Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playing in the leaves!

Love fall! It really is the best The trees are starting to drop their leaves and we have plenty of trees in our this is just the beginning. We grabbed a rake, made a little pile and the girls went at it.

I love seeing things like this. Walking into the bathroom and having a cow on the toilet. It makes me smile.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Laid back weekend

It was a pretty laid back weekend. We spent every day at the YMCA. I got some more workouts in and we swam in the pool. Yesterday was pretty decent out so Cassie wanted to go for a walk. She wanted to actually walk and not ride in her stroller so off we went. I asked her where we were going because she went a different way than normal and she said "nana's and papa's" It was so cute and she was very determined that is where she planned on walking to.

This week is pretty busy for me. Actually the next 4 weeks are very busy. These weeks are really going to fly by and before I know it, November will be here!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010


Last night I went to the YMCA and worked out...yea me. This morning I went as well. Matt met me there with Cassie. He played raquette ball with a friend while his wife and daughter went to the pool with Cassie and me. Cass has gotten so brave in the water...just a huge difference from last week. She didn't want to hold my hand at all and walked all the way out so the water was to her neck. She kept looking at me saying "neck" to tell me where the water was. She wanted no help at all in the pool and threw a hissy fit a few times if I tried to take her hand or assist her. Drama, drama!!

When she was done we went to the family play room. I left ticked again at parents. Cassie was in the same tube that I talked about in my last post. A few seconds after she crawled in a boy, around 6, crawled in after her. When I saw it I thought...oh here comes the drama, because I figured Cass would freak out after what happened last time. Well this boy crawled/jumped right over her in the tube. He was running and playing in the thing out of control. So Cassie started crying/screaming, we had a meltdown. I assume the boy kicked or and pushed her in the process as there is not much room in that tube. I was so ticked. I know kids play crazy and all that. What ticks me off is the parents. They let the kids run rampant and act like the rules and manners don't apply to their kids. If I would have done something like that as a kid I would have been in big trouble with my parents but I also would have known better and would watch out for little kids. My parents taught us MANNERS!! So...I pulled her out while she screamed and cried. She was a snotty teary mess. When I got her out she had a snotty bubble coming out of her nose. Yuck.

Another rule in this area is kids are not to have shoes on. I suppose because kids step in who knows what and they don't want that tracked in and other kids touch it by crawling thru. Yet...a lot of kids are in the thing with shoes on and Mom and Dad say nothing. Today a boy had his shoes on and was standing on the edge of the slide. A little boy came down the slide and the boy standing on the edge jumped off onto his leg and hurt him. Mom didn't say something till after the fact because she was reading.

Well..after the tunnel fiasco things spiraled out of control. Cassie was done. And when this girl screames...she screames. I washed her hands with a sanitizer wipe and then she wanted it...but didn't get it and she screamed louder. I quickly got her shoes on and wiped her tear/snot filled face with my sweater as I had no kleenex and got her out of the room. Those poor peoples ears.

Now I am not saying that I am perfect. I know I will make mistakes. But when I am with Cassie I try to teach manners every chance I can, how to take turns, wait and be patient, share toys (tough one!) etc... When we are in that room I supervise her and I make sure she shares, doesn't take toys away from someone else...I make sure she behaves and plays nicely. Seems to me others use that room to let their kids do whatever they want while they read books. Vent over.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mean Girls

We went to the YMCA today for Cassies class. She had a pretty good time there, running, kicking balls and balloons and hanging from the basketball hoop like a monkey. Any chance she can get to "be" a monkey she takes. After class we went to the family room to play. There is a big structure that the kids can climb in. Its full of enclosed tubes and a slide. Cassie was crawling thru the enclosed tube and two 4 year old girls went the other way. Cassie started to cry because they were blocking the way out so she was kinda stuck. I didn't think anything of it and helped Cassie come out and wait her turn. She tried again and those 2 girls did it again....on purpose. I then heard them call her a name because she was crying....yes...a name. I couldn't believe that 4 year olds could be mean and would intentinally be mean to a 2 year old!! Really? Any time Cassie would get into the structure I heard them say "Here she comes!". The Dad of one of the girls was sitting back reading a book, paying no attention. Grrrr. Poor Cass.

On another note. I went into Cassies bedroom last night and she was on her back. For the first time ever I left her on her back instead of flipping her to her tummy!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

First Twinkie

Mmmmm....Twinkies. The best, tastiest, most nutritious thing on earth....NOT. But Cassie seemed to like them!!

Today felt super busy and the day is not even close to being over!! This morning we went to story time and afterwards I was invited to a play date with some other Moms. Last week I met 2 new moms and we got together this past Monday. All the kids did great together. Today we went to a new girls house and again everyone played so well. Its so nice to meet new Moms. All of them are new to the area. One is from Seattle, one from Australia and the other from Alaska!! All have moved due to their husbands jobs. Sounds like we are going to switch off at peoples houses for play dates every week. I'm going to have a busy winter!! I only have 1 day that is free every week now! There is a little girl named Morgan who Cassie loves. All the way home she said "Bye Morgan".

I'm also surprised how many people feed their toddlers whole grapes. At the playgroup a 2 year old and a 19 month old where eating whole red grapes. I am way to worried about choking to do that . I just read an article about a kid who was eating whole grapes in the car and started choking. There was nothing anyone could do and the toddler died. I have read that the way grapes (and hot dogs) are if they were to lodge in the windpipe it is sort of like a suction cup effect and even the Heimlich may not dislodge it. To scary for me. Call me an over protective Mommy. No sleeping on your back and no grapes...ever! Ha!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

This morning we went to church, after singing Cass and I went out to the foyer. We usually head to a private room where they broadcast the sermon on a tv but today I decided to stay in the foyer. We sat on the ground and a couple of other Mommies ended up out there and we all sat together. One had a 6 month old and the other Mom had a 1 week old. The 6 month old happend to be a Childrens Hospital patient like Cassie. He is deaf in one ear and there is something wrong with one of his kidneys. His Mom said they have to make alot of visits to Childrens for his hearing and also to monitor his kidney...the more he grows it could start to push on other organs and he may need surgery to remove it or try to flip it. He was such a cutie pie! I really enjoyed my time visiting with the other Moms.

After the service we headed to the coffee shop/bagle place. We got Cassie some egg to eat. She was sitting on a stool eating it...happy as could be. She happened to fall off the stool and landed on her face. In the process of landing on her face she bit her lip. The silent scream was in process and her mouth was full of egg. I immeditly swiped my finger in her mouth to remove the egg I saw, however I must have missed some. She inhaled and started to choke. I started hitting her back, she started "urrping" like she was going to throw up,because I heard her making noises I knew it wasn't blocking her airway. Then I stopped hearing noises and quikly put her on the ground to get a better look...I yelled for Matt and was about ready to do the heimlech and she got the egg out herself.The egg was so soft I don't think it would have blocked her airway,she just couldn't breath for a second because it was stuck. Way to give Mommy a heart attack. I brought her outside to calm her down since she was screaming pretty loud, her little lip was swollen and buised and then she was fine. The whole thing only lasted about 10 seconds but it felt so much longer!!! I don't think anyone even noticed what happened in the bookstore. That was enough excitment for me today.

We ended up getting a membership back at the YMCA today and hung out there this afternoon. The pool and family room will be put to good use by us. It also feels so good to put some Lady GaGa on and work up a sweat :o) I normally don't listen to this type of music..I am a K-Love girl but I need some good music to work out to so I am not thinking about how tired I am :o)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sleeping Positions

Last night I checked on Cassie before going to bed, she was sleeping on her back with her blanket under her and her arm and leg hanging out of the slats in her crib. Everytime we see her sleeping on her back Matt and I both kinda freak. As an infant she could NOT sleep on her back because she would block her airway as a result of the receded jaw. Back then you could hear her tounge block her airway and she would have labored breathing and her rib muscles would retract in an effort to breath. Her jaw has grown out now so this isn't a problem anymore but we still lay her down on her tummy to sleep and it is her preferred position to be in,however when she rolls to her back it still freaks us out. My first reaction last night was to put my hand on her chest to make sure she was still breathing and then I rolled her back to her tummy. Yes...we are nervous nellys now even though all sleep studys say she is fine! I joke with Matt that even when she is 16 we will be rolling her from her back to her tummy.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday already?

Days just get away from me and I forget what has been going on the past few days!! Sunday we watched the Packer game. GO PACK!! Ok...I am really not into football. I will be into it while I am eating snacks and hanging out with family but then I get bored. Cass and I ended up outside since it was so nice the fall weather!!

To close to the tv!!

Teaching her to say "Go Pack"

"uh oh" Packers lost the ball

Tuesday we went to an open house at our church for MOPS. I really liked it, all the Moms were SO nice. I tried leaving Cassie in the toddler room, I told her I was leaving and she nodded "ok". She kept her eyes on me as I walked to the door and as soon as she realized I was leaving the tears came and she yelled for "mommy"! As much fun as it would be to join MOPS if Cassie isn't ready to be left in a day care like setting I'm not going to force it on her. I am able to have "me" time when she stays with Matt and her grandparents. If she is not comfortable being left with strangers yet how can I blame her? The girl is only 2 years old! There is another group I can join called Moms & Tots that has playgroups every day. That will be the best of both worlds...I get to meet other Moms and have "adult" talk but also be with my girl and watch her make new friends. Maybe MOPS next year.

Today we had story time at the library. It was packed since Story time was cancelled yesterday due to elections. I met 2 other Moms there thru my friend Jessica. They were both so nice. We stayed at the library for 1 1/2 hours, came home for lunch and nap time. We are planning on going to a petting zoo this afternoon with the 2 new moms we met.

Ahem....someone colored on the wall.

I had someone contact me via Facebook whose daughter was born with Pierre Robin. She told me Cassie was so cute and it gives her great comfort to see how cute she is and that you can't even tell she has PRS. (Pierre Robin Syndrome) It makes me feel good as well...because to be honest when they are newborns and the jaw is so receded, the doctors tell you it SHOULD have catch up growth you still wonder. If it is genetic most likely there won't be catch up growth and distraction is needed. In Cassie's case it was symptomatic and her jaw started to grow once she was out of the womb. Anyhow...I emailed back this girl answers to all her questions. The first year of a PRS baby is tough.

Off to story time this morning!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Invites and Posing...

I wrote out the invites for Cassie's birthday party the other hard to believe that she is turning 2. This year went 10 million times faster than her first year. The theme is going to be Elmo. She LOVES Elmo. I was going to buy a pinata of Elmo but she may be a bit young for that and freak out if she sees people "beating" him. So...we will hold off on that till she is older.

Her latest thing is "posing". I will tell her to smile for the camera...she will then tilt her head and smile. I just love the tilting of the head. She will even go into the spare room, stand in front of the full length mirror and do it.
Here are pics of her posing....

Sick Girl

Yesterday morning we took our first trip to the pool at the YMCA which was a huge hit for Cassie. She was a prune by the time we got out of there and her lips were blue because she got cold. After we were showered and dressed we hung out with friends in the Family Play room. After Cass woke from her nap I noticed her nose was runny. We went to Maxims for a playdate because she seemed fine. I could tell it was starting to drain into her throat because she would cough once in a while. The rest of the day was good and she acted totally normal besides the runny nose. Daddy came home and tried to put her to bed at which she cried and screamed for me. She really worked herself up into a frenzy and came running out of the room yelling for me. I picked her up at which point she did the nasty gag and I knew she was going to loose her cookies. I ran her to the bathroom just in time for her to throw up. We didn't make the sink...instead we got the floor and door...and me. How do you have a 2 year old throw up in a toilet....answer - you don't. I quickly hopped into the tub and she threw up again. The poor girl pointed at her puke in the tub and cried. I don't think she had a tummy bug because she didn't get sick again...I think she just got upset about something and started gagging on the yucky drainage in her throat which made her gag and end result was puke. After that she really felt yucky. She was stuffy and had a hard time going to sleep. She woke up every hour crying from 8-11:30. After that she did sleep straight thru till almost 7 this morning. She seems to feel 100% better today. I barely see a runny nose and she is running around the house like a crazy woman.

This was our first experience with vomit and we did well. I delt with her reflux as a baby which was projectile so this really reminded me of that. Wasn't sure how I would deal with it since anything to do with puke grosses me out, however it didn't bother me and I just felt horrible for my little girl. Matt also did well. He always said he would never be able to clean it up but quess who cleaned up the mess? Yep...big brave Daddy! I was very proud of him :o)

This was today. Yes...she is sitting on her bean bag with no clothes watching "Finding Nemo"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Spaghetti dinner = eating with no shirt on to avoid stains!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend in Chicago

What Cassie chose to wore...very hip :o)

Our Weekend
Sunday morning my parents came over to babysit Cassie and Matt and I were off to Chicago. It was my first time apart from her in almost 2 years. I knew she was in great hands and always has a great time with my Mom and Dad so that made it easier to leave. We had a hotel room right on the Magnificent Mile. Once there we went out to lunch and did some shopping. As we were walking we heard schreecing of tires, a crash and screams. It was a block up from us so we ran up that way...sure enough there was a car accident and it came as no surprise a taxi cab was involved...those taxi cabs drivers are insane!! That night we got dressed up and went out to a hoity toity Italian restaurant. Its all authentic food from Northern Italy. They were pricey but super good. I have never had such tasty pasta before!! Matt wanted to go to a club after that. Not really my idea of fun because its just not me. Chicago has a totally different lifestyle than what I am used to. Their clubs didn't even open till 10! That is my bedtime! We went to this new club called Level and were the only ones there. Supposedly things don't pick up until midnight. They had a second floor that doesn't open till 2am and the entire club is open till 5am!! It was a $10 cover for guys and 1 drink was $18!!! Insane is all I can say. All of a sudden I felt really warm and weak....kinda sick. I went to the bathroom to just get out of all the noise there. It happened again 10 min later. I had to sit down on the stairs otherwise I was going to faint. I recognized the symptom's of fainting because its the exact way I felt when I was pregnant and fainted at work....but no, I am not pregnant. I don't know if it was the cosmo, laser lights or super loud music but I had to get out of there. Went home and to bed.

Our room

View from our window

Millennium Park

The river

The new Trump Tower

So many buildings!

Out to dinner




Monday we had a wedding. It was the first Jewish ceremony I have been to and yes, I cried. I cry at all weddings. Matt looked at my like I was insane as the tears were rolling down my face. But how can you not cry when the bride is saying her vows and her voice is breaking and she is crying?? At one point I drew in a big shaky breath to stop from sobbing....I am an emotional mess at weddings. I kept thinking how it will be when Cassie gets married. I won't be able to speak because I will be convulsing with sobs. The reception was Jewish/Russian. The brides family was from Russia. This wedding had to cost a fortune. It was so beautiful. The food was unbelievable. We were served a course and then danced. Served another course then danced. Ect....We weren't served the main course until 9:30 pm. The band was live and the singers were Russian. They were AWSOME. They had the thick Russian accent and were great singers. The dance floor was hopping and I did get my groove on :o) They sang in Russian and Hebrew. There were also quests at the wedding from Israel! We left the wedding after our main course and drove home as my Mom and Matt had to work today. We got home around 11:30.

The bride - loved her dress!!

At the wedding

The ceremony

Waiting to start...

Our table

And let the party begin!!!

First dance....

Table centerpiece

It was nice to have some "us" time but its nice to be home. I missed my little girl!