Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Today was picture perfect. We got up to our 6:30 am alarm (aka Cassie) and made breakfast burritos - yum! Cassie was not in the best of moods this morning, she was Miss Cranky Pants. She didn't eat a bite of breakfast, in fact she hasn't been eating much because I beleive she is teething. I just saw 2 molars in her mouth before putting her to bed. After breakfast we went on our usual morning walk with Athena and played outside till 10:00. Finally at 10:00 she decided to eat a piece of toast some ham and cheese then off to a nap she went.

Miss Independent-she insisted on eating pudding with a spoon by herself!!

She had a nice 2 hour nap and when she woke up ate 1/2 a grilled cheese sandwhich. Our friends came over with their little girl for a grill out later in the afternoon. Cassie is very possisive of me...I am her Mommy and no one elses. Their little girl was standing between my legs while we were eating. Cassie kind of put her hand on her to push her away and then when her back was turned Cassie lifted up her leg like she was going to kick her then thought better of it and put her leg down....we all broke out laughing. Its funny watching the kids interact.

Becoming very brave by climing and standing on the table

Who doesn't like play-do?! (I love the smell!!)

Loves her car!

Applying her own sunblock

Drawing with her chalk

After they went home we went for a walk to the park so Cassie could swing, came home to eat dinner and then back outside. We were outside ALL day. It was finally time for a bath and bed. Cassie has really been fighting bed time, naps are easy but bedtime is a whole different story. She just wants to lay in our arms and be rocked. Tonight I read to her, rocked and sang to her. She wanted me to do it more but it was "night night" time. I finally told her to lay down and I would rub her back...that did the trick. Hey...who doesn't like a back rub. Off to dreamland she went

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Busy Day

It was a busy day of pouring concrete, putting together toys and going to the hospital.

Matts parents arrived at our house around 9:00 am because we were having some concrete delivered to pour in front of our shed. Cass was in a great mood today and had a really nice time with her grandparents. We went for a walk with Grandma and then proceeded to push her stroller in circles around the yard....I think we did at least a mile :o) After nap and a lunch I attempted to put together Cassie's new Princess Cozy Coupe. Matts Dad had to help me out a few times because it really required some muscle to get that puppy together...they sure didn't make it easy to assemble. His Dad actually finnished putting it together because Cassie woke up from her nap so she sat on my lap and watched Grandpa.

The new concrete slab (exciting huh?)

Matts Grandma had a stroke earlier in the week and is in the hospital. Things aren't looking great so we went to the hospital to see her. Cassie surprised us by doing awsome there. We thought for sure she would breakdown in tears...being in a hospital and seeing doctors and nurses but she did great and even waved to all of them. Cassie kept pointing and waving to Great-Grandma laying in bed and I don't think she was even aware of it...very sad.

In love with bubbles - she carries them everywhere

The hospital that Matts grandma is in is the same hospital that we went to for IVF. The last time I was there was for my last U/S and my "graduation" from there. I kept thinking of all the times I drove to that hospital, drove into the parking structure and all the thoughts that had been in my head when we were trying to get pregnant. It all seems like a dream now. While going for treatment I don't think I could imagaine that in a couple of years I would be driving in that same parking structure with my 1 1/2 year old daughter. Such a miracle!

Her new toy...cozy coupe!

That ball is just...out...of..reach!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pool Parties and more

The weather has been beautiful here, in the upper 80's so we have taken advantage of that and had some pool parties. Yesterday was just Mommy and Cassie so we stayed outside all afternoon and the air conditioner in the house decided it was the perfect day not to work. We had it serviced and now its nice and cool in here.

Athena was on patrol for any invading squirrels but I got her to look at the camera for a second.

"splish splash!"

Posing in her pool

We played with bubbles(she is holding the container)

Took a water break

Played with sidewalk chalk

Today my Dad stopped over to mow our lawn. We have a pretty big yard and he has a huge mower so it goes super fast for him plus its an excuse to see his one and only granddaughter :o)


Sitting on the big mower

Later in the afternoon our friends Stacey and Adelyn stopped by for another pool party.
Having baby gossip time

Sunday we went to the zoo again...its becoming a favorite spot to go. Cassie does not want to ride in her stroller, she would prefer to walk which is fine with me...I want to get all the energy out I can!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Follow up ENT......again

We had to go to Cassies ENT at Childrens Hospital again today, this was just a follow up to check her tubes after he suctioned them. Yes, she freaked out but the good news is no more ear infection and the tubes are open. My words were "awsome".
We don't have to go back to see him for 6 more months. Yeah!!

Cassie's nose is still running like a seive, she is now coughing and has had diarreah for the past few days. Yuck...I have had to change her with each occurence because its out her pants and up her shirt. Lovely. :o)

We have plans for the zoo again on Sunday...its supposed to be in the 80's!! Have a lovely weekend!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

This morning we stopped at my parents to visit with my aunt and her 11 week old German Shepard puppy. Oh my gosh she is beyond cute. Her name is Maggie. I could just kiss and hug her up. Cass was a little unsure of her and I really watched them because Maggie has those sharp little claws and those sweet little puppy teeth. (SHARP!)

This afternoon we went to the park. I swear that park is 5 degrees hotter than what the weather really is. They have rubber matting on the floor so it soaks up all the heat and just radiates it. We only stayed an hour there. After the park we ran to the grocery store and then back home to play with Athena outside.

While eating dinner some not so good sounds were coming from Cassie. Very watery poopy sounds. She laughed during the whole thing. I lifted her out of the chair and she had poop coming out the back of her skirt and up her shirt. Bath time came a bit earlier than normal because of this incident. I don't know where she got the diarrhea from but she has been fine since.

Poor Athena, after the above photo Cassie found the button to shock her. Lets just say Cassie won't be playing with the remote any more.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

19 months old

Cassie turned 19 months old last just slipped my mind. I think this
2nd year is going even faster than the first!! Slow down...before I know it we will be planning her 2 year old birthday party. Cripee!

Friday morning my Mom came over to watch Cassie so a friend of mine and I went to some garage sales. We found alot of good stuff and it was great to spend some time together catching up. I found a Little People Noah Ark set which Cassie really likes. It was $3.00!!
Playing with her new toy

Isn't it cute!

Saturday we dropped Cassie off at Matt's aunts house and we he had a little "Date day" It was so hard to leave her because she isn't liking other people much these days and she is attached to my hip. I think we never would have left the house if his aunt hadn't of told us to go and she would call us if Cassie cried for a long time. So...we left and the tears flowed. A short while later they called to let us know she was fine, so then I was able to relax and enjoy myself. We were only gone for 1 1/2 hours and when we got back she had survived! :o) However she was sassy on the way home. I told Matt to drop me off on the street half way home and I would walk...hee hee. She screamed and whined the whole way home. Think she was ticked at us?

Miss Sassy Pants

Her Daddy did the hair all slicked back...not Mommy


Have you seen the word sassy a couple of times in this post? There is a reason for that. Its hard because she gets frustrated when things don't go her way and she can't communicate well yet which equals sassy.

Today was a great day. We went to church in the morning with my parents and then went to the coffee/bookstore for a mocha and bagle which is becoming part of our tradition on Sunday. We headed home to get Cassie down for a nap. The girl was so tired. She could barely keep her eyes open in the car. She was out like a light as soon as her head hit the mattress. Once she was up we headed to the zoo and had a great time. So nice to be there as a family.

Wearing her shades

Lovin on the goats

We were the only ones giving this poor guy attention

Daddy and his little lady

Her first tattoo at the zoo

When we were leaving the zoo I saw a girl who looked familier to me in the parking lot. I am friends with a girl on Facebook, we had started talking on the Pierre Robin Facebook page. I had never met her and just talked to her a couple of times via Facebook and seen pictures she posted(her son was born with Pierre Robin 4 months ago). Well...this girl looked like her so I decided to call her name. I did and she turned around. It was her! Of course she didn't know who I was at first because we truly are strangers to each other; I told her "I'm Melissa from Facebook" and she then recognized me from the pictures I have posted. What are the chances of that?