Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunday Service and an old list of phone numbers

We started our morning off like we usually do, Cassie wakes up and yells from her room "Good Morning!" "I'm up!" "Mom, wake up!" "Cartoons!" From 7-8 we watch an hour of Mikey Mouse Clubhouse. Cassie drinks her milk on the couch and I have my 2 cups of coffee while I read the bible.

Bright and early at 8:00 we finger painted. Cassie also wanted to make a dinosaur so I went on a mission to find out how to do dinosaur crafts via the Internet. We ended up making a baby dino that pops out of an egg.

We headed off to church for the 11:00 service. We usually go to the 9:15 but my parents want to become members of the church so they have to take a class called "Pizza with the Pastor" which started immediately after the 11:00 service, so we all went to the later service. We REALLY prefer the earlier service because it seems to work better into our schedule. Cassie barely ate anything for breakfast so of course when the sermon starts she is hungry and wants to eat. Matt took her out and I stayed to listen to the Pastor. 15 min went by and way off in the distance I heard a high pitch scream. You could barely hear it but I picked it up right away....that ear splitting scream could only be from my daughter. I heard this while in the sanctuary, with the doors closed and Matt out in the foyer with Cassie....that is how loud and high she can scream. I excused myself and went to find Daddy and Cass and to confirm yes....it was my daughter. Poor Daddy - he didn't know what to do and it can be a bit embarrassing. Those screams can draw the stares of people. I think they made "Drama Queen" shirts specifically for my daughter. Matt said she had been having fun, walking and dancing....then she tripped and she freaked out. She wasn't hurt , nothing was wrong she just overreacted like any 2 year old girl can do. However....I found out why she tripped and the reason for the over-reaction. As we were leaving church I looked down at Cassie's feet. Her pink boots were on the wrong feet. Daddy had taken her to the bathroom, taken off her boots for her to go and put them back on....the wrong feet. Oh Daddy.

I found our old emergency contact list. It has a few extra numbers on it! Glad those days are behind us!!

Bathed and ready for bed!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Meeting Elena and lunch at Great-Grandparents

This morning we went to visit our friend Jessica. Jessica and Maxim have been MIA from playdates because about 3 weeks ago they brought home their little girl from Russia. They have to have bonding time so we haven't been able to see them for a month. Their little girl is named Elena, they kept her Russian name which I love!! She is 1 year old and is doing fantastic.

Cass trying to put her arm around Elena

And again...

Thats all it lasted because soon Cassie was becoming possessive of toys and not wanting to share with Elena. This not wanting to share thing has just started a week ago. She is also fasinated with their cat. Daddy - if your reading this...Cassie really loves cats (as does mommy) can we get one? I let her torture pet the cat for 5 min and then we let him go in the basement for cover.

Isn't she adorable?

Love her baby blues

Our new friend! Girls are going to outnumber boys in playdates soon!!

Right before we left Jessicas Cassie found a stuffed animal...Boots the Monkey. Boots is on Dora the Explorer (in case you don't know). She had a death grip on that monkey and was standing by the door. Yep - troubel. I knew it wouldn't go smoothly...remember the whole sharing issue? I told her we had to leave Boots there, she said "I want to hold it". I told her no, he wasn't ours and took Boots out of her hands. Que those blue eyes welled up with tears and the scream. We got out the door and she was fine. I told her we would see Boots next week when we visited again and she was fine with that.

After visiting our friends we went to my Grandparents house. They are neighbors of Jessica. (Thats how we met) My Mom and Dad were also there. We had a great visit and a lunch of hotdogs, cheese puffs, grapes and chocolate cookies.

After lunch Cassie performed many renditions of "Happy and you know it" for all of us.

And we did some photos. Here is Cass, me, Papa, Nana and the great-grandparents.

4 Generations

Cassie wanted to help Papa work in the bathroom (he is putting in a new shower for my grandparents), I let her help for 5 min and then we came home for a nap.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pots, Hair dos and playdates

The girl has all her own toy pots and pans but she knows its not the real deal. I know this because I constantly find this:

See that nice big pot on that little burner on her kitchen? She goes into my cupboards and takes out all my pots and pans to use.

It really is alot of fun having a girl. Everything I always dreamed of. Yesterday we spent almost an hour doing each others hair. She will comb and comb my hair forever. It feels so good and pretty much puts me to sleep. After she is done with mine I do hers. Her hair has natural wave to it so yesterday I kept spraying and brushing.

It didn't stay like that for long. Brushing it so much made it all frizzy...her hair has a mind of its own. I had to tame it after that so we put a braid in.

Today we had our big playdate. Near the end Cass was falling apart. She wanted toilet paper but god forbid I gave her kleenex and the world fell apart. After that she spilled her cup of apple juice on her and the waterworks began again. Beleive me when I say she is a drama queen. A friend told me today "Her voice is so angelic" Ha....I told her don't let that deceive you. :o) See this face? She was a Miss Whiny pants and it was all an act.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Shots and funny comments

At 9:45 this morning we went to the pediatricans so Cassie could have her last booster for the DTP vaccine. I told her where we were going and that she was going to get a shot and it may sting. She said "I'm not going to cry, I'll hold Mommies hand" True to her word she did just that. I felt her flinch a bit but not a whimper or tear was shed. She looked at the nurse and said "I'm a big girl". The nurse gave her 2 stickers since she was so good. So proud of how brave she is. I suppose going thru so many doctor appointments like she did will eventually do that to you.

After the doctors we went to my Grandmas house. She spent the night at the hospital for a procedure and my Mom was bringing her home. We hung around and entertained my Grandpa and my Dad while waiting for them to get home. Around lunch time we left and I headed to Culvers to get us a cheeseburger and fries as a special treat for it being Friday. Next to Culvers is a funeral home. When I drove by it I remembered that the funeral for the 2 year old boy who chocked on a hotdog is going to be held there today. All I could think of was here I am enjoying the day with my 2 year old and another family is planning on buring their 2 year old today. We really have to count our blessings every day and not take anything for granted. Say a prayer for this family today.

Words out of Cassies mouth this week
This morning I put on The Wiggles and Cassie said "I don't like this, its freaky" What? I asked her where she got that from and she said Daddy. Yep...I have heard him say that about certain cartoons.

On the way home from the library she was looking at the cover of a DVD and said "Mom,I don't like this guy....not at all".

When Matt left for work this morning she said "Dad, I want money" and held out her little hand. I burst out laughing. She is a smart cookie. I told Matt to give me some while he is at it.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Our St Pattys Day

We had a pretty nice St Pattys Day. I dressed Cass in the only green she has and we headed to Target this morning. I decided I needed some new lipstick and nailpolish. I also picked up some items to put in Cassies Easter basket.

After Target we headed to Petco and bought this....

Out of Cassies 5 goldfish we have 0 remaining. The empty fish bowl was just sitting on her dresser and the other day Cassie walked up to it and was yelling "Fish!" Then she looked at me and said "Fish all gone". I felt bad for her so we bought her a Betta. I heard they are alot more durable than goldfish so hopefully this guy lives longer than a month. He is a real pretty blue and he has been flaring his fins like crazy. Cassie has named him "Blue" because of his color and after Blue from Blues Clue.

I love watching Cassie play by herself. She loves her little people and is always playing with them along with her bus and farm. The window seat is her favorite spot to play with them.

The past 3 days we have gone to the park since it has been so nice out. Before her nap today I told her when she woke up we would go to the park again. She took a nice 2 hour nap then walked out into the living room with no pants, tosseled hair, rosy cheeks and said "Good morning, I'm ready to go to the park now".

This was Cass telling me how she wanted to hang from the monkey bars

I had painted my nails this afternoon and Cassie noticed. She wanted hers done so after the park I painted them while she watched "The Wiggles"

For dinner we had corned beef and cabbage...excpet I gave Cassie chicken nuggets and fries since I think she would have difficulty with corned beef. It was so nice outside that after dinner we went for a walk. Cass is now in bed and Matt and I are gearing up to watch Jersey Shore. Yes....sad to say I enjoy watching that show :o)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Parks, new socks and a prayer request

Today we went to the park. It was only in the 40's but it felt pretty mild. Cassie kept saying "Oh look at that!" and point to the play equipment and then "Mom, remember that?" while pointing at other play equipment. It was just nice to get out of the house and be outside. We are SO ready for spring!

Today Cassie wore some new socks we bought. All day she kept pointing to her feet and say "Mom, you like my socks?" I would say "Yes, I love your socks" and she would reply "Their brand new!". This same conversation was repeated countless times all day. I am gathering she really loves her new socks.

I am starting to see that Cassie doesn't want to share as well as she has in the past. While at Gymlingo this morning she met a new little girl. Cassie was very friendly towards her and gave her a big hug but when the little girl approached her near some toys Cassie said "No" and kinda pushed her. And...while at the park Cass was pretending she was Cinderella in her castle. A little girl came to play and Cassie said "No, you can't come in my castle" In both instances I told Cassie we share things with others, Cass said "ok" and all was well in the world.

This time change thing is for the birds. It is taking Cass forever to fall asleep at night!

Say a prayer for a family that goes to my church. They have a 2 year old little boy who choked on a hotdog a week ago. He was at Childrens Hospital for a week and on Friday they procounced him brain dead and removed his life support. I can't imagine the pain this family is going thru.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A sleep over

We had a pretty busy weekend. Saturday morning Eugene and Adelyn came over. Adelyn was pretty clingy because she was unsure of Matt. Matt had to leave and Eugene stayed for an hour longer and once Matt was out the door Adelyn was a totally different kid - then the fun began!

Adelyn sat on my lap and Cassie came in for a group hug!

Later on Saturday Matts cousins, Jake and Sarah spent the night. Matts parents and Aunt Pam also came over for tacos so we had a full house.
Cassie loved Sarah and they played so great together. They would go downstairs and play in the basment and let me know when they were ready to come up. I could actually sit down and write down a grocery list because Cassie had no interest in me since Sarah was there - ha!

Sarah and Cassie

Grandma and Cassie

Love the way Grandma and Cassie are looking at each other here

Cassie, "Monkey Papa" and Grandma

Daddy and Cassie - again...love how Cass is looking at him

Daddy and Daughter

It was a fun time!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friends...their the best!

This morning we went to see our friends Stacey and Adelyn. The girls had such a great time playing. Stacey and I were pregnant together with the girls...they are 6 months apart. Its been amazing and so much fun to see them go from laying on the floor together as infants to running around the house playing together. It awsome to see their friendship develop.

Not sure what the girls were doing here but it was cute

Dancing on their "stage"

After the above photo Adelyn took off and Cassie yelled "Adelyn, where you going?" and took off after her. They then ran after each other around the house. Here comes Adelyn....

With Cassie close on her heels

Wanting to go in the basement to play

Poking her head thru the top of the tent
Playing with a toy together

No...Cassie is not strangling Adelyn. They are bestest of friends.

Adelyn taking Cassie down....no...really...they are great friends!

No one was hurt in the process of the takedown. All we heard were giggles from Cassie