Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 months old

10 Months Old
I am busy!!   This is why I have lack of posts.  I don't have time during the day and by the time everyone is in bed I am exhausted and its the last thing I want to do!    When we were first pregnant with twins Matt and I would say how it would be easier than Cassie as a baby (all her medical conditions)  However, we have changed our tune.....2 babies even though they are healthy are way harder.   It is just physically more work, it truly is more work than anything right now.  I just can't sit down and cuddle one baby, smother that baby with attention...I have to divide my time and sometimes the squeaky wheel  (aka Mandy) gets more attention than the other baby.   When the girls are napping is when I squeeze in time for Cassie.  We read, cuddle, do school work etc....

Last week all 3 girls came down with colds.   It was miserable.   Matt was leaving for work and I had to hold back tears.    One sick baby I can handle, I can cuddle and care for but 2?  It is hard.   Thankfully my Mother-in-Law came over to help.  Poor Cassie seemed to have the worst of the cold.   She slept 15 hours straight.   Everyone seems to be better now but Mandy and Cassie are still pretty snotty. 

I have googled "what age do twins get easier".   I don't want to wish their baby hood away but I am really looking forward to them being more independent and walking. That will be fun.   Once we get to 1 I think its gets easier from there.....just surviving this first year.   "I think I can, I think I can...."   

Another thing that is happening is separation anxiety.  Ahhhhh yes.   When I leave the room, then 2 babies scream in stereo sound.   I will hold one baby and the other will be crying "mama".  Oh, its sad and I feel bad because they just want to be held and cuddled but I only have one set of arms. 

Mandy is sleeping thru the night, has 6 teeth, drinks 4 bottles a day and loves food.  She is constantly grabbing Emily's hair and pulling, pulling her ear, grabbing her face and scratching her.  I have to run to Emily's defense quite often.   Mandy and Cassie are going to be great friends.  Their interaction is already great fun to watch.   Mandy will crawl after Cassie like a mad woman and they laugh and laugh together.  This is only the beginning.....such fun.

Emily still isn't mobile, however she is starting to show interest in possibly wanting to move.  She is still not eating finger foods and shows no interest.   She isn't even a big puree food eater.   She is getting up once a night still.   I am trying to wean her from the bottle.  She has gone a few nights sleeping all night but the past few nights have been bad.    Again....I think its the separation anxiety kicking in when she wakes up.

 Cassie plays with the email on my IPad all the time and she saves "drafts" I will decipher the one below.  

The To Line says:   I am emailing my friends
Jerry Mouse and Tom Cat

 She did a pretty good job spelling out her words for a 4 year old!!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013


We had a really nice Easter, full of food and family.   The grandparents got the girls all sorts of goodies.  


My Dad and Mom surprised me with a new Bible.   3 years ago Matt and I invited them to Easter service and its pretty much changed their lives.  When I saw the Bible I started to tear up.   I cried because to know that my parents are saved and we will be in Heaven together is awesome.   To see how Jesus has changed my parents....especially my Dad is amazing.   Later I went into the kitchen and skimmed over the Bible, it was then that I came to the page where my Dad had wrote a note to me.   To see what he had written.... put me in tears again.   I will treasure it forever.



The girls with Nana

Hugging Great Grandma

Racing - they do this all the time

Neck and Neck

Hugging Great Grandpa

Papa and the girls
Next Easter Mandy and Emily will be able to join in the Easter Egg hunt.....they will almost be 2 at this time next year.  That is mind blowing to think.