Friday, September 30, 2011

Lupron is a go!!

We had an appointment this morning at our clinic.  I had to have a mock transfer so I needed a full bladder.  That was so not fun, especially when she pushed on my bladder with the u/s wand.   I had to cocentrate with all my might and was practically biting my fingers trying to not pee.  Things seem to be a little weakened after having a baby.  I was so glad once that was done.   Clearly I don't need that much water to have a full bladder...I will remember this once my transfer happens.

We signed consent forms and I had a blood draw to verify I ovulated.  The doctor called me an hour ago and said all looks good.   I am to start Lurpon shots Sunday!   I really can't beleive we are doing this again but I am excited!!!  

At one point during the u/s the nurse said I could go to the bathroom just a tiny bit...easier said than done.   She had me run across the hall to the bathroom with just a sheet on.   Crazy stuff and you just have to laugh about it!  What we IVFers do to have a baby.  

Thursday, September 29, 2011

They came today....

my meds for IVF #2.

I can't wait to jam some needles into my tummy.  I can't wait to go in for those lovely internal u/s.   My husband can't wait to jab me in the arse with that huge needle full of progesterone.  No seriously...I really think he may be looking forward to it.   Ok, in all honesty none of that bothers me.  Because our first round brought us our Cassie so maybe this round will bring us another baby to love.  

It brought back so many emotions going thru the box.   I remember how overwhelming it was the first time.   All of this stuff to possibly get pregnant, not a for sure thing, not guaranteed that you will have a baby bump.   This time I didn't have any of those emotions.  I'm excited.  And if it doesn't work the first time I am just hoping we have alot more embryos than our first cycle so we can have some more chances.  And if that doesn't work out either....then I'm ok with it.   I just feel like we need to try another cycle.  Its all in Gods hands and I'm at total peace with this.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I freaked her out

I guess my story telling is excellent.  I got this book from the library...I remember it when I was little and always thought it was a fun book.

I got really into it and at one point made Cassie jump.  That did it.  She told me I had to stop reading it because there was a monster at the end of the book and Grover was telling us not to read it.  She refused to let me continue and I even had to hide the book in a drawer.  I had Matt bring it out again to try and she immediately shook her head NO.  She said the book scares her.  Sorry Grover.
They heard sirens coming

Friday we went to our first Homecoming parade.  I don't think I ever even went when I was in Highschool.  We went with our friends and had a really great time.  Cassie's last parade expereinces have not been the best but 3rd times a charm and this parade was a hit.

The girls didn't care for the sirens

Such a great group of friends
We got tons of candy...some that I had to pick over since they were still choking hazards.  Cassie did tell me the mascots and other people dressed up were freaky.  Her words...not mine.

Jackson, Cassie, Morgan, Adelyn

Jackson and Cass

Glad we have such a great group of friends to hang out with!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Happy Friday!!

Look at this pose!! ATTITUDE!!

ATTITUDE = Cassie.  Boy did this girl have it the other day.  I found myself taking multiple deep breaths a day.   She was testing my patience yesterday...holy cow.  Thankfully those days of attitude are few and far between but when its one of those days jeepers creepers!!

Yesterday morning we had to run to Target to get some stuff for her birthday party next month.  We usually do preschool stuff in the morning but yesterday we did it in the afternoon and found out that does not work out well.  At. All.    We will not be doing that again.  Mornings are much more easier for her to sit down, listen to instructions and think thru things. 

This morning we went to Gymlingo for open gym with all our friends.  We had a really good time.   Afterwards we went to the library with our friends Stacey, Adelyn and Bree.  We always walk out of there with so many books.   And now....she is sleeping!!   After 2 weeks of no naps she told me she was ready to sleep.  This was at 12:30.  Hallelujah!!!    She must have been really worn out.  Good thing she is taking a nap because we are heading to the Homecoming parade this afternoon with all our friends.   And Mommy is not so sure how this will go.  Our last 2 experiences with parades has not been the best.  She has not liked the loud drums from the bands or the sirens from the fire truck/police cars.   She was a terrified bundle of tears.   Maybe today will be different.  I told her the drums would be loud and so would the sirens and she seemed fine with it.   We will see about that. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

North Woods Trip

Yesterday we got back home after being up in Eagle River for 5 days.  It was one of the best vacations I have had up there.   We left on Thursday and stayed the night at the cabin.  It was a much better visit since there were no ticks and this time I didn't get bite on the eye by a yes...much better!!
Cassie leaving the cabin

It was COLD!!  Gloves and mittens needed!

Daddy and Cassie

Off into the great unknown!

Add caption
On Friday we had reservations at the Wild Eagle Lodge.  It was fantastic!  I loved it.  The place was so clean and so geared towards family.  We are totally going back next year! 

We were checking out the beach

The playground

She saw Daddy coming

The living room


Beautiful view of the lake

Master Bedroom

Cassie's room

View from our patio

Our Patio

Seriously I would live here.  

Uncle Jim, Tammy and Valerie came up to the cabin on Friday and Grandpa and Grandma Rosek came up on Friday night.

On Saturday night we all went out to dinner and headed back to the cabin for a bonfire.  Valerie is 9 years old and is an excellent hoola hooper.  Cassie is working hard at becoming good! 
Hoola Hooping!!

Valerie and Cass

We started a scavenger hunt

Laying out all their "treasures of the forest"

Proud of all her stuff!

Grandma and Cass

We were planning on leaving Sunday but we were having such a great time we decided to stay another night.   Everyone came over to "our place" to the Packer Game and have pizza.  After a nap and everyone left we went swimming in the pool and came back to our cozy lodge.  Cassie went to bed while Matt and I turned on the gas fireplace, he made Chinese and we watched a scary  movie. 


Daddy's girl

Acting goofy

Add caption

On Monday we packed up and headed home.   Now I'm working on catching up on laundry and all that fun stuff while Miss Cass decides she once again does not need naps since were home. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"There is something about Cassie"

I have heard this 3 times now.  The first time was in the NICU.  A nurse was carrying her back for her first surgery and said "There is just something about her".

The next time was a couple months ago at the library.  I was talking to the children's Librarian and she said the exact same words.   "There is something about Cassie".

Someone else just said it to me the other day.  I had a new play date Mom come over to my place.  We know each other through story time and have only talked briefly.  I saw her at the park the other day and she asked if we could do a play date with her and her we scheduled one.  When they were over here she told me that she wanted to have a play date with me and Cassie just from watching Cassie in story time.  She said Cassie seems so kind, listens well...then she said "There is just something about her".   Talk about making me a Momma proud.  I did tell her Cassie has her days.  She is not perfect let me tell ya!  She has her terrible two tantrums just like any other 2 year old and she gets put in the corner more often than she would like. was so nice to hear.   So I take it when I hear "There is something about Cassie" that it is a good thing :o)

On the IVF front I went today for my day 3 FSH. Cassie came with me.  I did not know I would be having a fun internal U/S but Cassie was so well behaved.  She just sat next to me and held my hand.  The cyst is gone and everything is looking good to go.  My meds should be ordered this week.  This appointment cost me $840!!   Crazy expensive.  But it is what it is.

After the doctor we went to McDonald's with Daddy for lunch.   3 little old ladies stopped at our table and told us how they were talking about how pretty Cassie was.  Put a smile on my face. puts a smile on my face when she puts a smile on others faces.  

I told Cassie we were trying for a baby again and these were the words out of her mouth, " I don't want a baby.  I want a cat.  A cat is better"   Ooooook.  Maybe she will get a cat even if we do get pregnant again.  I haven't told Daddy that. :o)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Dad and Mom

Today my Dad and Mom got baptized.

This makes me so happy. It was amazing to see them confess their faith in Jesus Christ as their savior in front of the congregation.  My eyes watered and Cassie, I and the whole congregation clapped for them afterwards.   Our pastor actually talked about my family after they were baptized.  He mentioned me, how I had gone to youth group (over 16 years ago) and he talked to me about my parents.  He mentioned their store they once owned and how he used to go there just to talk to them.  He told the congregation how they came to last years Easter service and their hearts changed and ever since then their faith has been growing like weeds.  It was amazing.   I'm so blessed to belong to a wonderful church, have a wonderful pastor who helped lead my parents to Christ and to know I will see my parents in Heaven one day. 

After church Cassie and I went to their house to celebrate.  Matt missed the baptism but showed up at their house later.  He missed the Baptism because he was flying home from a wedding. 

My parents grilled out hot dogs, had pasta, baked beans and some really good Brownies.  Then we headed home .  Cass fell asleep in the car pretty much right away.  I transported her to the couch and Daddy fell asleep beside her.  So here I sit updating my blog.  
Unfortunately I have to go wake up this little girl so she goes to bed at a decent time.   This may not be good...I could have a little monster on my hands waking her up from a nap.   Here it goes.....

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Animals, Animals....

Last weekend we went to the petting zoo.  It was quite the drive and kinda pricey to get into but we really enjoyed it.

Cassie is an animal lover just like her Momma!

Of course she had to ride the question about it!
 A regular little cow girl

She loved the goats "to death".  I know this poor little goat looks like he is gasping for air but he was OK.  I made sure of it.  

I love the goats to...especially the babies.  They are so sweet.

Threw a few balls with Daddy

And the kittens.  My favorite.  Daddies favorite and Cassie's favorite.  They were so sweet.

The kittens were all adoptable.   We were pretty close in taking the little black guy home.  Cassie looooved him and he was very tolerant of her.  We had 2 cats before Cassie was here and we vowed to never have one again.  Our one cat was good but the other cat was mentally unstable.  Really.   He was marked at the vets office as the most aggressive cat they had ever seen.  He was sweet as sugar with me but anyone else he was going to attack.  He also liked to pee in places besides his litter box.  Not good.  BUT....I am an animal lover and think its a great thing for a child to grow up with a pet.  We want to wait for a dog till she is older because of the experience we had with Athena and her.  So...we when do get a cat I am hoping he is sane and is happy to use his litter box.

This cow was SO sweet.   Yes, I was making kissy faces with him. 

Cassie practiced milking a cow and then did the real deal.
 The mule LOVED Matt.  Liked really loved him.

Followed him every where.

And last of all was the big pig.  Cassie had a love/hate thing going on with him.  She loved him if she was in my arms but was pretty afraid to be near him on her own.

Totally plan on going again next year!