Friday, October 26, 2012

Twins are yet another month older!

Checking out her sister

4 months old!!!
4 months!    They are not newborns anymore!   Things are pretty smooth if they are in synce and on the same schedule.   Yesterday they were NOT in sync.   They didn't eat at the same time or nap at the same time.   It was one down for a nap and the other one up from her nap.  I got NO break, had a cold and was exhausted at the end of the day.   Today I got them back on the same schedule and what a world of difference that makes.   It leaves me time to do housework and of course spend one on one time with Cassie.

Sleeps pretty much thru the night.   She is an awsome sleeper.  Weighs 13 lbs

Sleep - she needs to take some pointers from Mandy.   Em still gets up every 3-4 hours to eat.   She is tiny and doesn't take as big of bottles as her sister so I am figuring this is the reason.  Weighs 9 lbs 12 ounces

Both girls have laughed out loud.  Mandy I have only heard once but Emily is giving them out more and more....the key is to tickle her armpits.  They gave their first laughs on the same day at 15 weeks old.

Both girls have gotten very strong on tummy time and they have both rolled from tummy to back.   Emily did it first at 16 weeks and Mandy a day after.   Rolling from back to tummy is next...I can tell they are close to doing it.  My bet is on Mandy doing it first.  That girl is a contorstionist!!   The way she bends her body to look at stuff behind her....yikes.
Tummy time together

Both girls are grabbing things and trying to put them in their mouth, especially Mandy.   And boy, does that girl get frustrated when she can't do what she is attempting.   She has a favorite ball that she can easily hold and if that ball rolls away from her she lets me know it!
Tuckered out
Both girls do great putting themselves to sleep.   They are up for about 1 1/2  - 2 hours at a time and then its nap time.   After that time I put them in the cribs wide awake and they will put them selves to sleep.  Maybe I hear a few cries of protest but it never lasts long.  
Getting super strong!!

We have thier 4 month checkup yesterday.  I took the girls and Cassie by myself.  They were both up crying so I had to keep them moving.   The nurse told me I was a brave soul to be by myself.    The girls did really well.  They do both have flat heads from favoring a spot so we have to have them evaluated to see if they need helmets.  They have to do everything together which includes flattening their heads!!  The shots were of course were the hardest part.   Mandy went first, turned beat red and screamed her lungs out.   I held her for a few min but then had to put her in the car seat to get Emily ready for her turn.   The nurse stopped and looked at me and told me I was a great Mom.  She said I was meant to be a Mom....that I have an air about me.  That was so sweet to hear.   My Pedi told me the exact same thing.   As he was leaving the room I had Emily in one arm bouncing her to calm her crying and in the other arm a bottle feeding Mandy in her stroller.  He said I was doing a great job and that I really had my hands full.   Its just always nice to hear others say you are doing a great job.....especially when you are trying to calm 2 naked babies after shots and are sweating bullets. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

4 years old!!

My little girl turned 4 last Saturday.  Those 4 years went fast!   I start thinking about how fast the next 4 years will go and then the next.....yikes!   I want my little girls to be little forever!  

Cassie had a butterfly birthday.  She requested this for a long time.  

I usually make a big elaborate cake BUT with 2 babies I don't have the time to spend hours doing that.   Next year should be different.   This year I made cupcakes and got cute butterfly cupcake toppers I found on Etsy.
Birthday Cupcakes!

Decorated Kitchen
It was nice to have our first big party in our new home.  SO much more room!   It was so cramped in our old house.  

Enjoying food

The twins were really good.  I was worred at first, Matt left with Cassie in the morning to run some errands so I could decorate the house and surprise her.  The girls foiled that plan.   Emily decided to NOT nap and Mandy insisted on being fed after only 2 hours and wanted to be held.  I realized my plan was not going to work so I sent and SOS to Matt.  "Come home and help.....I'm getting nothing done!"   Thankfully the girls were super after that.   Not a peep from them all day, they just enjoyed being held by everyone. 

Everyone singing Happy Birthday to her


The girls checking each other out

Matching outfits for her and Puppy...butterflys!

The birthday girl....waiting for her guests to arrive

My Emily and me

Emily laughing at Papa


Chocolate Hands


 I was thinking how much has changed since we had Cassies 3rd birthday party.  The day after Cassies party last year I started my Lupron shots.....never in a million years did I picture having 2 more little girls when Cassie turned 4.   God has really blessed me!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Picture Post of the girls

Carving our first pumpkin!

To see the joy and excitment in her eyes is the best!

First Time in this!

Pretty good head control

Watching the celing fan, I swear they are going to give their first laugh to the fan and not Mommy

Mandy smiled at Emily today, it was so sweet

Finding Daddy very silly

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cassie Time and Twin Playdate

Saturday we surprised Cassie by taking her....sans Eberts for pumpkins, pony rides, hay rides....all that fun stuff.   She has not had alone time with Matt and I since her sisters arrived and every where we go the twins get all the attention so it was nice for her.

Getting her face painted

Riding her pony - Chief

But of course....a butterfly!

She made sure to pick out 2 little pumpkins for her sisters

Today we had friends come over for a playdate.   Our friend Stacey and one of her friends, Nikki.  It was my first time meeting her but we have been in contact for a year now as she was going thru difficulty getting pregnant so we talked alot.   I got pregnant with twins and so did she.   We both had 2 girls an we both named one Emily.

Emily, Cassie, my Emily and Lucy

Emily and Lucy

Emily, Emily and Lucy

6 week and 14 week old Twins

We imagined them as Quads.....yikes!

Emily giving Stacey a smile
Her twins are 6 weeks old so she is still in the harder stage.   Matt and I were just saying yesterday how things have gotten easier with our twins.   The girls are much more calm, entertain themselves more, smile and coo.   They have just gotten so much more fun and easier.   We were actually able to sit down and watch the Packer game in peace!    Emily sat in her bouncer and Mandy played under her playmat...happy as could be.

Sweet Dreams

Daddy and Mandy on Saturday morning

Sweet Emily