Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Zoo Trip

So happy to be at the zoo
 We left baby Alex with Nana and took all the girls to the zoo last weekend.   Mandy and Emily went last year but they were so little, they didn't really get it.  This year they loved it!!
 Emily has no fear and attempted to crawl thru fences, under fences...whatever to get in with the animals. 
 The twins took their first train ride.  I was fearing Emily, as I said she has no fear and a temper.  I was afraid she my freak out, have a fit of rage and try to jump off the train.  Thankfully my fear did not happen.  

 We also introduced the twins to the carousal.    They were a bit nervous at first but once it started they loved it.
 Emily investigating how to get out of her belt.
 Mandy and Emily did a lot of walking and were pretty tired at the end of our trip.  
 Emily fell asleep as soon as we got in the car
 Cassie had a lot of fun, she loves hanging with her sisters and its nice to get out with all of them since they are a bit older.
 Daddy drove us home while the girls slept

 Once we get home....nap time went bye -bye.   That short nap in the car ruined naps which made for a LONG afternoon.  Surprisingly they girls were not to grumpy and we put them to bed about 1 hour early.
Mandy has talked about the zoo since, grabs my hand, says "zoo" and attempts to walk there.   I tell her no which results in her falling to the ground, shrieking, tears....the normal 2 year old melt down.

3 Months Old

This little bugger is 3 months old.  He is still the most mellow baby.  Content and full of smiles.   He is starting to laugh as well.   Goes to bed between 7/8 and sleeps till 5 am...usually just waking up once to eat.  Eats between 4-6 ounces every 3-4 hours.   He is such a joy.  I love having a boy!