Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Twins are 3 years old!

Survived another year!   I can say it is getting easier.   They are playing so well independently.   I can sit outside while they play on the swing set and actually read a book.   I never thought I would see the day.   Seriously those first few years were tough.   Not fun.  The hardest part now is the fighting.  Once in a while we still have whining and temper tantrums but hopefully those will dwindle away more.  

We had a Hello Kitty Birthday Party.  (same theme we had for Cassie at age 3)

Birthday Girls!
It is strange to think that they are now the age Cassie was when we started the IVF process to have them.     Time did go fast when I stop and look back at how old they are now, but in the midst of their baby and toddler hood it was never ending.  The saying "the days are long but the years are short is very true."

Once they turned 3 it was time for hard core potty training.   Pretty much took 1 day for them to get the idea.  Mandy is pretty much 100% trained.  She even remained dry the past 2 nights.  Emily has a bit more work but overall she is doing great.

We have done more with the kids the past few weeks since we had the twins.  Like I said... its getting easier.  I have also been taking all 4 of the kids to the grocery store, library even swimming at the YMCA by myself.   That was a little touch and go but it worked.   Life Vests were my best friend.

All ready for Mom to take them swimming

Uncle Lee got married!!

Earlier in May we took Cassie, left the 3 younger kids with Grandma, hopped on an airplane and flew to San Diego for my brothers wedding.    Since having kids I realized I am not a fan of flying any longer.    It was a beautiful wedding and a nice get away with Cassie.   Cassie was one of the flower girls in the wedding.

Walking along the Pacific Ocean...with a Starbucks in hand.  Perfect!

Getting Ready to Fly!!

Dinner, it was FREEZING! 59 degrees in Sunny CA!

Flower Girl!

With my Mom and Uncle

My brother and his new wife


Walking down the aisle

Wedding Party

The new Mr and Mrs

Everything for the wedding was outside but the downfall was it was cold!!!  It was warmer in WI than CA.   By the time we had dinner outside it was 59 degrees.   Seeing my brother get married was emotional.  I was so happy for him and to see him emotional as well just made me cry.  
During the other days we went to Coronado , hung out with family and went to Sea World.   I was ready to come back home to see my 3 other kids however, my sweet little boy wanted nothing to do with me.  He acted like I was a total stranger and wouldn't come near me.  I couldn't put him to bed that night, hold him, it was horrible.   Broke my heart.  Same thing the next morning.   When Matt went to work you would have thought he was being left with a complete stranger.   I kept my distance waiting for him to warm up to me which he never did.  I finally had to change his diaper.  He cried and screamed but them after that he was fine, realized I was his mommy and forgave me.   Thank Goodness!