Monday, October 31, 2011

Today is Transfer Day!

Its so surreal that we are transferring today.  Its exciting yet scary.   Exciting because my embryos are being put back where they belong and I could get a positive pregnancy test later this week....I can't even wrap my head around that.     Its scary because of course I may not have that positive result.   After all the money spent, shots given, doctor visits there may be no little baby to show for it.   But I know God is in control and whatever his plan (positive or negative result) I have comfort in knowing that.  

My Mom should be here in less than 2 hours and we will be off.   I am preparing myself for the full bladder.   Last time it was way to painful so I am going to down my bottle of water 30 min before the transfer rather than the hour.   After transfer I have to stay there for 2 hours so I have my magazine, kindle and DVD all ready to go.   

Also looking forward to my 3 days of just laying on the couch doing nothing.   Catch up on reading, movies and my hubby serving me. 

Sunday, October 30, 2011

"He knows me"

These are the words Cassie used to describe why she loves Jesus

Today we dropped off our Operation Christmas Child box at church.   We included a sheet of paper that Cassie "fills out...aka Mommy" and the child who receives the box finds out about Cassie.   One of the questions was "I love Jesus because...." so I asked Cassie why she loved Jesus.  She said "Because he is nice, he knows me and knows my name".  So I wrote that down.  I was Wowed by that. 

She walked right into Sunday School and asked the teacher to do puzzels.   She did so great today.  When I picked her up the teacher called her name.  Then she told me Cass was doing puzzels and didn't want to leave.   Wow...big change from her first few days in Sunday School.  She must have finnished her puzzle because she came out the door, saw me and did a running flying leap into my arms and hugged me.   So proud of that girl.

On the way home from church she said "Halloween isn't about Jesus, its about scary stuff.  Christmas is about Jesus"  Again...just amazes me and brings tears to my eyes that she is learning so much about Jesus and his love. 

This is the best job in the world.  Being a Mommy and being given the awsome responsiblity to raise her to know Christ.  

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day 3 for our embabies

The embryologist called at 8:30 this morning to give us our update.   He said on day 3 they expect the embryos to be at 6-8 cells.   7 of our embryos are where they need to be while one of them is lagging behind at 5 cells.   So 7 out of 8 are doing good so far!   Go embabies!!  

Friday, October 28, 2011

Apple pie baking

Today Cass helped make her first apple pie  We had to use all the apples that we picked from the other weekend.  However, she did not get any for dessert because all she ate was 3 potato chips and none of her sloppy joe at dinner time.  So no apple pie for this girl.

Stirring up the sugar and Cinnamon

Ready to pop in the oven

A pain in the....

A%$   ....I mean Arse.


The needle I use for progestrone in the behind

First experience apple picking in pictures

Uncle Jim

This is his normal behavior

Valery and Cass

Wagon ride to go apple picking

Searching for apples

Tasting her find

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Egg Retrival and Fertiliztion Report

Retrieval day.....

We woke up at 4:45am as we had to be out the door by 5:30.   Cassie decided she would get up at 5:15 also.   She was ready for Grandma to come over and play with her while we went to the doctor. 

We got there at 6:30 and they gave me a Valium, a gown, hat and booties and got an IV started.  I didn't care for the way the Valium made me feel...kinda like your drunk.  Things were pretty fuzzy.

At 7:30 they had me walk to the procedure room.  I layed down right away and they had me get my feet in some heavy duty stir-ups, put some oxygen on me and that's pretty much all I remember.   Next thing I know I am waking up horribly nauseous.  They had given me zofran in my IV but it didn't do the trick.  I also felt like I was burning up and asked for a cold wash cloth to wipe my face with.  And then...what I didn't want to happen...I puked....more than once.   Ack.    Instead of staying in recovery for the usually hour I was there for 2 1/2 hours.   I slept a lot...and puked.  Nice.   I could have stayed longer but decided I just needed to get home in bed.   It is a HORRIBLE feeling to be sick to your stomach, dizzy and have to be put in a wheel chair and pushed thru a hospital, down an elevator and put in a moving vehicle.  I kept my puke bag and slept the whole way home.  Walked in the door and said "I need to lay down".  I went to bed and Cassie brought me one of her stuffed animals to sleep with.  I slept for an hour, woke up, had some Culver's chicken and felt SO MUCH better.  I layed on the couch for the rest of the day and went to bed at 7:30.

And now on to the important stuff....

They retrieved 12 eggs
9 of the eggs were mature
8 of the eggs fertilized

Now it is just a waiting game to see how our embabies do.   The doctor will call me on Saturday to give me an update on them and Monday is Transfer Day!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Future singer??

Our pediatrician is also a singer, he sings opera.   He told me he is very curious about her voice.   He told me all singers always work to control their soft palate and because of Cassie's Pierre Robin she has a very high arch to her soft palate so she wouldn't need a lot of work in controlling it. She also has a high pitch to her voice.  He said he is very interested to watch her as she grows and that she may have a beautiful singing voice as a result of her palate.   Hmmmmm.......something I have never thought about.  Cassie may be your next American Idol! :o)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Our smarty pants

Today was Cassie's 3 year check up.

She is a heavy weight at 26 lbs; 12 ounces.

Her doctor asked her tons of questions including having her count, say the alphabet, talk about colors, about strangers, etc...He really took a lot of time with her.  He finally looked at me and said "I think she is one of my smartest patients".   That was so awesome to hear.  Of course we think she is smart but to hear her doctor tell us that made me so proud.  

On Friday at my check up we had my doctors partner do my u/s.  He is from Germany.  Cassie counted to 10 for him in German.   He was very impressed and asked if she learned that in school....nope, it is Daddy teaching her.  She also knows how to count to 10 in Spanish.

She is also starting to read.  She knows all the sounds the letters make , we make words on the fridge with the letter magnets and she is sounding them out.  I told our children's librarian this and she thought it was amazing.  She asked if she learned it in school and I told her I taught her.  She asked if I had a teaching degree.....nope. This homeschooling thing is working! :o)

So proud of her!!  

Ready to Trigger!!

I went in today and have a total of 17 follies with 10 being a good size.   Our doctor said "You are definitely triggering tonight"  So tonight at 9:30 I trigger and Wednesday is retrieval.  

I'm sure  know that I will be heading to the clinic on Wednesday with knots in my stomach.  I am not a fan of being put under.  I will need that valium right when I walk in the door to calm my nerves!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

After 7 days of stimming....update

Cass and I went to my doctor today.  I now have 13 follies with an E2 level of 600.   I have some small follies and my largest is at 13 so my doc thought a couple more days of growth, come in on Sunday to be checked and I may trigger on Monday.   Its interesting to compare this cycle to my last cycle. 

Last cycle at this time I had 8 follies and my E2 was 222.  So my numbers are much better this time around.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Words from a childs mouth

Cassie and I were just talking about babies.   She asked if we had diapers and I said "No, but we will buy diapers if God decides to give us another baby".  She said:

"If God says No, we buy a cat"
 "If God says Yes, we buy a baby"

Oh my gosh...too funny. 

Monday, October 17, 2011

First Monitoring Appointment

Today I actually had to get out of bed and shower right away and get out the door.  I usually grab a mug of coffee, curl up on the couch with Cassie snuggled under blankets to watch cartoons and read my Bible till 8:00.  But today I had to head out to my first monitoring appointment.  I had to leave the house by 7. I used to do this all the time when I worked, Yes, I have become spoiled being a stay at home Mommy. 

It took me an hour to get to my clinc because of rush hour and the sun but I made it on time.  I have 6 follicles that my doctor measured and others that were just starting to grow.  My doctor said it looks like I am going to be a normal responder.  My E2 levels were 106 after 3 days of stimming. On my cycle with Cass my E2 level was only 67 after 4 days of stimming so this cycle I am responding alot better. 

3 Year old B-day party in pictures!

Cake that I slaved over for 3 hours

Waiting for everyone to come!

Hello Kitty!!!

Modeling our party hats

Modeling our Hello Kitty tattoos

Present time!

A card!

Cassie, Val, me and Adelyn reading the card

Monkey Papa, Jake, Daddy, Uncle Jim

Another card!

Great Grandpa and GiGi

Lacing Beads!

Hello Kitty Card...Jackpot!

Cass and Adelyn

Time to sing to the b-day girl

My baby is 3!

Our fam

Playing Kinect

With Monkey Papa

It was a great Hello Kitty birthday!