Tuesday, January 21, 2014

33 Weeks Pregnant

7 weeks since my last post!!!     

I'm just so busy....ahem with the twins.   They keep me SO, SO, SO busy.  I am exhausted physically and mentally at the end of the day.   I'm sure part of it is the pregnancy.   My body hurts, I can rarely rest and walking up the stairs?  Forget it....I have no lung capacity left to breath.

My weight is now at 145, that's a total gain of 25 pounds so far.   Blood Pressure has been good ,although at my last appointment I noticed it rising.  It was still in the "good" range but higher that I have seen it.  At my last appointment I measured right on at 32 weeks. 

33 weeks and 2 days
 I am ready to meet my baby boy....its so exciting.  I'm looking forward to having a newborn again, the only thing I am not looking forward to is the night feedings/less sleep.   Hopefully he goes easy on me since I just got over carrying for newborn twins and is a good sleeper/eater.  

On the twin front.....
Mandy and Emily will be 19 months old in 4 days!!   Mandy is my big whiner.   Seriously, some days she drives me insane!!!!    Everything is whining.   She wants water, she wants to watch Micky Mouse (which she is addicted to), its all requested while crying.   Hopefully she grows out of that soon otherwise I may check into the nutty bin myself.  Emily is more laid back during the day than Mandy but at night she is still putting up a fuss going to bed.   We let her cry and eventually she goes to sleep.   I am wondering if she is popping some teeth now because she has been waking up multiple times a night crying which is unlike her.   She is a hard one....because if you go in the bedroom to console her it makes matters worse.   She will cry/scream harder when we leave.  So we try to stay out and let her just cry it out.  Mandy is a champ and ignores her sisters screaming.  

They go to bed at 7 and sleep till 7:00.   I remember thinking I would never sleep again with twins and it is so nice that I was proven wrong.  

Cassie is doing good.  She actually has a cold today so we didn't go to our usual story time today.   We finished her handwriting lessons today...all done for the year.  Just have to Finnish up Math, I'm hoping we get that done before baby boy arrives.


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