Wednesday, May 30, 2012

33 Weeks with Twins

I had an OB appointment yesterday and went over all my questions with my doctor. I'm now at 163 pounds.   Once I have these girls and I get the "all clear" from my doctor I can't wait to get back into running!!  I have a lot of weight to loose!  My blood pressure was good at 120/70 and the nurse told me I've done a great job carrying twins.  

I discussed Emilys IUGR and the possiblity of steroid shots on Friday, we will see how that plays out with the Peri.  

She said that we are in the clear.  If the babies come their outcome is the same as if they were full term.  What a releif to hear that!!  She said every week I carry them from here on out is gravy.   

I have been having contractions every day and Saturday and Sunday I felt crampy for a very short while.  Because of that she checked me today, she couldn't even reach my cervix which is a sign that the contractions are not causing me to dialate just yet.   She will be checking me every week now.

If I were to go into labor before 35 weeks we would be transferred to a different hospital which has a Level 3 NICU, once I hit 35 weeks I can have them here at our local hospital. 

I also discussed the vascular area of my uterus.   She was not at all concerned with it.  She said the Peri must be pretty sure its maternal because if the Peri was really concerned about it she would be in contact with her and I would be admitted to the hospital. 

33 Weeks
We were at the beach this past weekend.   I was sitting by the lake and Matt walked up to the area we had our stuff at.  He said the ladies were talking about me up there.   They were saying how hard it is to be pregnant in summer and asked him when I was due.   He filled them in on twins and the one lady said, "I thought so"  That is the first comment I have ever received that it looked like I was carrying twins. 

Today I hurt.   I was fine all day but this afternoon started kicking my butt.  My back hurts.  My pelvic bones hurt.  Its hard for me to get up from a sitting position.   My whole balance is off.   When I go to the doctor now I can't sit up on my own.   I can't even roll over to my side.  The doctor takes my arms and pulls me up.  The last few weeks of this pregnancy are definitly different than a single pregnancy.

No more bikini for me
I still love being pregnant.   I am trying to soak in these last weeks of pregnancy.   I may never feel babies in my tummy again so I want to make the most of every day I have left carrying them.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Peri Appointment - 32 weeks

The Girls

Today was their first Biophysical Profile and they passed with flying colors.   The highest they could score was an 8 which is exactly what they both got.   Their fluid level was good, the flow in the cords was good and they were both practice breathing.

The Ultrasound tech did do a growth scan which actually shouldn't have been done, the peri said a week just isn't enough time to show a good picture of what is going on, she compared it to standing on a scale every day.   The growth scan showed Mandy at 4 lb and Emily at 2lb 13 still behind.   The Peri said she is just throwing out those weights since it shouldn't have been done but she also said she is willing to bet Emily will be below the 10% next Friday.    If that is the case she may consider giving me the steroid shots to speed up the maturity in the babies lungs in case we have them early.    I told her Cassie was only 3rd-5th percentile when she was born and she said I just may not make big babies. 

So good news on the girls!


I then asked about my "vascular" area that we have seen on ultrasound.   I asked if it was normal and she said yes.   The uterus becomes very vascular, the veins become very large with the huge increase in blood flow, its just you  normally don't see it because your not looking for it.   We were looking at it because of my placenta and she said when you do see it its quite impressive.   Ok...that was a relief.   I asked her if she had seen this before and she said yes...again relief.  

I guess after I left last Friday she had her partner look at the pictures to see what she thought.   They both feel its maternal but there is the question of it being fetal only because of the placenta previa I had.   She said if my placenta had started out at the top of my uterus and she saw these veins she would not think anything of it, she is looking at it because since I had placenta previa these veins COULD be part of the placenta that never moved up and out of the way with it.  Time will tell more clearly as we look at again.  

As time progresses if they prove to be maternal it doesn't matter how I deliver. 
If they are fetal I have to have a c-section.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

32 Weeks Pregnant

We made it to our first HUGE milestone!!    At our 19 week ultrasound we had been told "If you get to 32 weeks we will be happy"   We did it!   I am SO excited to meet these girls, hold them, just stare at them.......I can't believe we are having 2 more daughters.    BUT I also want to have as less NICU time as we can, so I know the longer they stay in, grow and develop the better it will be for them.   My goal is to make it another 2 weeks.   If I could truly get to 37 weeks that would be awesome.   Each week at a time....especially since we could be told any week after my Peri appointments that I am not going home.

Stepped on the scale today and it showed.....160 pounds!    About a 40 pound weight gain.    My weight goal was to be 40-45 so I am there.   
Hello Stretch Marks
Today we also took Cassie to her very first Brewer Game. When Matt asked if I wanted to go I was a little hesitant at first.   32 weeks pregnant with Twins at a Brewer Game....not so sure about that.   But it was during the week at noon so I figured it wouldn't be to busy.   We were actually shocked at how busy it was but everything worked out really well.  

Matt told the parking attendants that I was "uber pregnant" so they got us front row parking.  We sat in club seats and not much walking was involved.

Lunch at TGI Fridays watching the game

Our view while eating lunch

It got kinda loud....

A nice view.....Ryan Braun

Watching the game from my lap

After lunch we bought Cassie her first Brewer T-shirt.   She thought that was the greatest thing ever and said "When she grows up she wants to be a Brewer"

We then headed to our seats.
Lovin it

View from our seats

Thanking her Daddy for taking her to the game

Not sure when I will be to a Brewer game after this!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Stressful Appointment with Peri

I have a headache from thinking about it all!!

Mandy (Baby A) is doing great.   She weighs 3 lb;11 oz.  Heart Rate of 156 bpm.

Emily (Baby B) is good but not growing as well.  4 weeks ago she was in the 23rd percentile.  Today she was in the 12th percentile at 2 lb;10 oz.  The peri is concerned of course with the drop in percentile.  10th percentile is considered IUGR, Emily is not there but it looks like that's the way she is headed.   

What happens Now?
We go weekly to my Peri.  This was going to happen anyways because of the twin factor but now we are also keeping a close eye on Emily.   If she shows any more drops in percentile or any distress during nonstress tests my Peri said I will be admitted to the hosptial and/or delivered.    

Why is this happening?
IUGR is common in twins.   Emily's cord may not be functioning as well as Mandy's so at my weekly appointments we will be watching the flow in the cord as well as other things.   Cassie was small for her age to, when she was born I believe she was under the 5th percentile....I have to double check on this.  So, it could also be that I grow small babies.  We will see what next weeks appointment shows.

Other News
4 weeks ago the Peri said I had a very vascular section of my uterus.   She wanted to check it today again.   It is still very vascular and they are still sure its maternal and not fetal.   She told me it was very "Impressive".    She was just staring at the ultrasound screen, she said its behind the placenta so it makes it look weird.  She then looks at me and says "Melissa, your just weird".   So I have a uterus with very "impressive" and "weird" vascular veins.....I wasn't very comforted by this.   She is going to keep everyone aware of this, if I go into labor she said the nerve wracking thing is she doesn't know if they will bleed when I contract.  (Again...comforting when my peri uses the words nerve wracking.)   She said they shouldn't BUT she can't say for sure.  It sounds like if they were to bleed I would need a C-section.  FREAKS ME OUT....the bleeding part.

Hubby is putting me on some bed rest.   He is freaking out.   I am also going to start drinking 2 ensures a day to see if I can get some extra calories to Emily.   Also I HAVE to pack my hospital bag this weekend because at any week they could say "Your staying here"   

Here we were hoping for an uneventful pregnancy/birth after what we went thru with Cassie but it looks like we are getting some drama this time around also!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

31 Weeks Pregnant with Twins

31 Weeks

Yesterday and today I put calls into my OB....first time ever with this pregnancy.  
Yesterday was because we went to the park to play, a lady came up to me and asked about my pregnancy and then proceeded to tell me her granddaughter had Fithes Disease,  had been playing on all the equipment and after we are done at the park should go home and sanitize myself and Cassie very well.   WHAT?!   You shouldn't be telling me to go home and SHOULD NOT be at a public park!!!!   I remembered reading about Fithes Disease in my pregnancy books so I called my OB to let her know I may have been exposed.   They had me come in for a blood test yesterday and I have to have another blood test in 2 weeks to make sure I am immune or don't become infected with it.  

The band on my pants does not cover what it used to!!
I called my OB this morning after harassment from Matt.   I have been getting Braxton Hicks contractions and last night I was getting them at least 8 times an hour from 7:30-9:30.   They weren't painful but I could feel the tightening and my uterus would ball up really hard.   I know I'm supposed to call if there is more than 4 in an hour, however I waited to see if they would go away....which they did.   I feel great this morning and have felt nothing.   The nurse called me and said next time it happens I should call again and that I should try drinking more water and put my feet up more.  She is going to contact the on call doctor and let her know, if she feels I should come in to be monitored she will let me know.  She said they do want to keep a closer eye on me since I'm carrying twins.

Yesterday morning we went to McDonald's for breakfast and to play at the play land.   I saw 2 older ladies looking at me so I knew what was coming.  They asked when I was due.   I told them July and the one ladies eyes got really wide and her mouth literally dropped open.  Then I told her its twins and they will have me deliver next month.  It is fun to see peoples reactions.

When I went to the hospital to have my blood drawn the girl who did it was also pregnant.  She said "we must be due at the same time".  She is due in 2 weeks while I truly have 9 weeks to go and I was double her size.  Its amazing what a body does when it is carrying 2 babies.

I have to say this pregnancy has been great.   I feel great.  I had 3 days earlier this week where I was pretty uncomfortable but that has gone away.  I could easily do a Twin Pregnancy again!    Its been amazing.

Monday, May 14, 2012

OB Appointment

My OB appointment was very uneventful.....a good thing.   My blood pressure was awsome at 110/70.   My OB walked in, looked at me and said "Your living large"  Oh yep.   I have had quite a few people tell me I have grown just in the last week which I agree with.   I have gained 4-5 pounds in a week.   I am now at 156.   Very good possibility I will outweigh Matt at the end of this pregnancy.

I have been having braxton hicks contractions, usually at night but nothing that is concerning.   My doctor said I am amazing with this pregnancy and a rock star.....then she knocked on wood because we don't want to jinx how well this pregnancy is going.

Both of the girls are still head down.  They were both head down 2 weeks ago and I will be 31 weeks on Wednesday.   At 32 weeks she said a singleton baby usually can not change position and so with a twin pregnancy these girls are more than likely staying head down since they don't have any room.   This means......I can have a normal delivery!!!!!  She did say the second baby is usually a bit harder to delivery BUT she said I had such a good delivery with Cassie and did so well we are hoping for the same this time around. 

She expects me to go into labor on my own at 34-35 weeks.    That is 3-4 weeks from now!!!!    CRAZY!!!  

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mommas Day

This morning Cassie came into our bedroom, I heard her gasp and then run around to my side of the bed and say "Happy Mothers Day, I love you".  It was pretty darn sweet.  

I got a card signed by her, Daddy also signed Emily and Mandys name.   Pretty crazy to see 3 little girls names on the card.

In church they had all the Moms stand up.   I really wanted to cry tears of happiness.   I am so blessed that I am a Mommy.  To have my daughter and also be blessed with 2 more daughters very soon is amazing and such a blessing.   I am forever thankful to God for making me a Mom and putting these children in my care.   

In church Cassie made me a handprint on a ceramic plate, on the bottom it said Happy Mothers Day 2012.  I love it.

After church my parents and us stopped at my Grandmas for a little Mothers Day celebration. My Mom made some coffee cake, we gave her a card and some "art" Cassie made.  We were only there for an hour.  It was about noon when we left to run back home, change clothes and go to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.

A quick snack of goldfish

Cassie and Adelyn

Daddy, Cassie and Adelyn

Cass, Daddy, Adelyn, Eugene and Bri

After about an hour at the park we headed to the grocery store for some things to grill out with.   I ended up getting Cassie out to the car before we checked out.  The temper tantrums (crying and screaming) have been horrendous this past happened in the grocery store.  Its all stemming from this HUGE independence streak she is having.  She wants to do everything herself and if it doesn't work out then the meltdown happens. 

At home we grilled out cheeseburgers, had potato salad, watermelon and chips.  We ate picnik style on the grass.   It was fun....and I was STARVING.   Matt also brought out her water table which she spent alot of time playing in.  

It was a nice Mothers Day.  Matt had asked me if I wanted anything and there is really nothing I need. I have all I need.   Him, Cassie and 2 more lifes rolling around inside of me.  I had told him spending the day with him and Cassie is the perfect Mothers Day for me.   And it was.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

30 weeks with Twins

The time is flying!!     Feeling great still.  My only discomfort is trying to get up off the floor, some pelvic pain and hip pain in bed....not to bad.  And it doesn't bother me at all....I know I have the pain because I am carrying some precious cargo.... so bring it on.

My shirt is becoming a little short

Yesterday we went out to dinner and the waitress said, "It looks like you only have weeks many weeks do you have?"  Really I have 2 months left....July 18 is my true date.   Today at the park a little girl said to me "Wow, you have a big tummy"
Another lady asked when I was due so I told her.  She told me I looked great and she would never have guessed I was having twins.   I do feel like I have had an easy twin pregnancy so far.    I don't beleive I have felt any contractions, no swelling, no bedrest, no morning sickness....just the few aches and pains.

Can't wait for my Peri appointment to see how these girls are doing.  The appointments pick up this coming week!    Every Monday for my OB and every Friday for my Peri and now we will also be adding on biophysical profiles every Friday.   Things are really going to fly with all of these added appointments!

Monday, May 7, 2012

MoM blog hop

My names Melissa and I have been married to my husband going on 11 years. We did IVF back in 2008 and had 1 daughter. I wanted to try for a sibling for Cassie but my husband was not looking forward to starting another fresh IVF cycle....I cant blame him. I finally convinced him we should try another cycle and I kept saying " you will thank me when we have twins". Never thinking in my wildest dreams we would have twins. Our daughter is now 3 and were expecting our twin girls next month. We are so very blessed that we will have 3 children when there was a Point and time we didn't know if we would have any. I still stare at the 2 cribs and infant seats in disbelief....I don't think it will hit me that I am having 2 babies untill they are in my arms. Thats my moms of multiples story!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Belly Comparision 24 weeks - 29 weeks

29 weeks

28 Weeks

27 Weeks

26 Weeks

25 Weeks

24 weeks

29 weeks with twins

Nothing new since my update from my OB.

Here are some belly pics from this morning.

I did come to the conclusion today that I can no longer walk far distances.   Cassie and I walked to the park today and I paid the price.   It took me twice as long to get there since I was moving so slow.  My hips and sciatic nerve were bugging me, I am thinking a baby was laying wierd because it didn't bother me as much on the way home.   BUT....when I got home I was starting to cramp.    This went on for at least an hour.   It wasn't bad but it was this mild constant crampiness.   I sat down and drank a lot of water and it has now gone away.  If it would have lasted much longer I was going to call my doctors office to see if it was anything I should be concerned about.   Lesson more long jaunts to the park for me.  We will be driving from here on out.