Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Super Duper Amazing Miracle!!!

I am PREGNANT!  It just happened naturally.  This is truly a miracle of God.   We were only given a 1% chance of ever being able to conceive without IVF...and it happened.   I am still in shock.

My cycle usually is 32-36 days.  When I reached day 40 I told Matt we should test.   We still didn't think it was possible.   I did wake up in the middle of the night hungry, it was then I kinda felt like I may be pregnant.    Matt picked me up a pregnancy test on his way home from work.  I went to test before we went for a walk.   Laid it on the sink and waited while the hourglass flashed.    Next thing I know I walk over and it says Pregnant.    I was in disbelief.   I picked it up, walked out to Matt and put it in his face without saying a word.   His first words are "Your kidding".   We did 3 tests and all came out positive. 

I did want to cry.   I am slightly overwhelmed thinking about another baby, but then again the twins will be close to 2 when baby #4 comes so there is a lot that will change with them.  Right now they are totally attached to me.  I can not even go to the bathroom without them both crawling after me, in tears, screaming like I am never coming back.   When that happens, that's when I freak out thinking about another baby. BUT then I look back in my blog to when Cassie was 18 months and things really got easier at that point. Things got fun.   So even though the girls are at a needy stage now I have to remember when this miracle baby comes things should be a lot different with the twins.

I still walk around saying "I can't believe I'm pregnant".   It is unreal.   I had it in my head that I was done having children, that I would never be pregnant again.   I had packed all the baby stuff up and had it ready for a rummage sale next year.    With our other children we TRIED for them.   We took shots, underwent procedures to have them.   It was not a big shock to find out we were pregnant because we were despertly trying.   With this pregnancy we were not trying, my husband has been traveling a lot, I am tired at the end of the night so that this happened is crazy.  To wake up one day and find out I'm pregnant is crazy.   Can not believe it and it will take a while to wrap my mind around the whole thing.   I don't know when the shock will wear off.  But it definitely is a miracle!

We went to the doctor yesterday, I am 8 weeks along.  Baby is measuring right on track and his/her heart was beating away.  Due date of March 9th!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Dropped the morning nap

A few days before the girls turned 1 year old I decided to drop their morning nap.   Emily had been taking great morning naps but fighting...aka screaming...for the afternoon nap so I figured why not try it.

Its been about a week and they have been doing very well.   I can tell around the 11:00 hour (which is lunch time) they are getting sleepy.  Twice Emily has layed on the ground and fell asleep.   Mandy will start to rub her eyes.   Sometimes I have to work to keep them awake but after they eat they seem to get a second wind and from 11-12 they play and are happy.   At noon I put them down and hardly hear a peep from them.  They nap 1 1/2 - 2 hours and then go to bed at 7:00

Its been nice because it really frees up our morning and every day this week we have gone to the park around 8:30.   Today I met a really nice women who started talking to me about the girls.  She asked if we were trying for twins.   First time I have ever gotten that question!     No, we weren't trying for twins but we are blessed to have them!!  I overheard some other Moms talking about us.   I heard her tell someone that she has a friend who has twin girls and they are a lot of work.    Yes mam....they are!!

Since the girls have turned 1 year old we have turned their car seats forward facing.   Its making for a much happier Emily and a much saner Mommy while I'm driving

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Birthday Party Pics

The girls birthday party went well.    They were a bit overwhelmed but hey, who wouldn't be.  You wake up from a nap, come down stairs and there are 20 people in the house that were not there before.   They were pretty clingy to me for a while but overall did very well.  I would post more about the party but Mandy is waking up from her nap!