Sunday, June 26, 2016

Twins turned 4!!

 4!!!   Time seems to go by faster and faster!  We had a great party yesterday.  It was so much fun.  Hello Kitty theme. 
 Birthday Girls

 Little Brother getting in on the action
 Our Family
 With Papa!

 Grandma, Jerry and the kids
 Papa and Nana with the kids
 GG and Cassie
 Alex even got a new pool floatie
 I made a Hello Kitty Cake.  Same one I made for Cassie when she was 3 years old.   I have not made one since because life has been to crazy.  Now that I was able to make a cake again....that is proof things have gotten easier!!

 Everyone singing to the girls


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Play time outside

 Daddy has been very busy at work.  The kids always look forward to him coming home and we try to get out and have lunch with Dad every so often. 
 We have had some beautiful weather.  Matt took Cassie to see The Avengers a few weeks ago so I had the littles and hung with them outside.   They played, ran, danced and laughed.  I sat and enjoyed watching them.

 They love to race to the tree and back
 It was a dance off between Mandy and Alex

Grandma got re-married

Grandma met someone at her church and they got married last month.  His wife also died of cancer 7 years ago.  The girls were all flower girls as was his granddaughter.
It was hard.   We keep thinking that it should be Monkey Papa living in his home with Grandma, enjoying his grandkids, but its not and that is sad.  

I missed the majority of the ceremony as Alex was "All Done" Those were his words.

My baby is 2!

My baby boy turned 2 in March!   He is very mature.   Counts, sings, says his colors and is climbing up that swing set after his sisters...sometimes giving me a heart attack.  It is so much fun to see the boy come out in him.  Trucks, ramming trucks, being a monster and fighting his Dad and sisters with swords.

 He is actually the easiest to put to bed.  I lay him down and rarely hear a peep from him.  The girls usually have to go to the bathroom or need water a trillion times before they fall asleep.
He is a mommas boy.  

Monkey Papa

Monkey Papa has been in Heaven for 4 years now.   It is so crazy that its been that long since we have last seen and talked to him.   Life keeps on going.  We always talk about him to the kids.  We talk about how much he would have loved them.   We have his picture up in Cassie's room.   We took all the kids to his grave a month ago.   Before we took him Mandy said "But Mom, Monkey Papa is not there, he is in Heaven" 
Right you are Mandy.  Miss you Monkey Papa!!!

The fun stuff we have been up to!

 Each summer Cassie and our neighbor friend have had matching dresses.  This summer the youngest members are joining the tradition!   Mandy, Emily and Violet.  

 We have some really good friends who we met by homeschooling.   They homeschool as well.   Katelyn and Cassie are best friends.  I get along great with their Mom and Dad.  Its perfect.  This summer they are taking a Spanish class and Soccer together.
 All the kids at the Memorial Day Ceremony.  It was a beautiful day and after this we enjoyed the parade. 
 Mothers Day at Old World Wisconsin.  We ended up getting a family pass as I will take the kids there often.   Its so beautiful and peaceful and a great place to go and learn.
 Last weekend we went to the zoo and ran into our neighbors!  The kids were so excited about that.   We hung out with them awhile before parting ways and taking a train ride.
We were supposed to go to my parents cabin up north on Memorial Day weekend but the weather was not looking to hot so we took the kids to Great Wolf Lodge instead.  We had a great time.

I would love to have more babies but the baby stage is hard.  Sleep deprivation is a killer for me, especially with having multiple children to take care of during the day.    I have to say I am loving this season of being able to get out with all the kids and having fun with them.   This is what I have been waiting for. It is such a blessing.  Also with homeschooling I think I will have my hands full with 4!   So thankful for this family that God has given me!