas celebration this week to be rescheduled...

Thursday - Saturday we had plans to celebrate Christmas with Matts side of the family.  However we have decided to not join in on the festivities.  One part of the family has had the stomach flu this week, I quess they are feeling better now but we don't feel comfortable hanging out with them and going to their house after they have just been throwing up the past 4 days.   Even if they feel better they are still contagious.   The last thing I want is a stomach bug going around our house.   Being pregnant and throwing up does NOT sound appealing to me.   I know we could get the stomach flu from anywhere but that is unknowlingly.   I know being pregnant if you are throwing up and can't keep fluids down alot of times you end up at the hospital for an IV to receive fluids.....does not sound like something I would like to be doing.  

So its sad that we won't see anyone and miss everything.  I don't think Matts Dad is joining in the Christmas celebration either because he is not feeling well from the Cancer and I'm sure the last thing he also wants is the stomach flu.

As I was typing this I just got a phone call saying everything is cancelled because another family member of Matts caught the stomach bug last night.   Looks like everything will need to be re-scheduled.  

We haven't had the stomach bug in over 10 years and if I can keep up that trend it would be awsome.  I know the likely hood of that happening is low but I can dream.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Belly shots

I think I had a big growth spurt from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.  I woke up and told Matt "I think I got alot bigger over night"

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve

Christmas Day

Christmas Day
Its crazy how much I am showing already.     We went to the pool yesterday so I looked for a swimsuit.   My bikini is out of the question so I went for my tankini which had fit 2 weeks ago.   It looked horrible this time around, it ended at my belly button so the tankini was out of the question also.  I ended up sitting on the sidelines watching all the fun in the pool.  I need to invest some money in a maternity swim suit.  I didn't show like this with Cassie till I was over 18 weeks along and I am only 11 weeks tomorrow!   From what I have read with Twins you measure 4-8 weeks ahead of what you would be with a singleton. is my belly going stretch like that??

Christmas 2011

We had a really nice Christmas.  I'm always kinda sad when the Christmas season is over.  I love the music, the lights and spending time with family. 

My brother came home from CA for a few days to visit also, so that was really nice.  Cassie loves him. 

Matt suprised me with an IPad for Christmas which was awsome!!!    I love it!

My brother and I
Papa and Cass - opening some early gifts

Watching Charlie Brown together

Athena and her new coller

Getting a belly rub from Cass

Family shot (Matt was at work)

She loves her Uncle Lee

With Gigi and Great Great- Grandpa

Stocking time!

Athena opening her gift

Christmas Eve

Christmas morning

Opening her big present

It took us 2 hours to assemble Christmas Eve night

She is realizing what it is...see the big smile!

Her words were "Wow, my very own train table!"

"Thank you Daddy"

End of Christmas Day
 We had a wonderful time with my family.  Matt took down our tree already yesterday.  Pooh.    We see Matts family and celebrate this week and then its New Years!!    

Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 weeks/1 day pregnant

I graduated from my fertility clinic today!!   I was full of anxiety when I went in today.   Since I don't have any symptoms besides hunger I start to wonder if everything is ok.  I know it will be much more reassuring when I can feel the babes moving. 

It was amazing how big they had grown since 2 weeks ago.   And they actually look like babies!   They have heads, arms, legs and fingers.  And were they putting on a show for us.  They were waving and somersaulting around.  AMAZING.   At one point they both put their hands to their face.  The same hand to the same side of their face.  Our doctor said they were so in tuned to each other.  She said she has never seen twins do that before....they were like synchronized swimmers!   Dr. Hayes kept saying they were doing awesome.   I just wanted to cry.

Both babies measured 10 weeks/2 days.  Baby A had a heart rate of 163 and Baby B was 168.  

This was where they were putting their hands to their face

One of the babies - solo shot

After the exam she told me she would meet us at the front desk, so I got dressed and went up there.  The staff had a "graduation/congratulations" gift bag for us.   Inside were 2 adorable stuffed animals for the babies and 2 sets of combs, files and fingernail clippers.  How sweet was that?   I told Dr. Hayes thank you for everything and gave her and my nurse a hug.
I'm so thankful for her expertise. 
Our gift bag

Aren't they cute!

Cassie kept asking to hold a stuffed animal and asked where hers was.  Here goes the sibling jealousy!   As we were leaving the front desk asked us to wait a second.   Out the nurse came with a stuffed animal just for Cassie.   How thoughtful was that.  

And no more shots or pills!!  

What a wonderful early Christmas present.   I am so thankful for Cassie, for the 2 babies growing inside of me and for everything God has blessed me with.   My cup definitely is overflowing!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge 2011 and visting the Capitol

Over the weekend we were at Great Wolf Lodge and had a great time.   Cassie went down her first waterslide and went on her first roller coaster.   I was a bit nervous about the coaster because it really whipped around at certain points but Cassie said she wanted to go.   She did great and Daddy is the one who looked nervous while on it.

First water slide!

Down the big slide with daddy

She found the perfect Target

Lazy River

Doing the Wolf Howl

Loved this!

Isn't this awesome?

Heading to our room after storytime - bedtime!!

Rowdy the Reindeer - her fav!!

I couldn't go on any of the water slides because of being pregnant so I stood on the sidelines.   I have been feeling great.   No morning sickness or anything (same as with Cass) .   If I didn't see the u/s I wouldn't know I was preggo....with 2 on top of it. 

We headed home from the Dells yesterday and stopped in Madison to show Cassie the Capitol.   There is a huge Christmas Tree in the Rotunda.   Well, wouldn't you know it, there were tons of protestors in the Capitol chanting to recall Walker.  Really?    They were surronding the Christmas tree singing songs about recalling Walker to the tune of Christmas songs.  It was horrible.    I was fuming.  People have their own political views...fine.  But what are you accomplishing by surrounding the Christmas tree and butchering Christian Christmas Carols?  This is what my daughter had to see?   Disgusting.    I pushed my way thru the crowd with Cassie so she could see the Christmas tree...I wasn't going to let these people stop our daughter from seeing the Christmas tree with their protest.   Really people. And please don't take the Christmas songs about our savior and butcher them....really.  Not very classy.