Sunday, January 30, 2011

Visit with Great-Grandparents and shopping

Snow....this was taken last Thursday and is just a hint of what we have coming our way. 2 big storms. They are saying after its all said and done with we could have 18-24 inches! I'm so excited. I love snow storms and being holed up in the house. There is something so warm and cozy about it. I'm sure I would feel differently if I had to drive in it but we are planning on being under house arrest for a couple of days.

Thursday we went to my Grandma and Grandpas house for lunch. My Mom also met us there. Cassie loves my Grandma (aka Gigi)and kept making her walk in circles around the house. My poor Grandma is not used to all of that activity! Great-Grandpa sat in his rocker and supervised.

All time favorite past time of building towers

"Walk Gigi" "Get up Gigi" - Cassie gave my Grandma a workout!!

A snack of Bugels (They actually weren't to bad)

Great-Grandpa, Gigi and Cassie

Something was funny!

Rocking the baby

Someone rang the doorbell - Cassie trying to figure out who was there

She saw it was Nana!! Big smile!

I had her hug Great-Grandpa when we left. He picked her up to hug her and she cried. She told me in the car "Scared Grandpa". I told her she didn't need to be scared of him and she said "ok".

Saturday my Mom watched Cassie so Matt and I could go out for awhile. We went to PotBelly for lunch...I love their sandwiches and their oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are out of this world! After lunch we went to the mall. I had to find a nice outfit to wear out next Saturday. We are going out to dinner with friends and I do NOT have any dressy clothes. I don't have the need for it now that I stay home. I found a very cute outfit from The Limited. I hate shopping...I would much rather being doing something else than that but I found exactly what I wanted.

Taken on Friday before going to the Y

Today Matt had a Father/Daughter morning while I hung out with my Mom. I always look foward to getting out but then once I am out I am missing Cassie, missing that time away from her.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shower and Playdate

Today we had a surprise shower for my friend Jessica. She has a little boy who will be 3 in March (adopted from Russia) and they are adopting another little girl from Russia. She is adorable and they are just waiting for the call to fly to Russia to bring her home.

After opening gifts we had snack and play time. Pure Chaos - loud, screaming, running = FUN


Cassie is holding hands with both of them! (Heart Melt)


All of us

Adelyn and Cassie

Toys everywhere!

Big smile from Cassie means she had a great time

Monday, January 24, 2011

My Energizer Bunny

This morning we dropped off a meal for a lady from our church. I signed up to participate in our Church's Meal for Moms program. This was my first time doing it so this morning I started cooking at 8:00. The smell of cooked hamburger meat at this time of the day was not very appealing to me. Blach. I made the meal, packaged it up and off we went. The lady was very nice and she had a sweet black lab that I gave some loving too. Hope she likes the meal I prepared! I wanted to be more involved in our church and this is a very convenient way to do just that.

After dropping off our meal we went for a play date with Adelyn. We stayed for about 2 hours. Got home and ate a lunch of hot dogs, chips and oranges. At 1:30 I put her down for a nap. She talked non-stop to herself in her bed and got up 5 times saying she had to go pee. 45 min into this I could tell she was not at all tired so didn't send her back to bed. This would usually make for a very long day when there is no nap but I got her involved in helping me clean. We washed doors and baseboards and dusted together. This kept her occupied for almost an hour.

After cleaning we watched 30 min of Snow White while I got some chicken seasoned up for tomorrows dinner. She also ate what seemed like a 1/2 brick of Cheddar cheese. Because of this she didn't touch dinner.

Eating her cheese

and watching Snow White

We called Daddy a couple of times at work because the girl was just nuts. It was like someone fed her a bowl of sugar. She stripped off all her clothes except her undies. On the phone to Daddy she kept repeating "Daddy, I'm naked" "Daddy, I have on undies". She was a nut ball.

You can barely see the scars from her g-tube in this pic

As you can tell we were vacuuming

By the time Daddy walked in the door this was her

She did get another burst of energy once Daddy got home but she is thankfully sleeping now. She did try to put up a little fight before bed but I laid down the law saying "I better not see you out of this bed again...." Ha!!! I think she fell asleep mins after I walked out the door.

Her new apron that Daddy brought home for her (Love the lady bugs!)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Whooped those Bears!!

Cassie woke up at 6:30 needing to go pee this morning. We make her stay in bed until at least 7:00. After going potty I told her it was still nighttime and she had to stay in bed for another 1/2 hour. She cried a little bit but did as she was told...and went back to sleep till 8:20. Oh Heaven!!!

My Mom came over to watch the Packer game today. We tried to get Cassie down for a nap at 1:00 but she was so excited that Nana was here. She insisted she had to go potty at least 2 times and when going would yell "Nana!!". She finally fell asleep right before the game started.

She did wake up an hour into her nap yelling for "Nana" yet again. My Mom brought her out to the living room where she cuddled on her lap. I was laying on the floor using her bean bag as a pillow, Cass layed down next to me with her blanket and Puppy. I could tell she should have slept longer. 30 min after waking up I asked her if she wanted to go for another nap and she said yes. I put her back in bed and she slept for another hour. She woke up a much more happy camper after that!!

Near the end it was kind of nerve wracking but the Pack pulled it off! There was a lot of screaming and high fives from us. Cassie wasn't sure what to make of us.

Way to go Packers!!

Friday, January 21, 2011


My girl is growing up so fast. I was sitting on the couch yesterday and I heard her wake up from her nap. Usually she will call for me but I heard her talking to herself. She said "I'll get down". I heard her get out of bed, open her bedroom door, run to the bathroom, she went pee and pulled up her pants all by herself and then came running into the living room saying "I'm up". That put a big smile on my face. Such a big girl.

Yesterday we did some fingerpainting. Whenever we do it she will tell me "not in mouth, only paper". When she was younger she tried licking it off her fingers and she still remembers me telling her this.

This masterpiece is now on our fridge

She has really been doing alot of independent play. She will spend 30 min playing by herself with her little people bus and farm. I love listening to her pretend.

We don't have much going on this weekend except for the big Packer Game on Sunday...Go Pack!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Doctor and YMCA

I've had a cold since last week. It started Monday, seemed to go away and Wedesday it came back. I'll feel better during the day but at night I have a headache and am stuffed up. Mornings are not pretty, I have a cough and am really plugged. I have also had some pain on my cheekbones which I never have had before so I have been wondering if I had a sinus infection. I had an appointment yesterday but cancelled it since I was feeling better, however this morning I figured I would go in since I am still blowing yuckiness out of my nose even though I am feeling pretty good. I called the doctor and they had no openings but told me to come on in to Urgent Care and they will take me. They said there was no waiting at the moment so we hurried up with breakfast and ran to the doctor. I got there 30 min after talking to them, I paid my co-pay and they informed the wait was at least an hour....WHAT??!! On one side of the doctors office was a boy who was coughing so hard he had a puke bucket with him....uck!! I sat on the oppisot side of the office very very far away from them! Cassie was such a good little girl! I was still waiting 1 1/2 hours later. I was feeling pretty good and felt silly for coming in, paying a co-pay and waiting for so long, I was so tempted to get my co-pay back and leave. Cassie started melting down because she wanted her juice so I got her coat on so we could go to the car to get it and that is when they finally called us back. Poor Cass. The doctor said my sinuses were inflamed...thank God I'm not crazy. I was thinking there would be nothing wrong with me and I had gone to Urgent Care and waiting so long for nothing...but I do have a sinus infection and he put me on meds. Cassie got a sticker afterwards so she was happy.

After the doctor we went to the Y to go swimming. Cassie was so good and patient I told her we would go. A bunch of our playgroup friends were in the pool also so it worked out nice. She played in the pool for 30 min and told me "all done". After the pool we went to McDonalds for lunch with 2 of our playdate friends. Cass got chicken nuggets (her all time favorite food). She ate 3 of her 4 nuggets which is very good for my peanut! So our morning kinda stunk but it turned out fine in the end.

Cass is now napping and once she is up I am running to get my perscription. I am glad I went to the doctor because I am feeling pressure on my cheekbones again. Its about time this sickness went away!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Its 2 in the afternoon and I am still in my pjs. Hubby is playing video games and Cassie is napping. (Cass is still in pjs also) Just one of those lazy Sundays. I have had a cold for the past few days, its not horrible but I have been exhausted the past few days. I really should be napping right now instead of blogging! I am starting to feel like my cold is heading on out of here so thats good!! I was going to go grocery shopping this afternoon but I do not have the motivation to get dressed and leave my warm comfy home and head outside to a packed supermarket. Maybe tomorrow.

Enjoying a snack with Daddy

Yesterday we went to the YMCA with our friends Eugene and Adelyn. After playing we went to Chilis for lunch. Cassie chowed down on chicken strips and quasadillas. She did get a few bites of japlepneo which she did not like. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and cried. Next to us sat 2 old ladies, Cassie let out a cry (high pitched) for 5 seconds and those old ladies got out of their chairs and found a new spot to sit. Really? We laughed about it and commented on how it didn't take us long to scare them away with 2 toddlers at our table. But other than that the girls were good the whole time.

Could she get any closer to the tv?

Cassie has now been potty trained for over 2 months. We were having a problem with pooping. She would rather poop on our bathroom floor than in her potty. She is now understanding that poop goes in the potty. She will stand at the toilet and stomp her feet, squat and do all sorts of funny moves to get it going and then she will finally sit on her potty. Once she is done she points, screams and is very proud of herself.

Her toddler bed change is going well. She will stay in bed untill I tell her she can get out. She woke up at 6:30 this morning, went potty and I told her she had to stay in bed because it was still nighttime. I went back to bed, woke up at 7:30 and went to check on her. She was sitting in bed playing. I told her she could come out and out she jumped. Hope she minds this well when she is a teenager!!

Cass and I in pigtails this morning

Thursday, January 13, 2011

More pics from San Diego

Just a few more pics from my Dads camera....

Monday, January 10, 2011


Dressed as "rella rella" and Daddy put a scarf on her head to match him.

Saturday Matts Mom came over to watch Cassie so Matt and I could run out to the Johnson Creek Outlet mall. Of course I had to stop at Carters and can never NOT buy something for Cassie!!

Sunday we stayed home all day. Matts parents came over to help put in a new ceiling light fixture. Cassie had a good time with her Grandparents!

This morning we went to Gymlingo again. Our friends Stacey and Adelyn came. We had the place to ourselves!

The ball pit!

Alot of things to climb!

An awesome trampoline to run and jump on!

Running after Adelyn

Pooping out?

In the Ball pit again

Crawling out of the pit


Cassie can sing the ABC song!! She misses a couple of them here and there but does so good!! I sing it to her every day and they sing it in story time but I was shocked that she knew the whole thing. Its amazing what those little minds soak up and you don't even know it.