Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The North Woods!

Thursday afternoon we headed up north to the family cabin in Eagle River.   Its been over 3 years since I have last been there so it was exciting to be going back and bringing Cassie for her first time.

We just arrived at the cabin

 Picture of the Living Room
 Picture of the Kitchen
 Daddy and Cassie
 Mommy and Cassie

After unpacking I felt something underneath my shirt, I looked under and it was a tick.  I screamed and flicked it off me.   We thought it was a chance thing but it turns out its peak tick season so they were constantly on us.   Cassie had one between her toes, behind her ear, in her hair and on her clothes.   I had them under my jeans, in my hair....those bugs are just nasty.  I didn't even want to go outside because once I did they were on me.  

Bonfire after unpacking

 Walk in the Woods

Friday was my birthday....34 years old!!    Matt and Cassie got me a Kindle!   I'm trying to finish the book I am in the middle of so I can start on my Kindle.  So excited.   That afternoon we went to Pecks Wildlife Farm.  We love that place.   Cassie kept telling us she was hungry and thirsty (food/drink was not allowed in the place) but we kept telling her we were almost done and kept looking at other animals.  Well....she warned us and we ignored her warning and paid the price of a huge meltdown in public. People had to think she was being fed to tigers or something by her screams.   There was no reasoning with her...she lost it.   I carried her out of there screaming.  Once she was in the car and her her juice cup all was good in the world again.  We went to Culvers for chicken fingers and she was a happy girl after her tummy was filled.  Poor girl - Mommy and Daddy won't make that mistake again....at least not while your a toddler.

Friday morning watching Mikey Mouse Clubhouse
 Eating powdered donuts

Coyote on the side of the road
Feeding the bears "bear juice"
 Cassie waiting for the fawns
 Aren't they sweet!!

Early Saturday morning (2 am) I woke up to something on my eye. I sat up and started swiping at my face.  Whatever it was flew off...I assumed a tick.   I woke up in the morning to a red eye, swollen twice its normal size.   Apparently I was bitten by a spider on my eyelid.   There was no Urgent Care so we went to the ER to make sure it was OK.   The doctor said it was an infection setting in from the bite but I should be fine, he gave me some antibiotics to take.   I would have normally just let it go but being it was my eye I didn't want to take any chances.  Uncle Jim, Tammy, Valerie ,"monkey papa" and Grandma showed up later. 

Cassie went for her first boat ride

Saturday night we got a hotel room, had a nice shower and slept in comfy beds (with no spiders).   Sunday we had breakfast at McDonald's, went back to the cabin and tried our hands at fishing.   Cassie lasted 10 min and drifted off to sleep on my lap in the boat.  We got back to the cabin and the poor girl was exhausted.  

She crawled up on the couch and just laid there

We decided to head home and she was out like a light.  Slept for the first 2 hours.  She turned out to be a great traveler!  The trip is about 5 hours and she did awesome.   It was a great trip and were looking forward to many more!

Memorial Day - Ceremony, Band, Grill out, Walks, Parks!!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Results from blood work

So we got the call from our doctors office yesterday.  Matt does not have the big E.  I repeat....Matt does NOT have the big E in his blood.  This means we can have another baby without any problems!  I was shocked to hear that and thought Matt was joking when he told me.   How in the world my body created this antibody is a mystery to me.   I was a preemie when I was born so maybe I had a blood transfusion for some reason and my parents didn't know about it....no clue.  Now that we can get pregnant without any risk to the baby we can do IVF, however we will not stay with this clinic.  We were not happy with the doctor at all, he has lost all my confidence in him.  We have another doctor we would like to meet up with.  I called Friday to have info sent to me, they took my name and number and said they would call me back in 30 min....I never got a call.  What the heck!!!!  

Friday some friends and I spent the morning garage saling.   After looking for deals we went to McDonald's for lunch and then back to my house for some play time. 

Kyler and Cassie playing ball
 Kyler, Cassie, Adelyn and Stacey
 Adelyn, Cassie and Kyler
 Filling up her cozy coupe with "gas"
Our Jeep Grand Cherokee has also been having problems so we took it in.   Its 9 years old and the cost to fix it was more than we thought so we are in the process of buying a new Honda Pilot.   Our cars have been paid off for quite a while so I am not happy that we have to make payments again...oh well.

Friday I called my friend and told her that we didn't have a problem with the blood now and we could move forward with IVF.   She said she had been thinking about me that day and wanted to tell me what a great Mom I was.  How all kids just love me and I am great with them.   I really appreciated hearing that and it almost brought a tear to my eye.  That was one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me :o)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I got this book from the library called "What your Preschooler needs to know".  I like it except for one thing.  One teeny, tiny little thing.  The book has a section teaching the children about animals.  It says the following:

"Worms and Whales, beetles and bears, bunnies and kittens, goldfish and snails.  They are all animals.  You are an animal too." 

What??  I talked to my neighbor yesterday who is in college.  She said in all her science classes the professor bashes creation and bashes God.   The stuff she was telling me the teachers teach these kids blows my mind. There is no creation its all evolution and we all come from apes.  Its sad.  There is a big difference between animals and humans.  Here are some:

1)  We are made in Gods Image, animals were not
2)  We have a conscience so we can differ between right and wrong, animals don't
3)  God spoke the animals into existence but breathed life into man

I am not going to send my child off to public school where this is what she is going to be taught.  No way!  At 4 years old they are going to try to tell my little girl she is an animal? Not happening. This is one reason why we are planning on homeschooling.  I have already been researching and reading up on it.   I'll admit I was scared at first and unsure but the more I have read up on it the more I am totally on board.   I'm now very excited to teach her and learn with her.   I have already been reviewing Christian Curriculum which I love.   While she is learning Math, Writing, Science etc....she will also be learning about Jesus.  God put this little girl in my care and it is my duty to teach her to follow Christ and I will NOT have someone else try to lead her away from him.

Did I mention my hubby was home schooled?  Yep....and he is the smartest guy I know and I am not just saying that because I am married to him.  He has always amazed me with how much he knows.  He went to undergrad and then to Law School and now supports his family which allows me to stay home with Cassie. 

I know homeschooling may not be for everyone but its whats best for our family and I am looking forward to the journey!!


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Picture Post

Our computer is finally up and working so I can post pics. 

Good Friday - Coloring Easter Eggs

 Easter Afternoon at "Monkey Papas" house

 Reviewing her Easter Basket
 Egg hunt!
 Easter morning!!  
 I just loved this dress!     
 Running with her egg!   I love this pic for some reason.
 Trik from Papa and Nana

 Easter egg hunt outside with Daddy

 Papa, Daddy, Cassie and Monkey Papa
 Nana, Cassie, Mommy and Grandma
 My parents with Cassie
 Matts parents with Cassie
 Miss Sassy pants herself
 Outta my way!
 My little girl and me
 Daddy and his girl

 The Grandpas rough housing with Cassie - she loves it
 Cassie giving some love to Athena
 Rainbow Bright...aka - Cassie

 Mothers Day was spent at the zoo
 At one point a goat almost ate her hand...it went in its mouth and the whole zoo heard about it via her screams.

 1st pony ride!!   She LOVED it.   No fear. 

 1st Carasol ride