Sunday, May 12, 2013

Fun outside!!!

Helping Daddy with the lawn

Crying....dramatic, no not at all

Teary eyes

Baby in a Basket
 We are blessed to have awesome neighbors.   They live behind us and have a girl named Molly who is Cassies age.   They play so well together.    It was so nice last week we had all the windows open as did the neighbors.    Cassie looked out the window and was yelling for Molly, Molly heard and came to her window and was yelling back.  It was so cute.  
They even have the same dress

Ring around the Rosie

Pocket full of Posies

Ashes, Ashes, we all fall down

Playing tag with more neighbor girls.   We love our neighborhood!!

Tag - your it!!

Watching all the big girls

Swing fun!

Bubble Time

 Our neighborhood is fantastic.  So many kids and the majority are girls.   There are 7 sets of twins in our subdivision.....that is just crazy!!!    One set is only 1 month older than Mandy and Emily.    Going to be a fun summer!!

Picture Post

The girls in the kitchen

Mandy opens every cupboard for me and takes everything out

Whatever keeps the buggers happy while Mommy is trying to cook dinner!!

Emily somehow got herself under the table

Always crawling with things in her hand....even balls

Ready to go for a walk

My 3 daughters.  Sisters.   So blessed

How cute are they?  

Watching their sister

Two Peas in a Pod


This girl is finally crawling at 10 months

Mandy with a water bottle hanging from her mouth

Checking out her sisters cool helmet

When her helmet is taken off she cries....she wants it on!!

Holding both my babies