Monday, August 25, 2014

Torture.....forget waterboarding, bring in my girls!

I am ready for this phase to be over.   Crying, whining, screaming.   It is a test of patience!!! did make me laugh to see this picture.   This is true Emily form and Mandy in back is always crying about something.   Drives us batty.   It can be torture to constantly here crying/whining all day.   At least I can laugh at this picture.  

Hiking with the family

The other weekend we took everyone to a park to hike.   We knew there was a concrete path somewhere....just had to find it.  We started on a rocky path....that got more hilly and rougher the further we went.   It was rough going.  We never found the concrete path so turned around.  Mandy and Emily were walking and we didn't want to get to deep with them.   I did end up carrying Emily a lot. 

  We are getting bravier and bravier taking everyone out.  It helps tremendously that the Mandy and Emily are older and getting more independent.  

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Temper Tantrums

Miss Emily gets an Emmy Award for the temper tantrums.   Holy Smokes girl.   It happens a lot.   She screams, she collapses on the floor, she grabs at me and screams instead of using her words.   She is the child that will give us gray least right now.  Hopefully she will grow out of it?   She is a very strong willed, stubborn little girl.  I wanted to post this so I never forget this about her.....

5 Months Old

My boy!  Another month older!!    Still sweet, mellow and always so happy.

Started him on baby food and as of 2 days ago he has actually started to swallow the stuff instead of pushing it out.  He has finished stage 1 tubs in a single feeding already.

He has mastered rolling from back to tummy...does it all the time which means he does it in his crib.  I find him sleeping on his tummy which of course makes me freak out and make sure he is breathing.  It also makes him get stuck at night so I have to help him out.  

Sleeps great!   Up once at night to eat. 

Nothing much else to say about this sweetie. Love him!!

Getting our Life Back

I know that sounds bad.   I know after having gone through infertility that sounds bad.  But having multiples was HARD.   We pretty much didn't go anywhere, do our "normal" things for close to 2 years after having them.   We used to go up North all the time but haven't done that since we would need to bring 2 pack n plays, 2 of this and that etc.... To us it was just so much work to take them places.   They also had a really REALLY whiny stage where they would be wrapped around my legs constantly , where I thought I would loose my mind.      The only  "me" time I felt I had was when I could shower...even then I could hear them crying outside the door while my hubby tried to play with them. was hard.  Harder than I thought it would be.   There were days I felt "trapped".  I missed the things people normally got to do.   Just being honest.
 As of a couple weeks ago we have started doing our "normal" things.   We went to the beach with all the kids.  The girls LOVED it and I loved it!   I told my husband it feels SO GOOD  to do this stuff again.  For it to be easier and fun.  
On our way to the beach

Love watching the play together

Sweet baby boy napping while his sisters play in the lake

We have gone to the zoo a lot this year, we go to a Children's Play Gallery that the girls LOVE...Matt and I can sit and talk and watch them play...its enjoyable!  We went to a family party and the girls didn't cling to me for dear life and cry if any one talked to was fun!  Last weekend we went to a park where they were having a Heritage Festival.  They were shooting cannons and guns which the girls didn't mind at all.  We grilled out hot dogs and played on the playground, the girls even skipped naps and did great.  It was so good for my soul!!