Thursday, June 28, 2012

They are here!!

Monday we went to the hospital bright and early, they started pitocin.   At 1:20 I was about 4-5 centimeters dialated and my doctor broke my water.  Within 30 min my contractions were coming fast and hard.   They were really starting to hurt so I requested the epidural.   Before I got the epidural I was checked and was now at 6.   Once I got the epidural I felt so much better but did get the shakes pretty bad.   I was talking with a nurse and all of a sudden she got on the phone and said she may need help because she noticed Emilys heart decel.   She decided to check me to see if I made some progress that would have caused that and sure enough....I was at 9 centimeters.   She was on the phone and I was pushed to the OR right away.  I was shaking pretty badly and then was dry heaving.   It was awful.    In the OR there were at least 9 doctors and nurses.  They were waiting for 1 more doctor to arrive and I fell asleep waiting.   Then it came time to push, my shaking and nausea stopped and with 3 contractions they were both out.   I was able to feel Amanda coming out where as with Cassie I didn't feel a thing.    Emily....the stinker...turned breech again so they had to do a breech extracton.  This turned out to be no big deal.   She was so small, they just reached in, grabbed her legs and pulled her out.  It was amazing to see 2 babies come out of me!   Once I was fixed up they wheeled me back to my room where the shakes started again and I also did the whole dry heaving thing.  I felt like total crap.  I wasn't interested in seeing the babies or anything....I just wanted to feel better.  So I slept.   Then it was time to breast feed and I started feeling better.   Thank goodness.  
All ready!

Before contractions, shaking and dry heaving started

Here are the girls
Amanda Hope Rosek was born at 4:37 weighing in at 5 lbs;15 ounces 18 inches long

Emily Faith Rosek was born at 4:38 weighing in at 3 lbs; 12 ounces 16 inches long

We all came home yesterday.   Having 2 newborns is definitly a challenge.  Breastfeeding is hard.   We have started to supplement with bottles and it just really takes some stress out of the whole thing and the girls really seem to love the bottles over the boob.   As long as they are gaining weight, happy and Cassie is not feeling left out  that is all that matters to me. 

Nana and Papa

Dad with all 3 of his girls

Family of 5

Ready to go home

She is loving it!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Last weekend before the girls are born

The twins are going to be born tomorrow!!!!   It is so crazy and I CAN NOT wrap my head around it.    I am really calm about everything just doesn't seem real to me.
I'm sure I will wake up at 2 am for one of my many bathroom breaks and not be able to go back to sleep because its all I will be thinking about, but for one now I am super calm.

On Saturday we had a little get together to celebrate the girls coming but also wanted to make things special for Cassie since its the last weekend before she is not the only child.  Nana and Papa bought her and her sisters some presents to open.

She has become a pro at riding her trik!

Enjoying some chips and dip

Opening presents for her sisters

Onsies for her sisters


Opening a present for her

Decked out in her 4th of July Dress

Nana and Cass

Papa and Cass

Grandma and Cass

Daddy and Cass

My girl and I

Playing hide and seek - counting to 10

Today I decided we should go to the zoo.   It is our last day before we go from a family of 3 to a family of 5 so I wanted to do something fun with Cassie.   She was so excited to go.   I felt fine untill the very end, we stayed for 2 1/2 hours and at the end my hip and pelvic bones were killing me.   

We left the zoo, stopped for lunch and headed to Babies R Us to pick up a few preemie items since we are pretty sure Emily is going to be around 4lbs.   We then headed home, had a little water fight in the back yard with the hose, watched Dumbo and are now preparing for the big day tomorrow.

Cassie is in bed.  Matt went to grab dinner so I don't have to cook and we are just relaxing for the night.   Things are pretty much packed up, I just have a few more items to pack for tomorrow but we are ready to go.

So exciting.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

36 weeks - Last Bump Picture!

36 weeks.  Can't believe I made it this far but I'm glad I did.  The babies are at a great gestational age.   Being induced on Monday I will be just 2 days shy of 37 weeks.

I had my last Biophysical Profile today.    The girls again scored an 8 out of 8.   My blood pressure was high at 151/86.  They took it 30 min later and it had went down some to 131/86.    All of my blood work and 24 hour urine catch has come back clear, I have no swelling or other signs of preeclamsia so they aren't worried about it.  However, if I were to develop any of those symptoms this weekend I need to call.

Saturday my parents and Matts Mom are coming over for a grill out.   We are having a little "party" to celebrate the girls coming.  Cassie will also be getting some presents from her grandparents in celebration of her sisters.    We also have presents for her from her sisters that she will get in the hospital once she comes to visit.

If the girls don't come on their own this weekend we are to show up at the hospital on Monday to be induced.     My parents are meeting us there to pick up Cassie.  They will take her to some parks and back home while her sisters are being born. 
I highly doubt I will be able to sleep on Sunday night....its going to be like Christmas morning where I am so excited.  

This whole think is so surreal to me.  In 2 days I'll have 2 new borns! 

36 weeks - last bump picture!!!

Monday, June 18, 2012

A possibility of this week having the girls!

Had my OB appointment this afternoon, and things could be happening this week.   My cervix was checked, and let me just say that hurt.   My hands were balled into fists, eyes squeezed shut and I was close to tears.   BUT.....last Monday I was a fingertip dilated and today I am 3 cm and 50% effaced!!!    Yay!!!!    We could have the girls this week!!

My blood pressure is also starting to rise.   Last week my bottom number was 70 and today it was 80 so it is definitely rising.   Now I am being watched for Pre-Eclampsia.  There was no protein in my urine yet but I am now doing the 24 hour Urine Catch.   I will bring it to the hospital tomorrow.  If they were to see protein I would be induced tomorrow.   I have to go back for another blood pressure check on Thursday.  

So, I could have the babies any day either by me going into labor on my own or having to be induced because of the blood pressure issue.  

Wow.   I do feel like I am having more contractions since she checked my cervix.  Last night I had 2 painful ones but they never progressed from there but at least it looks like they are making me dilate!

So exciting!!!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Last Growth Scan before the girls arrive and house news

Only 9 days left.   9 days left with just the 3 of us.   9 days left before I have 2 newborns.  9 days left before Cassie has 2 sisters and has to share Mommy and Daddy.   I can't beleive its only 9 days.  

Both girls passed their biophysical again.  Everything looked perfect.  Mandy weighs
4 lbs; 14 ounces and Emily weighs 3 lbs; 10 ounces.   The Peri was happy that they are still gaining weight, their fluid level was good so they can remain where they are for this last final week.  

Mandy is very low.  She has definitly dropped.  The u/s tech kept saying how Mandy is ready to go.  I am ready to go also!!!

In other news we have a house to move into.   And not just any house but pretty much our dream house.   Its a beautiful brand new 2 story in a really nice subdivision.   We are very happy and blessed the way things have worked out.   When we bought our first house we were both working but knew if we had children I would stay home so we budjeted for a house on Matts income alone.   Then we had to pay for IVF, not once but twice which cost us $60,000 out of pocket.  Now our family is complete and we are so blessed.   The next thing to fall in line was the house.  We did need a new house knowing twins were coming.   The way our house sold and this new house fell into our lap with the builder accepting pretty much everything in our offer is amazing.   In the Lords own time everything has worked out.  Years ago it was so hard.   Not being able to have children, the road to children so hard emotionally and financially.  Wanting to buy a bigger house but not being able to because of having to pay for IVF.    All in his time.   We are so blessed to have a family we never thought we would have and now a beautiful home to raise our girls in.   

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

35 Weeks with twins

I can't beleive I'm 35 weeks.  Its amazing.   Time has flown by and I am proud of the fact I have been able to carry twins this far along.    In the early stages I was told I was so small framed that my goal was to get to 32 weeks and now I am 35!  My nurse said I've been a champ.   Their not kidding you when they say a twin pregnancy is alot different than a singleton.

   I have the hip and pelvic pain.  Contractions every day.  I can't breath.   There is a list of things but its still awsome.    At the library today a lady stopped me and asked if the size of my stomach hurt.   Yes, it does.    My skin hurts.  I get stinging pains in my skin from the stretching.  The stretch marks show more and more every day.   Its unbeleivable.   I don't think pictures do the size of my stomach justice.   Once these girls are here I am looking foward to running again.  I doubt a bikini will ever be  worn by me again but it will feel good to be active again. 

Next week is my last week of pregnancy!!!!!   June 25 being induced....unless they decide to come early.

Monday, June 11, 2012

35 week OB appointment

My appointment went well.  Nothing too new and exciting.    Blood pressure good, weight good.  

Both girls are head down.   My OB checked me and said Baby A is very low...she could feel her head.    I am maybe a finger tip dialated.   She thought I would make it this week but she can't say about next week.  Either way, next week is my last week of pregnancy.  That is just crazy.  

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peri appointment and other news

Both girls passed their biophysical again, scored 8 out of 8.  The Peri said they were being perfect kids.   They were very active, especially Baby A....Mandy. The ultrasound tech kept commenting on how it was good they were so active.  

When my ultrasound tech called me into the room she commented on my size.  She said I looked alot bigger than last week.  I totally agree with her.  I feel like the last couple of weeks I have really grown in size.   I have no clue where my lungs are....I am always out of breath.  

Next Friday is my last growth scan before they are crazy is that!!!  

Emily (Baby B) has also decided to flip AGAIN!!    I don't know how she is flipping so often and so late in the game.   The good thing is she flipped from breech back to head down so I am hopping she stays like will be a much easier delivery for me and I won't have to worry about a breach extraction.

In other big news......we sold our house 2 days ago!    Super crazy timing.   We tried for 3 years to sell our house with not so much as an offer.  Then we heard the market was really doing well with houses in our price range so we decided to put it back on the market.   It was only on for 30 days, we got 2 of which we accepted right away.     We have to be out of this house on July 27th.   The twins will be 5 weeks old.   Are we crazy?   YES.    So we are in a mad rush looking at houses.  We have found one we like and are putting an offer in this weekend.   We will see how it goes.   If it doesn't work out we have 2 more lined up.   I just want to have a house to be able to move into by July 27th.  I am trying to take it a day at a time and not stress out but the fact that we will have 2 newborns at that time makes it easy to stress!   Big Breath....I know it will all work out.  

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

34 weeks with Twins

Made it another week!!!   I can't beleive I am 34 weeks pregnant with 2 babies.  I remember putting up my twin pregnancy ticker at only 6 weeks, I can't beleive how fast the time went.
34 weeks

I went to my OB on Monday.  I weighed in at 165.   I have officially gained the 40-45 pounds you are supposed to gain with twins.    My blood pressure was still great.   She decided to measure me, I only am measuring 2 weeks ahead at 36 weeks.  I know there are twin Moms who measure 6-8 weeks ahead so thats not bad all all.   She did say I really stick out...I just carry them far out there.  All babies.

At church on Sunday a lady asked me when my baby was due.  I told her they were twins and she said "It doesn't look like you are going to make it thru the service".     I had another lady tell me it looks like I was going to pop.  The comments make me laugh and I never take any offense.   After all....I should be big since I'm carrying 2 babies.   Its been an awsome experince.

I am getting uncomfortable now.   Around 32 weeks I started noticing more pain.   My stomach gets so heavy at the end of the day.   I need to be pulled off the couch.  Flipping in bed is not easy and hurts.   Just sitting on the couch I  need to take a pillow and stuff in under my stomach to support the weight.  Last Sunday my ankles and feet swelled....that was a big time first.   I have contractions every day.  At one point I timed them coming every 4 min and they lasted each a minute and then eventually went away.   Some of them are starting to feel more intense and strong....just not uncomfortable like they were.    I am ready to meet these girls.   I love being pregnant with them but I am ready for them to make their appearence.   I can't wait to see them.  Cassie says they will come next week....we shall see.

And if these girls decide they don't want to come on their own accord they are being kicked out on Monday June 25th.   That was exciting officially have a date set aside for them to be born.   

Its all very surreal.  

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Friday, June 1, 2012

Peri Appointment - 33 weeks

Both girls passed their Biophysical again.  Breathing and cord flow all looked great.

Mandy weighs in at 4 lbs; 5 ounces  (40th percentile)
Emily weighs in at 3lbs; 4 ounces (below 10th percentile)

Emily is now below the 10th percentile which is what we were all expecting. Because of that I got the sterioid shot to help mature their lungs faster.  I go to the hospital tomorrow for second dose of it.  

Both girls were very active during the ultrasound and the tech got a few kicks at the ultrasound wand.  Emily is still breech while Mandy is head down.   Emily has her foot in Mandys face.  That can't be comfy.

When it came time for my internal ultrasound I had a room full of people to look at the vascular area we have been discussing for the past few weeks.  There were 2 ultrasound techs and my Peri.   Today things looked alot better to my Peri.  She said today she is much more confident that what we are seeing is maternal.  She is 99% certain.   She had a much better few of the blood flow and what it was doing.  One of the techs would squeeze my leg and release it to see what the blood flow did.  She said I can deliver these babies by c-section or vaginal and she is not worried.  Todays discussion made me feel so much better about this.   I asked if her if they had turned out to be fetal would it have been Vesa Previa and she said "yes".....yikes!!!    That would have not been good.   Then she said she may not have necessarily called it Vesa Previa because it wasn't laying directly over my cervix.   Anyhow....I was releived today to hear they are maternal. 

My OB thinks I will deliver next week or the following.   If I don't deliver by then my Peri said they will be kicked out between 36-37 weeks because of Emilys growth...normally if they were growing good they would wait till 38 weeks.  
Only 3 more weeks at the most!!!!!