Tuesday, March 26, 2013

9 months old babies and Cassie update


Yea.....getting close to 1 year old.  I don't wish to rush the time but I know once we reach one year we have survived the first year.   The first year is all about surviving twins.  I have read this and I totally agree.   Its getting by day to day.  Surviving your days.  Because it is a lot of work with multiple babies.

She started crawling 3 weeks ago and she has picked up the speed.  She is an expert crawler and trying to pull up on things.  Because of her crawling and pulling up she has fallen down and knocked her head into many things.   The helmet has saved her forehead/head from many cuts and bruises all ready.

Helping Daddy

She is sleeping thru the night except for the occasional bad night of teething.   No more bottles of formula for her.  If anything I give her a sip of water at night but that is rare.

Break from her helmet
Loves the phone

Chili Mac....maybe not such a good idea

Still helping Daddy (aka...in the way)


She is always happy and smiling and totally connected to me at the hip.    She just wants ME.    Always pulling at my pant leg, crawling into my lap, its nice unless I am trying to console Emily and hold her.   Mandy doesn't always like to share me.

She is still not interested in finger food, just plays with it.  Not interested in crawling either.   Last week she did start babbling.  Saying "DaDa" and "BaBa".  She loves her Daddy and always gives him big smiles (she does this to PaPa as well)

She has just started to sleep thru the night (a week ago) She is now waking up at 5am for a bottle and will go back to sleep afterwards.   Getting some good straight hours of sleep is really really nice.  Makes things start to seem normal again, because when your sleep deprived its draining!

Poor girl has scratches on her nose/face from Mandy grabbing her

She always sits like this...the splits

Always stretching and showing off her flexibility


This girl drains me.   My patience.....she tests it.   Is it the age?  Her sisters?  I don't know but its like she is 16. 

My helmet girls

Last weekend we got her a new bike

She loves her bike helmet.....wears it all day

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Rockin the Doc Band

Mandy got fitted for her doc band on Monday.   She acted like it wasn't even on when it was slipped on her head.  She only wore it for 4 hours Monday and did not sleep in it.

Tuesday I put it on at 6 in the morning and every 4 hours took it off of her head to check for red spots.   There is one spot that I am keeping an eye on but so far it fades to pink within the hour so I put the helmet back on.   Yesterday she napped with it and went to bed with it.  She napped for 2 hours in the morning and 30 min in the afternoon.   Good!!    I put her down for the night and she screamed....SCREAMED!!  I thought "oh no, this is not good" .   I thought our night would be terrible....BUT once she found a comfy spot she slept all night long without waking up.  (7 -6)

And as I write this she is going on an hour nap.  

What a relief.   She has been sleeping thru the night for a week now and I was really worried wearing the helmet was going to change that, but it appears everything will be ok!!!  

But of course!!!
On Monday night I decorated her band with decals from "Bling your Band".   Now it looks cute. We go every other week (an hour drive) to have the helmet adjusted, our last appointment is scheduled for the first week of June.  Here is to 12 weeks in the helmet and a rounder head!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

DSI Scan

We left bright and early at 8 this morning to make our way to Skokie, Illinois for Mandys DSI Scan for her helmet.   She was an angel all day.  Hardly made a peep during the 1 1/2 hour drive there.  They still put a "sock" over the entire head, it reminds me of pantyhose.   It covers the entire face but they can still see thru it and breath.  Mandy did cry when they put it on but quickly got over it when I "danced" her into the room for the scan.   They set her on a stool, and the techs rattled toys in front of her face so she would look directly at them and they took scans of her head.  It took all of 5 min and we were done.  Easy Peasy!  

After the scan we went to the mall for an hour, we were planning to go out for lunch but I could tell Mandy was falling asleep in her stroller, last thing I wanted was for her to sleep there....I wanted her to sleep for the ride home.  So, change of plans and we headed home then.  She slept the whole way back.  We got to Brookfield and were strarving so we stopped for lunch and woke her from her nap.   Mandy is always so happy, full of smiles even after being woken up.  She sat in a highchair, ate some pears and smiled at everyone walking by.  We then stopped at Babies R Us for a few things and continued our trip home....again not a peep from the girl except her babbling.

I am just so proud/impressed by her.   Her happiness and how well she did.  If we would have had to do this with Cassie as a baby.....I think I would have rather poked my eyes out with a fork.  Cassie HATED the car and when she cried (screamed) she would vomit and choke, stop breathing....it was a nightmare.

So now we wait....she gets fitted with her new helmet on Monday the 18th!