Monday, March 29, 2010

Miss Smarty Pants

She never ceases to amaze me in how much she understands. Yesterday I went to the bathroom and realized when it was to late that there was no toilet paper. Nice huh? Anyhoo...I was alone with only Cassie and she was in the bathroom with me. I looked at her and said "Cassie, can you bring me some toiletpaper from the other bathroom?" She promplty walked out of the bathroom and was gone. All was quiet. Then I heard her walking back, in she walks to the bathroom with a handful of toiletpaper!!!! My hero :o)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Celtic Women

We went to see them on Thursday night. They were AMAZING! Their voices are so clear and beautiful. The drummers and other musical instruments were great as well. I got teary eyed during a couple of songs. The show was fantastic with all the fog and light effects. Again...awesome performance. I highly recommend going to see them. Here are 2 of my favorite songs.

On another note...Cassie crawled today! Never has before and now at 17 months she has decided to do it. So..she is a little backwards, walk first and then crawl. Ha Ha...silly girl. Yesterday she was so sassy!! She is starting to say "no" among other sassy girl things. Part of the problem is she gets frustrated when I don't understand what she wants but the other part is she is trying to see how far she can push things. Today my sweet little girl is back...knock on wood!!

Friday, March 19, 2010


or....Premature Ventricular Complexes. This is what I was diagnosed with. Nothing serious thank goodness. I have been feeling my heart skip beats and it would make me loose my breath and I would have to cough. I had an EKG and an Echo done, I also wore a holter for 24 hours to find out what was up. Below is what I found on it.

Premature ventricular contractions (PVC’s) - these early depolarizations begin in the ventricle instead of the usual place, the sinus node. They are very common, and are sometimes perceived as a palpitations.

So..that was good news. Otherthan that we have been enjoying the beautiful weather. We went for walks every day and Cassie made sure to scream and point at hydrant we passed. Very cute.

"ok, I'm going to hook you up"

Athena wondering what this pint sized person is up to

Athena being very patient

Athena has had it...

"Athena, Come back, I need to put your leash on!!!!"

Athena and her pal Riley

Ready for a walk!

Ready for story time at the library

After walks we have thrown the ball for Athena and just hung out in the back yard. Big Bummer that the nice weather is ending We went to the park today and it quickly cooled off in the afternoon.

Walking with the neighbor girl

Holy Hair!!! I have found I can't wash her hair every day with shampoo. I will wash one day and then just use conditioner for a day or so. I also used baby leave in condition every day. She has so much wave and curl to her hair....if I comb it to much it gets all freezy so I put the leave in conditioner in and try to finger comb it thru her curls and try to put the unruly section up in a ponytail...which some days doesn't last long.
These pics were after her nap today...

Monday, March 15, 2010

Weekend recap

Watching Cartoons

So far the "spring ahead" change has gone ok. Nap time has been a breeze, hasn't fazed her. However when I put her to bed last night at 7:30 she was NOT ready and let us know. When 8:30 rolled around (in her head 7:30) she went right down. Tonight I may try waiting till 8:00 to put her down and slowly get her back to 7:30.
I never used to mind the time changes but when you have a young child it is a pain in the booty.

Wanna go outside to play!

Saturday morning we went to Target to pick out her Easter Basket and a bunch of cute things to put in it. She walked around Target hanging on to the basket. She then found a pink beanbag than she adored. She sat in the middle of the aisle laying on it. Its so hard to not want to buy everything pink in sight...I need to restrain myself!!

Relaxing in her chair

After Target Cass took a nap and then we dropped her off at my husbands aunts house. They watched her and we had some "us" time at the mall and ate at PF Changes - Yum!!


We wanted to go to Church yesterday but the time change kinda screwed up Cassies schedule in the morning so it was a "no go". I ended up going to the outlet mall with my Mom to do some shopping while Daddy and Cass had some father/daughter time.

Playing her keyboard

Next Thursday we go to see the Celtic Women in concert. Has anyone ever seen/heard them? They have the most beautiful voices! So excited.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fun Wednesday

She loves this horse!

I had a doctor appointment yesterday so Daddy stayed home from work to watch Cassie. He took her to story time at the library and had the best time with his little girl. He said he was the only Dad there and talked to a bunch of the Moms. He said Cassie did the "row your boat" motions when they sang the song which is a first. The other 2 times I have brought her I've shown her how to do it but she never seemed interested. After story time Daddy took her to Starbucks and showed her off to all the girls behind the counter. He knows all of them since he stops there every morning for his fix before work.

She fought me a little bit on her nap but ended up crying herself to sleep and slept for 2 1/2 hours. Once she was up we ate lunch and went off to another playdate. These pictures are from that playdate.

She only manages to go backwards on this horse

When she is concentrating on doing something that little tounge pops out...

Monday, March 8, 2010

My little helper

Blowing a kiss

A cold has made its way thru our house. Cassie came down with it first and now Matt and I have it. It was her first sickness ever. Thats pretty good for 16 months never being sick! She basically just had a runny nose and cough, other than that she didn't act sick. Today we went to the library to get some new books, we are going tomorrow morning for story time.

We live in a ranch so Cassie isn't used too stairs, however this week we were in the basement and she figured how to climb them...all the way to the top. Big girl!

Its amazing how much they understand at this age. Cassie seems to understand everything we say. When I tell her I am going to vacuum the house she points to the quest room which is where we keep the vacuum and runs there to open the closet for me..where said vacuum is kept. When I tell her we need to change her diaper she runs for her bedroom and pats her bottom...very cute. She is also a clean freak...loves cleaning. She will swiffer and if given a washcloth go and wash all the tables, however her favorite past time is emptying the bathroom garbage. If she sees there is anything in the garbage can she will bring it out to us so we can empty it and then proceed to put it right back. Amazing and Daddy is so proud his daughter is a clean freak like him. :o)

Bringing out the garbage can

Mom, please empty this and stop with the pictures!

Garbage can empty and she is taking it back to the bathroom

Set it down and push it.....

exactly into the corner

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Table and Chair from Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa S.

Coloring at her table

Table/Chair used to be my brothers and mine when we were little

Today we went to story time with our friends Jessica and her little boy Maxim. It was our first time there and went pretty well. I think were going to make a habit of going every Wednesday. It was pretty interactive, which is a good thing since Cassie has a short attention span and won't sit still for 30 min to read books. They gave them scarves to play with, had maraccas to shake and at the end had a puppet show. Cassie is napping now and once she wakes up we plan on going to another friends house for a playdate. 2 playdates in 1 day!!

Pony-tail (won't stay in longer than a couple seconds)

Pig-tail (again....same fate as a pony-tail-pulled out within seconds)

Hey! Whats in my hair?

And...there it goes. No more pig tails