Monday, September 24, 2012

3 months old!

I have been waiting to reach this milestone!!   I have read that the 3 month mark is a big turning point in having twins meaning things start to get easier.   They don't cry as often, they interact more, there is more of a schedule and all of this is turning out to be true.   The only time there is really upset with them is if they both want to be held and there is only my 2 arms.   They have to take turns and sometimes don't like it very much.
Hanging Out

Mandy grabbing Emilys hair

Mandy being a photo hog


When she smiles her eyes light up and her mouth pops open. 

I will go into her room when I hear her crying and as soon as she sees me she will smile thru her tears.   So sweet.

She has been a bit difficult to feed at times.   She will push her bottle out with her tounge and then cry or smile likes its the funniest thing in the world.   Goof ball.   Then she will realize she is very hungry and finally take the bottle. 

Hates tummy time

Has a flat head from favoring one position in her crib all the time.


She has her Daddys smile.  It starts out crooked and her eyes squint.  

When she "talks" its in a very soft delicate voice.   Its the only way I can describe it.

Hates tummy time as well

Also has a flat head from favoring one position in her crib. 


She has been a sassy girl.   Sometimes it takes all I have to reign in my patience with her and sometimes its totally gone.  She has gone without her favorite puppy, dreamlite and also no bed time stories.  (Tonight is one of those nights with no stories)

She is also a big helper with her sisters.   She helps with diapers and gets things when I ask.   First thing in the morning she says hi to her sisters and tells them she loves them.   It is really sweet to see.

We are still working on her reading lessons, which she is doing awsome at.   We squeeze them in when the babies are napping.
Watching cartoons this morning
The past week she had a cold.   Last night at the dinner table we had tacos.  She asked for a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup for dessert, but it sounded liquidy when she asked.   She coughed and proceeded to vomit tacos all over herself and the kitchen table.   This happened because she coughed to hard and gagged which....voila.   Needless to say Matt and I lost our appetite.  I gave him a baby I was holding, stripped Cassie of her clothes and threw her in the shower, then cleaned up a table of vomit.  And I HATE vomit.   She then got out of the shower and asked for a Peanut Butter Cup.   What?!!!  
We said No.  Are you crazy girl?


I am doing great, love me life.   I stare at our beautiful family and home and am so awstruck that this is my life.    Never thought we would have kids and we are blessed with 3!!!   Thankful every day....even when Cassie tells me she doesn't love me when I'm really mad at her.   Ha!!  I'm sure I muttered that to my parents as well.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A Quick post while babies are napping!!

A pic of the twins to start off things!!    They are getting big and changing so much!    They are 11 weeks old already!

Mandy weighs  over 11 pounds
Emily weighs over 8 pounds

Mandy sleeps a 7 hour stretch at night. 
Emily's longest stretch has been 4.5 hours. 

They are smiling and doing all the baby talk...a lot of cooing and gahing going on.   So cute.    I lay them next to each other and they really don't take notice of each other yet, they just whack each other in the face with their hands....which starts each of them crying.

Things have been going well and they are pretty easy babies.   HOWEVER, yesterday was rough.   They both barely napped and Cassie was pretty naughty on top of that, the girl was trying my Patience!! At the end of the day she had 2 of her favorite stuffed animals taken away and no bed stories were read to her.     Made for a bad day.  I was wiped out at the end.  I'm glad to say today has been much better, everyone has been in better moods.

My brother and his girl friend were visiting from California during Labor Day, it was my brothers first time seeing his new nieces.   We loved his girlfriend also, she was super nice and awesome with the girls.  Cassie LOVED her.

Cassie, Uncle Lee, Emily and Wendy


My brother and I

Her Dream Light from Lee and Wendy - she LOVES it!

Hanging out in our back yard

Smiling at Uncle Lee

Big Smiles!!!

And yet more smiles
Have to run because Emily is up from her nap crying!   Its hard to get blog time in anymore!!