Friday, January 9, 2015

10 Months Old

Can't believe Alex is 10 months already!   He is a big boy.

22 lbs 7 oz which puts him in the 83%
30.5 Inches Long 96%

He is crawling everywhere, trying to keep up with his sisters.  He pulls up to stand constantly.  I caught him climbing the stairs...gave me a heart attack so the gate is up all the time now.    He eats table food, drinks from his sippy cup and has his bottles.  I weaned him from his night time bottles at 9 months the same way I did with the twins.... half water and half formula, slowly diluting till it was all water and then no bottle at all.  He has been sleeping all night, if he does wake up sometimes I need to pick him up and comfort him, sometimes this lasts an hour, or the other night at 1:30 he was sitting in bed crying, I pointed at his bed and told him to lay down which he did.  I rubbed his back for a few min and that was that, he slept till 7:00 am.  

So...I am happy that I am getting sleep. It makes so much difference and makes me feel human.

Can't believe I will be planning this little boys birthday soon!!