Sunday, January 31, 2010

Getting over a cold

Thursday I came down with a cold, I just wasn't feeling 100% so I cancelled my playdate that day so if I was getting sick I wouldn't spread it to others. Good thing I did because for the past few days I have been miserable. Sneezing, stuffed up so I can't breath or taste food (that is the worst!)and bad headaches.

Matt took Cassie to his parents house yesterday for while so I could just lay on the couch and rest.

The Moon this morning

What happens when I don't close the bathroom door and some little girl goes in there..

Today I am feeling much better..thank goodness!!

Cassie has been so sweet the past week. I have been sitting on the floor while she walks around and she comes up behind me, and hugs me from behind, snuggles her head into my back. She will also walk over to me and plop her little butt into my it. She is really turning into a cuddle bug.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Our day yesterday

Yesterday Cassie and I had to run to the grocery store for a few items, some of which I forgot so I have to run back out AGAIN today. (I hate when I do that!!) Anyhoo..after the grocery store I didn't feel like going back home so we went to the library. They have a little blocked off section for tiny tots, there are board books, toys and a big mirror. Cassie loved it, however she did not get the concept that in a library you have to be quiet. She was anything but quiet because she loved all the kids and being in a different enviroment. We got 3 books and when I got home I used my Clorox wipes to wipe each and every part of those books down. Clorox wipes are my best many sick kids have touched and slobbered on those board books?

Our nice clean books

So..after my run to the grocery store AGAIN today I think we will stop off at the book store, grab a coffee and just roam around. We love our books!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 years ago today...

was my egg retrival. Its been 2 years since the doctors put me under, sucked out my eggs to produce this sweet little thing :o)

I look around the house and am reminded how blessed I am to see the following things:

Stuffed Animals

Baskets of Toys

More Toys

Childrens DVD's

And yet more toys

Childrens magnets on my fridge

Pictures of my daughter

I remember when we didn't have any of these things and wished we did. Seeing these things are a constant reminder of how blessed we are.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Update

Well, my hubby is at work right now, he has a bunch of trials coming up so he is going to be pretty busy in the weeks ahead. Mornings are usually fine anyways, they go fast its the afternoons that seem to crawl by. Once he gets home we are heading out to run some errands and by the time we get back it will be dinner and bed time for the little drama queen. Oh the temper tantrums I have seen!! Yes, this sweet little face throws the tempter tantrums...kicking her feet, arching her back and screaming. DON'T let this little face fool is a big cover up. :o)

I don't know if I have mentioned but little Miss Cassie does not like milk. I have tried putting chocolate and strawberry syrup in the milk and she still won't take it. However, my parents had some really good chocolate milk at their house which Cassie loved. Its whole milk and it is super good, so I don't blame the girl for liking it and I even though it has suger in it I am OK with it because she is drinking milk!! I am going to start to slowly dilute it with regular whole milk and see how that goes. But you can't blame a girl for liking chocolate can you?

Tomorrow we are going to church, I can't wait!! Its been awhile. I am sure I will end up out in the lobby with her watching the sermon from the flat screen but that is fine with me. We don't want to put her in the nursery yet...she hasn't been sick yet and we want to keep it that way!

Putting her to work - she is swiffering

"Come on Mom, no more pictures, I am trying to work!"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Cassie is walking all over the house now and her balance has improved so much...she rarely falls but it still FREAKS me out when I see her tip and I think she is going to hit a wall or something else. The other day she was behind me and the next second I looked she was gone, she walked into our quest bedroom and closed the door behind her...she was just hanging out in the room all by herself.

In a VERY good mood after her morning nap

Last Friday we went to Childrens Hospital so the surgery clinic could look at the G-tube site to see how it healed after surgery, they said it looked great and were very happy with it. No trips needed back to surgery!! They tried to weigh her and that did not go over so well. Cassie sat on the scale screaming and reaching her arms out to me. She wouldn't go to Daddy just wanted me. The poor girl has had it with doctors and nurses and who can blame her.

We have had so many play dates recently and its so nice to get out. Cassie's stranger anxiety is SO much better (except doctors and nurses) and she loves hanging out with other little kids...she is definitly not shy around them.

Her doggies thrown over board

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First Kiss

Yep, little Cassie got her first kiss from a boy today ! He is a bit older than her (22 months)but as long as its nothing serious I'm ok with it. :o) He is also from Russia and has great hair and she has good taste.

He walked over to her, puckered his lips and kissed her on the sweet. I should add before the kiss he did hit her on the head twice with a toy

Love offering of Elmo

Playing together

What a great smile he has!

This was the face he made after we asked if he would kiss Cass again

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Walking, Walking, Walking...

We have baby-gated Miss Cassie in the living room so she gets into less its easier on Mommy :o)

Drooling away with all her teeth coming in

Favorite Doggy in hand

Always trying to touch my lens when I take her picture

Let me out!!

Watching the sun set

Around and around the table we go

Can I get out this gate?

Fine then...I will just take Mommy's cell phone and call for help

By the way, the other night Cass was playing with our phone and she actually called the operator. I thought I heard someone on the other end and yep....there was. I explained to her that my 1 year old was playing with the phone and the operator just laughed and said it was fine.