Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Mandy and Emily are 1 years old!!!!!

1 Year ago today!

Today - 1 Year Old!

Yay!!!!   1 years old....we survived the first year.   I am so SO SO SO happy!!
I'm not going to sugar coat things, that first year is hard.   2 babies is a lot of work, its not all puppies and rainbows.  Some days it was all about survival, I'm sure I will have more of those days but for now....yay that we are entering toddler hood!  

Pulls up to stand
Has taken steps unassisted
Says "moo"
Blows Kisses
Is totally off formula and on whole milk
No more bottle...all cup for this girl
She is the super clingy girl.  To me.   All hell breaks loose if I leave the room and her sight

Princess Mandy

Trying to dress herself

Can stand but does not pull up
Blows kisses
Is totally off formula and on whole milk
Only has a bottle in the morning and evening.  Everything else is in a cup
FINALLY is sleeping thru the night!    Started at 11 1/2 months
Started eating finger foods really well...shortly after 11 months

Fell asleep this way - comfy huh?

On Fathers Day

The transition to whole milk started 2 weeks ago and was very easy.   Not a problem at all.  Mandy was really easy to go to a cup, no attachment to her bottle at all.  Emily doesn't have attachment either but I feel like she is not ready to be totally on a cup for all milk just yet. 

Can you tell they are thrilled?

I believe Mandy has fifths disease.  She woke up with a red rash on her cheeks, it then spread to her arms.  It is now going away.   All 3 girls have runny noses and yesterday Mandy had a fever.   The days when both babies are sick is rough.  They both want to be held and snuggled of course so I try to give each baby their time and often they are both on my lap rubbing their snot all over their face and sobbing.  Rough.  They seem to be on the mend now...but of course Cassie woke up this morning with a runny nose.   Hoping everyone is better by this Saturday for the girls first birthday party!!!

See the red cheeks?

Red Rashy cheeks

Recital for dance class

With Grandma

Visiting with my cousin Erin

With her BFF Molly

Fathers Day

On Fathers Day with all his girls


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Graduated from her DOC Band!!

No more helmet!!!   Today was our last trip to the clinic.   Her head was measured again and it won't ever be perfect but it improved a lot!   We are glad we went the helmet route. 

When we left Karen who we worked with gave her a kiss on the forehead and told me that Mandy had a very beautiful face...that was nice!  

SO tonight is her first night in 3 months she gets to sleep without a helmet on.  And the best part of no more helmet is when I kiss her head I am actually kissing my sweet babies head and not a big bulky helmet.

Yea to being all done and graduating from the DOC band!!!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ear Tubes, Helmet news and pics

Above were some pictures from Memorial Day weekend, Cassie and Adelyn rode bikes, we grilled out and went for an evening walk with friends. 



The girls are 11 months old.   I can't believe they are going to be 1 year old!  BUT I am SO SO excited!   Its is going to be a celebration not only for them but for us....we survived the first year.   2 babies is a lot of work.  

Ready for a walk - Emily refuses to sit in back of the stroller

Playing in the house
 Emily is now crawling, she started 3 weeks ago or so.    Mandy pulls up to stand and is cruising the furniture.  She can crawl the stairs super fast.  There have been a few times I forgot to put up the gate and I have found her 5 flights up.   She starts laughing when she sees me coming and crawls faster all the time while my heart is in my throat praying she doesn't fall.  

Looking kinda crabby

In the pool for the first time (Cassie had new ear tubes put in this morning)

Mandys helmet comes off this Wednesday!!!    Yay!!!  Her head shape has improved, she will always be flat but you won't be able to tell with her head of hair.   The clinic is very happy with how she improved considering we waited to get her a helmet till she was 8 months old.   Her symmetry is totally better, Karen at the clinic can't even tell anymore so she is really happy with that.    

Cassie had new ear tubes put in her ears last Thursday.  She had hearing loss so her ENT said she needed tubes because fluid is not draining from her ears.  This is a result of the cleft palate she had at birth.  She was a champ and did awesome during her short sugery.      Not afraid at all, she was excited for her sleepy medicine.


She is known for schrunching up her nose

Sisters - where is Cassie?

I think I see her

There she is!!!!

And they are off


Emily in the hall way

11 months old

Reaching for my camera

Wanting me to pick her up