Monday, December 9, 2013

Ultrasound at 26 weeks

I had a follow up ultrasound last week to check on the status of my placenta previa.  Happy to say it has moved and is no longer an issue!!!   They did a growth scan while they were at it and baby boy was weighing in at 2lbs. 

On Saturday we decided to get baby boys room ready which meant moving Emilys crib into Mandys room and converting Cassies bed frame back to a crib.   Cassies mattress is currently on her floor now until we buy a new frame.   It actually looks really cute to have the twins in the same room again.   Their first nap together did not go so well.  There was 30 min of laughing and giggling which is totally fine and oh so cute.   But Emily woke up 30 min into her nap which woke up Mandy and ....naps went down the tube.  Night time worked out perfectly.  Emily cried for about 10 min but it never bothered Mandy and they slept from 7-7.    I am so happy and relieved that this is going to work out because it was my biggest concern when I found out I was pregnant again.   Nap time we will still separate them but that is no big deal at all. 

Baby boy is really starting to move around.  We can clearly see him moving from the outside and he is becoming pretty strong.   I can really feel his little feet and hands kicking and pushing.      As for names.....we have no clue.  We can not agree on one.   Boy names are a lot harder than girl names.      This baby may not have a name until he is born and in our arms.  

My 3 kids.....soon to be 4!!

Thanksgiving pictures

 My brother and his girlfriend flew in from San Diego to celebrate Thanksgiving with us.   I cooked the turkey...a big 20 pounder for the first time and amazingly it turned out pretty darn good.  Thank goodness my Mom was there to help me in the end because as dinner time neared Mandy and Emily started to get clingy and whiney....only wanted me.   SO my Mom had to take over checking on the turkey and finishing up a few things for dinner.

The following Saturday my husbands family came over, including another 1 year old. We had everyone at our house because its so much easier for us.   We don't have to pack everyone up and everything we need is right there....including cribs for bed.   Very important when 17 month olds start to get tired!