Thursday, October 28, 2010

Someone loves showers. I let her take one in the mornings once in awhile. She started getting into the whole shower thing because after we swim in the pool at the YMCA I turn the shower on nice and warm and she will stand in the spray while I get dressed. She loves it. Now in the mornings if we are rushed I will let her take a shower, while she does that I do my makeup in the bathroom - works out very well because I know exactly where she is and that she isn't getting into mischief!!

Today we went back to see her Pedi. When we went earlier this week he was called to the hospital to see a baby that was being delivered so we didn't get to meet with him. He was very happy with Cassie and she did just awesome with him. I think back to the days when she screamed and cried the entire appointment and there was nothing today...not a tear. Not even for her shot!! She gave the doctor high-fives, showed him all the body parts he asked for, danced, hopped and even stood on one leg...which he was surprised by. She even let him hold her!! I was so proud of how well she did. She got the flu vaccine and her DTP booster. I felt her tense up a little bit but no crying or tears. Wow!! The nurse even gave her stuffed puppy a shot and put a band-aid on it...Cass loved that.

This morning we colored pictures with marker.
Do markers and a 2 year old mix? least they are washable markers.

Thank you for inventing washable markers Crayola!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Just not sure. This little girl has had a runny nose and her voice is rough sounding but she doesn't have a fever and acts totally fine. Maybe its teething that is causing the runny nose which drains into her throat when she sleeps which makes her cough and cause the throat irritation. I know she is popping some new pearly whites. Either way after her nap yesterday I had her take it easy. She layed on a pillow, covered in her blankie, drank juice and watched cartoons for an hour.

She told me she was "done" with cartoons and acted totally fine.

She has a fasincation with monkeys. I have seen other little girls with stuffed monkeys as well. Wonder what it is with monkeys?

Hugs to her monkey

I tried to trim the back of her hair yesterday. It needed it! Thankfully her hair has wave and some curl so even if I screwed up you wouldn't be able to tell.

Monday, October 25, 2010

2 year stats

Someone got into Mommies make-up this morning. I was on the phone and she usually digs into my makeup bag and pretends. This time she grabbed some eye shadow, opened without me knowing and apparently attemted to apply in her mouth, on her mouth....I don't know. I was on the phone at the time when I noticed my blue mouthed, blue handed child and promplty told my caller I had to go. Silly girl!!

Miss Cass has a cold. Its not horrible but she has a runny nose and slight cough. Its worse when she lays down to sleep. Last Thursday I noticed 2 lumps behind her left ear and freaked. I had Matt look at them and he said they were lymph nodes. Today we had her 2 year check up and her Pedi confirmed they were swollen lymph nodes which are normal and appear when their body is fighting infection, a cold, etc... Besides having a runny nose/cough she doesn't have a fever and happy.

Here are her stats:
She weighs a whopping 23 pounds!! Hey she went from 1% to 17%!!
She is 33 inches. Jumped percentiles here as well!
Talks alot! I lost track of how many words
Has been sleeping till 7:30-8:30 in the morning - Mommy loves this
Is in love with Elmo
Also loves Barney and Baby Bop
Loves manderine oranges, grilled cheese, chili, chix nuggets, tacos and ranch dressing!!
Loves telling people the fact Rhinos eat and pee. Thank you Daddy for that! :o)
When asked how old she is she responds " one" So cute.

Its 11:00 pm and time for me to hit the hay!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lets Party!!!!

Yesterday we threw Cassie her first birthday party!! We didn't throw one last year because of her cleft palate surgery that was right around the corner. Alot of family was sick so we didn't want to take the risk of her catching something and then having to change the surgery date.

Yesterday also marked 1 year since her cleft palate surgery so we had alot to celebrate!!

During her nap I decorated the kitchen with streamers, balloons and Cassies big red love....Elmo.

The cake that I slaved over for 3 1/2 hours!!

Snacks and Goodies

Her new Sit N Spin




Mommy and her big 2 year old!!

Great Aunt Pam, Mommy and Cass

The kitchen Daddy and I got for her

She refused to look at the camera. Short attention span!!

Sarah and Valerie

Cooking at her new kitchen

Opening presents!

Cass really got into opening gifts....

She would tear one open and love what was inside...

then say "another one!!" Grab another gift and unwrap. She was thrilled!

First time eating pizza with Daddy

My Grandma and Aunt

Eating chips and dip with Grandma, Nana and "monkey papa"

Sarah and Cass

I wasn't sure how Cass would react to waking up from her nap, walking out of her room and having 20 some people in the house. She surprised me and did just great! She loved it.

She did want either me or my Mom close by alot. She said bye to a bunch of family and gave them hugs at the end of the night and wanted Nana to put her to bed.

It was a great first party for Cass!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Potty Training

Monday I decided to stay home the whole day and give potty training a try. I have read that around 2 is the best time to start, that if you wait too long it may become more difficult. I also read you need to plan to stay home for a few days and just concentrate on the training. I have been holding off because I like getting out of the house and the idea of staying home all day for a couple days was not very appealing. But....Monday that is what I did.

Day #1 of potty training - She has 6 pair of "princess" underwear and she peed in every single one of them. I then just didn't put anything on her lower half and it seemed easier for her to sense that she was peeing and had to use the potty. She also pooped on the floor, that was not pleasent. The afternoon went alot smoother than the morning, she had only 2 accidents.

Day #2 of potty training - Storytime was in the morning and Cassie loves it so we went. I just put her in pull ups. I took her to the big potty about 3 times when we were at the library. She sat on it but didn't have to go. She stayed dry the whole time there which was over an hour. We got home and she went pee in her potty. Grandma came over in the afternoon because I had to run errands. I put her in pull-ups so Grandma wouldn't have to deal with any messes but told Cassie if she needed to go pee to let Grandma know. Grandma told me she went in her potty twice when I was gone and her pull-up was dry. I was not expecting that!! She had one accident all day!!

Day #3 (today)- Instead of letting her be naked today I put on her big girl underwear along with pants. She has had only 1 accident this morning. The other times she was running around doing her thing and all of a sudden stopped in her tracks, said "pee" and went in her potty. One of the times she actually took off her own pants and undies! She gets alot of cheers and high fives from Mommy any time she goes to her potty.

So...I am amazed at how well she is doing and am hoping it continues. My plan is to put her in big girl undies at home but when we go out put on pull-ups in case she has an accident. Today we are going to my parents and I am going to bring along her potty so we can keep on working on it.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The weekend - pumpkin patch

Friday Matt and I had a date night. Matt's Mom came over to watch Cass and we went out to dinner, a haunted house and then for a martini. It was a nice night. The haunted house was fun but I need scarier. I love being freaked out.

Saturday morning we went to another pumpkin patch. It also had a corn maze and a petting zoo. Cassie loved the animals...of course.

Going in for a kiss. The donkey then stepped on her foot. You can see his hoof raised. And yes....Cassie cried. I had to shove him off her. There was no more kissing donkeys after that.

She thought the white gords were eggs...we let her think that. She has a fascination with eggs.

She brought Daddy an "egg"

Another donkey

Petting a chick

Cassie walked the entire corn maze and rode on Daddies shoulders.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

2 years old!!

My baby turned 2 yesterday! To say this year went fast is an understatement! She woke up to her doorway and kitchen decorated in streamers and balloons. She loved the balloons!

In the morning we met a bunch of friends at a pumpkin patch. We petting animals, looked at pumpkins, heard a story and played on hay bales and a big bin of dried corn. Pretty sure she had a great time! Then it was time to go home for lunch and a nap!

Daddy come home from work early to celebrate his girl turning 2. Once she woke up we all enjoyed cupcakes I made that morning. She ate pretty much the whole thing! I love when she enjoys what I cook...makes me feel very mommyish! (is that a word?)

Picture from her 1 year old birthday

Now 2 years old!!

After we were cup caked out we went on a hike. The fall leaves are so pretty and Cassie surprised me by walking pretty much the whole thing....and its not a short hike. She is a trooper!!

It was a fight to have her sit down to take these pictures...she wanted to keep walking.

After the hike we came home for dinner and present time!!

She was able to play with her new toys for awhile before her bed and bath.

We really enjoyed the day. Next Saturday we are throwing her a big party with all the family. Last year we never gave her a true birthday party because her cleft palate surgery was right around the corner so we didn't want to run the risk of her getting sick from all the people being over and surgery having to be postponed. Next Saturday also marks 1 year since her cleft palate surgery! Its hard to believe its only been a year, it feels like a lifetime ago.

Happy birthday Cass! I love you and here is to a year without any surgery's!!